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Mann Mayal – Episode 32 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Mannu returns home thinking about Salahuddin’s concern and love for her. She cries badly as she had cursed Salahuddin to go and die. There, Jeena lay in her bed dead, as she killed someone whom she loved the most. Here, Mannu prays for Salahuddin’s life, and vows to leave him alone if he get a life again. Her phone bell rings, Jamil informs Jeena that Salahuddin is being taken for surgery and asks her to come to hospital. Mannu cries silently without replying, she then comes to meet Salahuddin. He weakly speaks to her, asking her to take care of herself. Mannu says he promised to be with her. Salahuddin promises to return. Mannu confirms if he will stay with her, no matter what happens; she stays with him or not. Salahuddin assures he will be there. Mannu was determined to move her curseful self away from him. Her trembling hands caress his forehead before she withdraws her hand from his. He is taken for operation.

Abba asks Durdana if she doesn’t intend to sleep today, she appears to be a bit sad here. Durdana says she really feel contented here, she was married in the same house and has some great memories here. Abba remember Salahuddin always used to keep sitting here, and she used to feed him by herself. Durdana breathes heavily that she was wrong. They get a call from Mannu, Durdana inquires if everything is fine. Mannu asks her to come back, and informs her about Salahuddin. Durdana drops the phone off her hand, Abba was concerned. She asks him to prepare to go, their son is leaving them.

In the hospital, Mannu was reading Quran. Jamil comes to congratulate that her prayers have been answered. Durdana and abba arrive at the hospital, Mannu inform them he is fine. Mannu wipes her tears and turns around. She packs her bags at home and leaves with her kids.
In the hospital, Bia was feeding soup to Salahuddin. They couldn’t understand what had happened; Durdana considers his smoking habit as an example. Salahuddin looks towards Jamil; Durdana says Jameel was there with him all along. Salahuddin asks about Mannu, Bia explains her kids aren’t well and she didn’t want them to stay with the servants. Salahuddin asks for his phone, Jamil replies it isn’t charged. Bia tells him she went to her home, to Javed’s house. Salahuddin struggles to get up, Bia asks if he wants her to stay without him always. If he tries to get up this way, he won’t be able to reach her.

Mannu reaches home with her kids. Saleha was scolding the maid as usual. Mannu recalls Salahuddin’s proposal for her, and her family’s opposition. She calls Saleha who walks to her silently, then hugs her tight to console her, as she waited so long for her. She then caresses the kids and takes them along, rushing towards Javed’s room. Mannu recalls how Sara used to tease her with Salahuddin’s name. Noreen comes from the front and cries hugging Mannu. Ammi and Javed hurries towards the kids, Mannu enters the room later and cries hugging Javed Sahib who was thankful at her return.

Later, Javed brings toys for kids. The maid takes them along to play. Javed sahib sits beside Mannu, and asks if she has forgiven him. Mannu holds his hand assuring she has no complaints with him, she feels she wasn’t able to stand by all his teachings. Javed Sahib complains why she didn’t update him about her situation for years, he was unaware he would hurt her to such an extent. Mannu kiss the back of his hand, wiping his tears. Javed Sahib asks what she intends now, Shahid called him. Mannu tells him she didn’t think about her future, she doesn’t want to think right now. She wants to continue her studies, and bring up her children on her own. Javed Sahib cries again. Mannu shares a wish to stand on her own feets, to do something big in life; what… she is still unaware of. This proposal is a good one, but can’t she do something on her own. Javed Sahib kiss her forehead.

At home, Salahuddin was working with some files with Jamil. He makes a call to bring his medicines and juice. Jamil laughs. Salahuddin inquires why Mannu left immediately, Jamil replies she didn’t tell anyone. Salahuddin tries to get up for a walk. Jamil offers him the medicines and juice, Salahuddin was hopeful to get well soon. Jamil was sure he will be able to run in the next one month. They leave for a walk. Outside, Salahuddin asks Jamil to get his next month’s tickets, he can wait no more.

At night, Mannu hands Tania to the maid. Javed Sahib brings Mannu a list of all the subjects and another list of all the colleges and schools. Ammi asks if he would do whatever she would ask him for. Abba replies she is his daughter, he won’t repeat his mistakes again. Mannu laughs, then holds Javed’s hand saying she had forgotten what a father he is. She prays for every daughter in the world to get a father like him. Ammi takes the books aside, saying Durdana is about to bring Salahuddin’s proposal; doesn’t she like him anymore. Mannu replies she likes him, but what good he is if she will lose him so soon. She leaves.

NEXT EPISODE: Salahuddin wonders what harm will he get if she stays here. Mannu asks Javed Sahib why anyone doesn’t understand her, if marriage is the only solution. Durdana and family were at Javed Sahib’s place, Javed Sahib says it seems difficult. There, Shahid asks Salahuddin till when he will keep on waiting for her.

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