Udaari – Episode 21 28th August 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 21 28th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Meera knocks at the door to take permission, Arsh allows her to come inside as he had been waiting for her. Meera complains he didn’t call her, but home to call her here. Arsh was reluctant to speak about the proposal. Meera asks if he is annoyed at him, alright then she will hire some other lawyer for Sajida’s case as well. Arsh tells her that he is a professional lawyer and know about keeping difference between personal and professional life; he didn’t take this case for her but because of Muneera aunty. He questions Meera about Imtiaz as a neighbor. Meera tells him that Imtiaz was an ill-charactered man, Arsh inquires about it further. Meera tells her he forced her once watching her alone. Arsh questions Meera about all the truth, how he behaved with Zebo. Meera was reluctant, Arsh insists on her to tell him the truth, where had Zebo been that day and what was Zebo’s link in all this case. Meera replies Imtiaz molested Zebo, Arsh was shocked. Meera cries that the truth is now out, she questions if he was there in place of Sajida what he would have done after hearing his daughter crying in the shut doors of a room, and then warned Sajida that this will happen daily. What would he have done. Arsh was in rage saying he would have killed that bastard. Meera says Sajida did the same. Arsh was pity for Zebo’s suffering. Meera shares Zebo lost her innocence in a very young age, she still can’t sleep well.

There, Ilyas was curt about his father’s illness. Durdana tells him that his father is against them going to Lahore. Ilyas insists that Sajida’s going to jail is a blessing, and Zebo can get them a way to Meera. Once they get into Meera’s house their fates would change.

Arsh was in his office; a colleague comes to meet him and asks if he is way too involved in Sajida’s case. Arsh says this time this is about getting justice to a child. His colleague gives him information about Imtiaz. Imtiaz is linked to a politician Malik Iftikhar, he takes care of property of Malik but actually is involved in committing crimes and getting them done; without any FIR filed against him. Before marrying Sajida, the story that he spent 4 years in Dubai is also a cover up story and infact his stay in the village was also an underground period. She was still concerned how Arsh would save Sajida from the jail, as no law allows a murder of a criminal as well. Arsh asks what about a rapist, infact a peado-phile? She was shocked to hear, Arsh was determined to prove Imtiaz as a paedophile or a rapist, who raped a 10 year old girl in front of her mother.

At night, Zebo was crying during prayers, for the safety of Sajida. She prays for justice. In the car, Meera asks Arsh what would happen? Arsh tells her that the judge would read charges of Sajida to her and ask if she accept them or not. Meera asks how they will prove Sajida as innocent. Arsh tells her that they have to prove Imtiaz a rapist. Meera was reluctant, as Sajida doesn’t want to discuss this. Arsh insists that he won’t be able to win this case otherwise, secondly only Imtiaz is being benefitted in Sajida’s attempt to hide about this issue. Zebo has complete right to discuss this matter in front of everyone this time; else what respect is she getting while her mother is in jail even? Meera was speechless.

The judge reads to Sajida that around 6 and half years ago, Sajida attempted to murder her husband with the help of knives then flee with some valuables. If she accepts these allegations? Sajida looks towards Arsh, who signals her to deny. She replies with a no. They sign the papers, the judge ask prosecution to present the proofs next time. Iqbal meets Sajida in the corridor, Sajida was only concerned for Zebo. The police takes her along.

Zebo comes to the hall to meet Arsh. She asks about Sajida and was concerned if he can get her mother freed. Arsh tells Zebo he is trying his level best, but needs Zebo’s favor. She demands for an explanation. Arsh says Sajida isn’t ready to share with anyone, even him, why he attacked Imtiaz. If she think Sajida’s silence is justified. Arsh asks her to consider him as a elder brother, that bastard person must feel ashamed not her. Only the sufferers today are in pain, and the criminal is wandering around the whole city. He doesn’t want to lie to her, if Sajida doesn’t speak about anything and Zebo doesn’t witness the truth in the court; they won’t be able to win. If Zebo wants to be a victim, or a survivor and a victor who wants to see the criminal get the gravest of punishments and save her mother from all these sufferings. In the room, Zebo thinks about all of Arsh’s questions. The next morning, Zebo calls Arsh ready to take any action to save Sajida. Arsh was excited, he asks Zebo to come in front of the mirror in her room. She reaches in front of it, Arsh instructs her to repeat his words. Zebo repeats, She isn’t a victim, but a survivor and will get her criminal punished. Not her, but he must be ashamed for all his disgraceful acts. Arsh tells her that they have to tell all this in the court, they will get Imtiaz punished. Meera comes behind Zebo who was repeating all of Arsh’s words again, the depth and intensity of rage increasing with each word.

At Muneera’s office, Arsh and Muneera inquire Zebo about all the incidents and events that she faced with Imtiaz. Meera comes to hug Zebo as she gathers courage. Arsh makes a recording, as Zebo speaks about it she recall massaging Imtiaz, his scoldings,his molestation and Sajida’s attempt to kill him.

Arsh was in his office, Meera comes with his favorite sushi. Arsh takes it thanking, though it wasn’t needed. Arsh asks Meera for a proof, some medical report that may prove she was really molested. Did she consult any doctor when Sajida and Zebo came to Lahore. Meera says Sajida wasn’t ready but Zebo was really injured, so she took Zebo to a local clinic. Arsh was happy about it. Meera says the doctor understood at once about it, and referred them to a government hospital. She tells Arsh that the doctor was really rude over there. Arsh asks if that lady doctor filled some form, Meera says yes she did. She talked about submitting the report at police surgeon; she mentioned submitting it at police station as well. She was afraid about listening about police, she got Zebo observed and didn’t mention it to anyone. In the car, Arsh was hopeful of turning their case really strong if they get the medical report. They need to find the lady doctor she took Zebo to, Meera remember the doctor’s name as Rabia Rizvi. Arsh forbids Meera to keep it a secret from except Zebo. Meera assures she won’t discuss the matter to anyone.

Imtiaz was a witness in the court. He says he married Sajida 7 years ago, his friend had left an orphan girl as well. The lawyer suggests Sajida must be thankful. Imtiaz complains Sajida always fought with him for money, he used to earn Halaal but Sajida used to work outside. She used to cook but had a lot of money. She had a lot of friendships and always wandered around the village. Arsh objects that he is accusing Sajida’s character, the judge over rules it. The lawyer asks if Sajida didn’t consider whatever he said. He asks what happened at the day of this attack. Imtiaz says he had fever that day, he returned home ill then went to look for Sajida. Sajida was coming down from the car of their employer. Arsh objects Imtiaz for blaming the character of his client, the judge asks him to let Imtiaz record his witness.

Muneera brings Zebo to police surgeon.

Imtiaz tells the lawyer that Sajida instead fought with him; she blamed him that her employer takes more care for her than Imtiaz did. He was really ill in fever; Sajida got a chance to attack him with knives. She stabbed him over his body, his hand lost functions. He cries in the witness box. Sajida only stares towards him all along.

NEXT EPISODE: Imtiaz warns the lawyer about Arsh. Arsh questions the police inspector in the court. Imtiaz tells his driver Sajida and Zebo both are unlucky for him. Arsh announces that his witness is the only daughter of Sajida, Zebo.

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