Dil Lagi – Episode 23 27th August 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 23 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mohid enters the office sneezing, Dastgheer taunts him to be a lover. Mohid says neither is love sensible, nor it can be done in senses. Mohid gets a call, and was curt at once. He scolds Dastgheer for not keeping an eye over Kifayat Ali as per instructions and hurries outside.
In the school, the principal resisted while Kifayat Ali instructs the troller man to crush the walls. Dastgheer was offensive that Mohid went there alone, Anmol comes to office and orders Dastgheer to take her as she needs to meet Mohid. Dastgheer makes up that he doesn’t know about the whereabouts of Mohid, Anmol argues if he wasn’t just going to Mohid to break some men’s legs and feet.

The principal pleads as this is a school of orphans. The goons deter him to empty this place and push him. Mohid comes to the rescue, he warns them for having a single minute to step back, else no one is here to take their responsibility either. Kifayat Ali warns Mohid not to interfere with his job. Mohid replies he is an enemy of every single person who steals the rights of others. Kifayat Ali shows court orders, Mohid shows him the stay order. Kifayat Ali was stubborn and allow the troller to crush the walls. Anmol arrives with Dastgheer to the venue, where Mohid was wrestling some goons. Dastgheer tries to explain the situation to Anmol, justifying Mohid. Mohid comes in front of the troller, and demands them to over ride him first. The police mobiles arrive at the venue, Kifayat Ali flee from the venue. Anmol watches the children clapping for Mohid in appreciating and get in the car with a heavy heart.

At night, Anmol lie in the bed thinking about Mohid, from their first confrontation; tears fell off her eyes. She recalls Bibi’s words that she never taught Mohid to show his strength over women, ands sits up. His concerns, his permissions for freedom roll in front of her eyes; he was sure of her return. She takes her stroller to come outside, but could only find a beggar outside. She steps back to confront Mohid closely, standing behind her. She sadly says he was sure she would never understand him only because her heart won’t ever be touched, but her heart has been touched. She hugs him finally.

Inside, Ammi was worried for Anmol. Mishaal tells her that Mohid is there outside, Ammi was angry at Anmol’s behavior. She opens the door, smiles watching them in a hug outside, then asks Mishaal to bring these stupid inside who have no ethics about either fighting or loving.
Sabeeha comes to tell Ammi that Mohid is coming home with Anmol. There at home, Ammi was happy about Mohid and Anmol. Mishaal teases Mohid what he just told Anmol that made her forget all her angers and scolding. Ammi goes to prepare breakfast, Anmol leaves in shyness. Mishaal points Mohid to go upstairs. He comes to the room; Anmol tries to go away for helping Ammi. Mohid stops her telling her to do what she has been doing; practice will teach her to shy out. Anmol denies shying; Mohid calls it better for them both, she blushes even further. Mohid promises to be what Anmol wants him from now on. Anmol smiles, he is a nice person. Mohid tells her that he liked her and made her as his, she must turn him to be hers as well. Anmol leaves the room smiling. Mohid was happy.

At Mohid’s home, Sabeeha was restlessly waiting, and asks Dastgheer to call them. She hurries downstairs and instructs the maids to throw flower petals. She arranges for black goat of sadqa, and desi ghee under Anmol’s feet. Both cheer, as the car arrives. Sabeeha welcomes Anmol warmly and was sure to call her Bhabi. Mohid urges Anmol to go inside, Amma must be waiting. Sabeeha stops her, saying she has to sacrifice a goat under her feet. Amma walks downstairs, and questions if he has brought her back. Mohid says he never backed up from what he promised. Amma boasts about teaching this to Mohid, then how they thought she would back up from her promise. She speaks to Anmol that she walked herself to bring Anmol back, Anmol accepts they were misunderstandings. She accepts about being emotional, and having taken many wrong decisions. Amma reminds Anmol about her condition that she won’t step inside the house, that she doesn’t keep a difference between her daughter and daughter in law; and she had vowed then and there. Anmol explains that the conditions were different then, but Amma insists Anmol would only enter the house till she has slapped Mohid. Mohid was shocked.

At home, Mishaal brings breakfast for Ammi. Ammi was thankful to Allah. Mishaal says love works when nothing does; Mohid proved his love and Anmol also loved him somewhere in her heart. It was Anmol’s stubbornness, but she is sure Anmol won’t return now.

Mohid inquires Amma what kind of stubbornness is this now. Amma calls it a promise. Sabeeha questions Amma why she always interferes between the marriages of her children. Mohid stops Sabeeha and says Amma has the first right over his happiness, he has no objection about Amma’s promise. Mohid drags Anmol inside, and asks her to slap him if this is the wall between them now. Anmol argues if he is giving all the rights to her mother, but he must inquire what she wants; this is what she wanted but not what she wants. Mohid insists on her to do it, he can’t stay away from him anymore; he accepts if this is the way to get her now. Amma announces that Mohid slapped Anmol in front of everyone, now Anmol would also do it in front of everyone so that her justice is proven. Mohid allows Anmol to slap; there is a difference of single slap between them. Anmol steps back, and runs outside crying.

In the room, Sabeeha accuse Amma for doing exactly what she did to her for years. Mohid enters the room, Sabeeha asks her to look at her destructed son, then boast about her victory. Mohid questions why, only because he couldn’t ever deny her ever, or because he loves her dearly. Ammi tells him she has seen him broken in love of Anmol, he won her back but it won’t have been worth it if she had returned with the same ego. Today, Anmol has proven that Anmol has left her ego far behind, if she had slapped Mohid today it would show she holds her ego dearer even today. Sabeeha asks Mohid to go and bring her back now. Amma says no, not like this.

At home, Mishaal and Ammi were still contended. They were leaving for market, when Anmol enters the house. Mishaal was concerned and goes towards her at once.

Ammi tells Mohid this time they will all go with him, with the Baraat. This time she will fulfil all her wishes, Sabeeha was also cheery. Amma promises to go tonight.

NEXT EPISODE: Anmol and Mohid speaks to each other on phone. Anmol tells him she can hit him anytime, Mohid allows her a right to kill him once more. They baraat is celebrated, Anmol watches Mohid dance from the terrace at the arrival of baraat.

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