Teri Chah Mein – Episode 7 24th August 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 7 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mehwish was driving, and asks Zara to try understand her point of view. She has been selfless whole of her life, this time she has taken a decision for herself and wants Zara to understand her. Zara inquires if Mehwish can think about the pain through which her father died, or can she think about the agony of the moment Kashif shot himself; Mehwish is selfish and only consider her feelings. Mehwish shuts her eyes, then drives silently.

At home, Zara was indifferent about Mehwish’s and asks Faisal to take her to doctor if he cares so much. Faisal insists this fever is because of mental tesion, he has a meeting and requests Zara to take care of her until his return. Zara brings food for Mehwish. Mehwish murmurs Faisal’s name weakly, Zara tells her he isn’t here, she must take food and medicine. Mehwish asks for water and requests Zara to sit beside her, Zara replies with ok then leaves the room. In the corridor, she recalls the time when Faisal and Abbu were washing the car outside. Kashif called her to help him wash the car, she denied helping him and teased Kashif as her Abbu favored her. She then comes to take the hose pipe and throw the water at Kashif, Mehwish came out scolding Zara but Farooq in returned teased Mehwish pointing the hose towards her. Tears fell off her eyes.

At night, Faisal comes to Mehwish and check her fever, inquiring if she didn’t sleep. Mehwish asks where she had been, and tells him Zara made soup. Faisal notices its still there, untouched. He was thankful atleast her fever is gone. Mehwish was upset that Zara hates her, Faisal tells her to give Zara sometime. She is upset, and with time everything will be fine. Mehwish cries that she hates her, and wants to keep her in pain. Faisal advices her to be nice to Zara and goes to get food for her.

Zara had prepared food; Faisal asks if she ate something. Zara replies she isn’t hungry, Faisal asks her to come and join her mother for food; for him today. Zara questions what right Faisal has over her. Faisal qualifies she is Mehwish’s daughter, he is her cousin. Zara tells him she hates him, she gets a call and leave. Faisal takes the food inside.

There, Shehnaz cursed Mehwish for burning her house down. She questions why Mehwish is stone hearted for her daughter, she might have got peace about her buried son but mothers never get relieved after their sons leave them. Faisal passes by then. Shehnaz curses Mehwish to stay disturbed or whole of her life.

In the car, Zara asks Tahir to take her to abbu and Kashif’s grave, he denies but she insists.
Shehnaz returns home upset that Faisal wasn’t moved by her tears or her presence, he didn’t stopped to greet her even. Chacha comes downstairs asking if she went to Faisal, and asks why she think he will be forgiven. Shehnaz cries that she was hopeful he will leave Shehnaz, Chacha forbids her take Faisal’s name in this house. Shehnaz cries agreeing she won’t again take his name, but she is helpless as he is her son. Chacha hugs her asking to take care of herself, and think they had no other son.

In the graveyard, Zara cries beside Farooq’s grave, complaining him to love Kashif more than her, being a reason he took him along. Tahir holds her up.
Faisal insists on Mehwish it wasn’t her mistake, he heard whatever Ammi said. Mehwish complains he didn’t defend her in front of anyone. Faisal says he couldn’t gather the courage to confront her, but will go to speak to her. He offers to go out. Mehwish was reluctant as Zara will return, Faisal tells her Zara has gone to his parent’s and won’t return till after dinner. Mehwish wasn’t ready to go out anyone.

Zara comes home and meets Chacha, who was excited to see her. She assures him she is happy, Chacha was concerned for her. Zara informs him that she has resumed her studies as well, and goes inside with him. Tahir thinks Zara has changed a lot, because of her conditions.

Zara returns home, calling Mehwish around the house but no one was home. Faisal and Mehwish return home, Faisal had to leave for a dinner with colleague and was thankful as he opened his wardrobe to be set again. Mehwish denies doing it, Zara agrees she did this. Mehwish and Faisal were shocked, Zara says she is fed up now, and understands whatever happens has been written in fates. She apologizes Mehwish who hugs her. Faisal nods approvingly. In her room, Mehwish recalls her friends gossiping that Sir Wajahat’s wife left him because he cared for her younger sister; she wasn’t happy and jealous about it. Zara thinks she will take care of Faisal, and Mehwish won’t be able to bear this. After all Faisal is her step son.

In the morning, Mehwish comes to help Zara for breakfast in the kitchen. Zara asks about Faisal, Mehwish replies he is still asleep and only wakes up 15 minutes before leaving. Zara goes to try, and knocks at the door heavily. Faisal opens the door, Zara says from today this alarm will wake hm up daily. Mehwish says she is fed up, and from today Zara will wake him up daily.
In the college, Zara was waiting outside Mehwish’s class, and asks her to eat something together. Mehwish tells her to join her in a while, she will order food. She assures Zara loving her again, and was relieved Zara has understood her. She only cares for her.

At Chacha’s home, Shehnaz sat with a match maker lady, who had brought a good proposal for Zara. Shehnaz asks her to invite them today; Zara would come in the evening. Tahir calls Zara that his parents have invited Zara is coming to pick her up. There, Mehwish comes to Zara that Faisal has bought some movie tickets. Zara apologizes as Tahir is coming to take her, she will join them sometime else for movie.

Shehnaz tells Chacha about the proposal, Chacha only wish that the family is educated and a respectable one; who always keep her respectfully. Shehnaz informs that Tahir has gone to pick her up. There, Tahir reaches Zara’s home. Zara comes in jeans and casual shirt, Tahir asks her to get ready well today as a family is coming over for her proposal. Mehwish comes from behind announcing that she is there to care for Zara’s life, she won’t go with Tahir. Zara says yes, and goes inside. At home, Chacha was unable to accept Zara will come under Mehwish’s pressure. Tahir shares that Zara replied Mehwish with a yes, but a strange smile; he had already warned them that sending Zara back was a wrong decision. Shehnaz was worried about guests. Chacha was sure that Mehwish can’t dare stop her in future, he will speak to Zara himself.

Mehwish discuss with Faisal that she forbid Zara leave, only because they want to make a life time decision of Zara. Faisal says abbu won’t take a wrong decision for Zara, she must atleast have let her meet them. Then they could have discussed it with her as well. Mehwish agrees, then says she doesn’t want to marry Zara right now, until her studies complete. On the phone call, Chacha asks Zara if she came under pressure of Mehwish, but must always remember they are her side. Zara assures she isn’t under any pressure and promises to come their place the next day. Mehwish comes from behind, Zara was ready to go for movie with them. In the way, Faisal tells them his boss really appreciates him, and may offer him an apartment. Mehwish was ready to shift with him. A beggar lady stops their way, and prays Mehwish will get a beautiful bride for her younger brother. They were tensed. At night, Mehwish was upset. Faisal asks her about tea, Mehwish denies as she wants to sleep. Faisal goes towards kitchen, Mehwish think about the prayers of that lady.

Faisal comes to kitchen where Zara was preparing tea for herself, she had to stay awake for studies. Faisal requests to make for him as well, Zara tells him to go and sleep else he will be disturbed in the morning by her alarm. Faisal allows her to ring that alarm, but make a cup of tea right now. She agrees. Mehwish had fallen asleep in the room. Faisal says he needs to speak to Zara about what’s in his heart.

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