Tum Kon Piya – Episode 22 24th August 2016 Written Update

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Tamkinat was enraged at Neha and wants to throw her out of this house. Muzaffar consider Ramish to be faulty, Tamkinat considers the sisters cunning. She wasn’t ready to bear this girl in her house. Muzaffar calms her down. Tamkinat was worried for Sumbal who was really upset.

In the hospital, Neha asks Elma not to cry. Elma was upset that even her tears have dried; she has no hopes and no complains with anyone. Neha tells her that Zarbab has come here, Elma was concerned for her baby, and she would die if something happens to her child.

Ramish was annoyed at Zarbab, questioning how dare he thought he would behave such way with Elma. Ramish questions since when they didn’t visit the doctor, Elma was brought here really critical and his baby was born pre-mature because of the burden of work she was put in. he is sorry, but marriage isn’t a name for handing the responsibility of the whole family to a girl, it works with both partners.

Elma was asleep when Zarbab enters the room, but leaves hopeless. She opens her eyes for a while.
Sharafat receives Zarbab’s call, she asks him about Elma and the child. Zarbab says they can’t say anything about the Baby. Zarbab asks Sharafat to arrange for some money, as he can’t pay the bills of such an expensive hospital. Sharafat says she has no money, Zarbab asks where all the money collected on Sobia’s wedding gone. Ramish heard the conversation from behind. Sharafat tells Zarbab that Arif has taken all her money and jewelry. Zarbab looks behind to Ramish, who takes him aside and informs he has paid all the bills of hospital. Zarbab was apologetic for all the rude behaviors with him at their house. Ramish asks him to take care of Elma, she needs him right now and leave.

The next morning, Rania says to Arif that may be his mother disliked when they forbid her stay here clearly. Arif boasts to be a straight forward person, and a realistic one. Sharafat is happy wherever she is. They get Sharafat’s call, she informs him about Zarbab’s son. He congratulates Sharafat. Sharafat says Zarbab right now needs some money, Arif makes up that he is in a hurry to leave for office and will speak to her after his return.

Neha sat with Elma, who was staring at the wall recalling her last talk with Zarbab and the bitterness in his words. She was accused of being unlucky to him. Neha offers her the soup, but she denies as she isn’t hungry. Neha insists that she needs good diet right now; Elma says she only needs to hear her child is fine. Ramish enters to tell her that her child is fine and will meet her in a while, he has met the doctor who considers her baby fine. He insists on Elma to finish the soup, else he won’t leave. Neha was happy that Elma began to eat as soon as he warned her. Ramish says Elma now understand she has to bear a responsibility of a child that is only possible with good health.

Zarbab questions Sharafat if she still has some hopes left with Arif, after what he did. Sharafat asks when Elma will return, Zarbab says Elma will return in a day or two but they won’t hand the child until 3 weeks. Sharafat says it is good, what will they do with an ill child at home. Sharafat goes to check the boiling milk. Javeria asks Zarbab if he still doesn’t trust her love, Arif told him. Zarbab was quizzical if she speaks to Arif, she makes up she only get a hello hi. Javeria offers him some monetarily help, qualifying for her he is everything even today. Sharafat hears the conversation from inside.

Tamkinat was happy while Sumbal comes home. Tamkinat shares that Muzaffar isn’t fine these days. Sumbal suggests her to send Muzaffar along with her to London. Tamkinat was shocked to hear she is going to London. Sumbal replies that she is really confused, and wants to rethink what Ramish wants. She returns Tamkinat a ring that has turned to a burden for her, she will take it back the day she decides to marry Ramish.

At home, Arif asks Sharafat to take care about Rania, he didn’t inform her he had stolen the money. He complains it was his right that she didn’t share with him. Sharafat was moved by his curtness, and got upset that when children get selfish and greedy parents have to arrange for themselves. She says if she had some money today, she should have given it to Zarbab. Zarbab has given them a lot, before his age. She requests Arif to help Zarbab today, at least to pay bills of hospital. Arif tells Sharafat that Rania keeps the budget in her hand, he can’t beg her that the conditions of his house is really worse. Sharafat was still complaining, but Arif tells her that they will come to congratulate when Elma and baby is back.

Neha was in the kitchen, Tamkinat comes to curse her to be a burden for her son. Ramish hears this, and couldn’t meet his eyes with Neha. At night, Ramish apologizes Neha that he couldn’t fulfill his promise with Elma that she will be really comfortable at his home. Neha was weepy and says life isn’t a bed of flowers, at Baba’s house she was used to smiling but in tough times she will learn to survive. Ramish understands it is tough for her to stay here, but they can think about other options. He didn’t bring her to rob her of any peace; she must think and decide what she wants. Neha nods.

Tamkinat comes into Ramish’s room to throw the ring, saying this is what he wanted. Ramish tells her that he never wanted this; else he wouldn’t have engaged her in first place. Tamkinat tells Ramish that Sumbal is leaving and they can’t stop her, they don’t have the face for it. Ramish says he has spoken to Sumbal, she hasn’t broken the engagement. Tamkinat tells him that she can no more bear Neha in her house, her blood pressure shoots by looking at her. He must drop her into some shelter house.

The next morning, Elma was standing in the hospital. Zarbab comes to take her, but she demands some more time, then follows Zarbab. At home, Sharafat says this is a color of life, and consoles Elma not to think much. Her baby will return home, till then she must keep herself busy with house work. She inquires Zarbab if he thought about a name, Zarbab replies Afnan. Sharafat asks if he kept it, Zarbab says Ramish did. Sharafat agrees, and then asks him to think about some good name for Sobia’s child. Elma heads to leave towards her room. Sharafat demand for a cup of tea from her hand, then allows her to take rest for an hour. She asks Zarbab about hospital bills, Zarbab replies they are paid. Sharafat tells him that Arif came and asked for some help if needed. She didn’t like asking from his wife. Zarbab curtly tells Sharafat he doesn’t need Arif’s help.

There, Arif boasted about being in such a peaceful life only because of his efforts, else Sharafat never gave him any money. Rania questions how he will arrange for the 50% share in their business, she will mortgage the apartment. Arif assures he has also thought a lot.

Sharafat asks Elma why she is so upset, after becoming mother women lightens up. She assures Elma that her baby will soon come home. Zarbab comes home cheery, and tells them that Afnan is going to be discharged. Elma cheers up, and goes to serve food.

Sumbal was leaving home, when the maid informs her about Ramish’s arrival. He says Tamkinat asked him to meet her before leaving; he would have come to meet her if she hadn’t asked for. He suggests about dropping her to airport. She thanks him as it isn’t needed. Ramish requests her not to be annoyed with him, he respects her lot and if it was in his will he had loved her. But he has no control over it and shouldn’t as well be punished for it. Sumbal thanks him for expressing himself, she couldn’t think about punishing him and if it’s a punishment it’s for her ownself. Ramish says he has bear the feeling of losing one’s love, and he doesn’t want her suffer the same; lets marry. Sumbal wasn’t ready to take love as mercy. Ramish let her go, with a promise to wait for her return.

NEXT EPISODE: Neha calls Ramish to inform Tamkinat isn’t well. Arif argues with Sharafat he is well aware he can never be Zarbab. Sharafat tells him that no one can compare her Elma as well, not even his wife Rania. Elma watches Sharafat fallen on the bed.

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