Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 3 24th August 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 3 24th August 2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Shah Sahab is saying that why does fate bring two such people together who are not ment for eachother. Bibi Jaan says that those two have understood their fate and now he must happily arrange their weddings,She als says that Tahira’s mother called and wants to meet him regarding the marriage. Shah Sahab says that he was thinking of something entirely different and sasy that he is thinking of marrying Haider and Shella but Bibi jaan stops him and says that Tahira’s is a member of their family and they cannot do this. Shah Sahab asks that will they still do this if Shella was their own blood but Bibi Jaan says that she is not, and if their race is to be carried forward then they must marry Haider to Tahira.

Shaha Sahab and everyone else are having a cup of tea, Shah Sahab asks the whereabouts of Shella but their maid says that she did not come to the breakfast, she goes to find her but comes back in shock saying that she is not in her room, they all ask her to look as she may be in the house but she says that she thinks Shella went somewhere. Shah Sahab gets amazed and says that he will go take a look for Shella

Tahira’s mother is looking at some jewellery brought by their family’s shop owner. She is not interested in the sets he has shown her, she asks him for a special set then after which he hows her a set of perks which she likes then she also gives him their family set which she wants him to wash and says that she must bring more sets like this.

Tabassum Aapa asks Baba Jaan to call Shella’s phone which he tries but it is also switched off. Haider comes running and asks as to what happened to which Shah Sahab says that Shella went somewhere Haider is amazed as to where she went because there is always a watchman at the door.

A servant is cleaning the room when she applies a deodorant and the owner watches her and asks her to leave the room meanwhile his mother comes and inquiries about the matter, he asks her to order the servants to not touch his belongings after which the servants requests the owner that she wil no longer clean his room. The owner understands and says that she has nothing to worry about and when his wife will come then she will make him behave and be more open.

Shah Sahab is inquiring the workers and guards as to how did they not see Shella leaving the house, they say that were all always here and no one went through them, Haider says that they are usually sleeping to which the guards get embarrassed and the Shah Sahab asks them to leave.

Shah Sahab turns to Haider and informs him that this is a family matter and nothing about this should get out of the house, Haider assures him that he will not tell anyone.

Tabassum Aapa asks Bibi Jaan what if Shella does something horrible but she says that she put the honour of this family in danger and it is better that she should die where she went.

Tahira is thinking about Haider and what her mother said to her, saying that he is a wwell mannered and educated person then her servants come and says that there is a woman to meet her but she says to call her mother but her servant says that she is insisting to meet her, she asks her to bring her and when she sees its Shella she is amazed but Shella asks her to not let her visit come to anyone’s knowledge. She then takes her to the room and tries to say something.

Haider is with his friend and saying to him to not let this news get out in the public. He says that this is the reason it is taking so much time because they have to work slowly.

Tabassum Aapa comes in and asks Aaba Jaan if there is any news regarding Shella but he says that there is no news and if anything turns up then he will inform her.
Tahira does not realize the words that Shella is saying and says that her marriage was fixed with Haider and it will be so but Shella says that they both love each other and they will marry each other. Shella is about to leave but Tahira stops her saying that she must eat something and will go the next morning but Shella keeps on insisting but Tahira stops her and goes out and tells her servant to prepare tea for her and stay with her.

Tahira calls Haider and tells him that Shella is with her and he must come quickly to get her, Haider asks her to keep Shella with her until he comes and he is very grateful of her favour.

Shella refuses to eat he biscuits and says too the servant to tell Tahira that she went away but till then Tahira comes and tells her that she told Haider everything and he is coming to get her. Haider comes and orders Shella to go and sit in the car and then when he is about to leave Tahira asks him if he loves Shella and he says yes and leaves on his way out he meets with his aunt but without staying asks for her permission to leave.

Haider is driving his car when he gets a call from Shah Sahab and says to him that he found Shella and is bringing her home.

Tahira’s mother and father are discussing what Shah Sahab has does and says that they will not let this happen. Her mother says that she made a promise to her dying sister that her son will marry her daughter and she will not break this promise. Her husband promises her that Haider will only marry Tahira.

Tahira is sitting in her room and thinking of what Haider said to him saying that how easily he said that he loves Shella but how can he take out his love from her heart, she thinks of a moment when she was in his house and he gave her a chocolate.
Shalla and Haider came to the house where Baba Jaan is standing and Bibi Jaan comes and starts beating her and asking her as to why she did this and did she not think of the respect of their house. Haider asks Shella to go back to her room and when she goes to her room Haider says to the that she was with her friends and she was completely safe.

The next morning Tabassum Aapa comes to Baba Jaan and asks him the reason for not eating breakfast to which he say that he is not feeling well then he gets a call from Tahira’s father saying that if he wanted to marry Haider with Shella then why did he disrespect them but Shah Sahab is very confused and amazed.

A Jirga is sitting and trying to sort out the matter and moment by moment blaming Shah Shahb for his upbringing, Haider listing to this gets mad again and again but Shah Sahab ask him to be seated.

Tahira and her mother are sitting together and she says to her that it is not necessary that those they love always meet but he mother says that they will make sure that she marries Haider at any cost.

The Jirga is constantly blaming Sha Sahb which Haider cannot see so he steps put and thinks of his moments with Shella and turns back

Next episode: Shella goes to a shrine and ask for her love and says to Bibi Jaan that it is not a crime to ask for their love but Bibi Jaan says that it is a crime to steal someone else’s love.
Haider says to Shella that it is not important that those who love each other always meet.

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