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It was night time, Jamil comes to Salahuddin’s house and tries to override the dog, barking badly at him. From inside, Salahuddin calls the dog to silence him. Jeena was afraid when Salahuddin comes from behind, she explains she was taking juice for the kids as she thought they hadn’t eaten well for days. Salahuddin asks to take it for them, as he wants to see for what Mannu will fight him now. Jeena asks if he wasn’t angry, Salahuddin qualifies atleast someone has to be sensible in such matters. Mannu comes out them, Salahuddin offers her the juice that Mannu denies. Jeena goes to order food, as its time for dinner. Salahuddin suggests about having dinner outside. He takes the glass of juice himself, Jeena holds it arguing his hunger will be ruined. Salahuddin says this isn’t a poison. Jamil comes inside, while Salahuddin sips the juice. Mannu comes to hit the glass off Salahuddin’s hand, Jeena flee. Salahuddin felt dizzy, Mannu was worried that he is just mocking it. Jamil comes saying Jeena had mixed something in it, he then hurries to get the ambulance. White floss fell over Salahuddin’s mouth, Mannu cries beside him.

In the hospital, Mannu comes into Salahuddin’s room, he was semi-conscious breathing heavily. She sits beside him crying, he asks about the kids. Mannu replies they are at home, with Jamil. She asks why he did this, when he knew there was poison in it; what if something had happened to him. Salahuddin replies nothing will happen to him, and holds her hand. Mannu cries that she was crazy and just spoke without thinking. She stammers she won’t be able to forgive herself had something happened to him. Salahuddin asks if she will live with him, if nothing happens to him. Mannu promises to live wherever he asks for. Salahuddin smiles had he not done this, Mannu won’t confess what’s true. Mannu warns him to jump down the window. Salahuddin murmurs weakly that he is alive, and wants to speak about life. Mannu assures him that nothing will happen to him, she will stay with him no matter what; her life lies within him. She promises to never consider him wrong and trust him always. No matter how old she gets, he will always love her equally. Salahuddin laughs. Suddenly, he feels pain, his ECG drops. Mannu calls the doctors, and wasn’t ready to leave his side. The hospital staff takes her outside, and help Salahuddin.

There, Mikaeel comes to graveyard where his parents were buried. He speaks to his parents, wondering how to apologize them today. They provided him with any luxury of the world, he was always thankless and never considered anyone worth anything. They loved him, shared attention with him that no one now does. He cries, that I miss your dad and I am sorry. But it’s really late now. He has lost them now. He cries there repenting.

Jamil comes to hospital, Mannu tells him he was speaking well then his condition worsened. Doctors considered it a cardiac arrest, they say it happens but… she confirms Jamil if he will be saved? Jamil says if he wishes he could give his own life to save Salahuddin. Jeena locked all servants in room, Aurangzeb called him still he got late. He tells Mannu to keep praying, Mannu denies praying else he won’t be saved. She is really unlucky, and ruins other’s fates as well. Jamil forbids her. Mannu says her abba loved her, he fall ill. Mikaeel’s parents loved her, they died and when she promised to live with Salahuddin, he got a cardiac arrest. Jamil sits beside her, and advices her to trust Allah. She is unaware that Salahuddin loves her dearly. Mannu murmurs she isn’t worth him, and insists there is 1% chance he is saved if Mannu leaves.

Some goons stop Mikaeel’s car in the way back, and drag him out of the car. They ask him when he will return their money, or tell them about whereabouts of his kids. They point a gun at his forehead, Mikaeel attempts to flee. They fire bullets at him, Mikaeel smiles before falling on the roadside. His mother’s concern for him flash in front of his eyes. He smiled recalling that Tipu loved him and breathes his last. The next morning, Mikaeel body was still lying on the roadside.

The doctor asks Mannu who is Salahuddin to her, she replies everything. The doctor says she signed the consent that they can put him on life support system. The doctor tells her that his heart isn’t reviving, she must call his relatives. The doctor says they are losing his breathes, they were hopeless that the operation might also not be successful. Mannu insists she wants his life back at any cost. She comes to watch Salahuddin from behind the glass door and cries, and silently requests him not to leave her and considers her responsible for all this. She comes out of the ICU and tells Jamil to take care of him. Jamil was concerned where she is going, she leaves without replying.

NEXT EPISODE: Mannu prays for Salahuddin’s life. She speaks to Salahuddin before operation that he will live with her. Durdana informs abba that their son is leaving them. Mannu returns to her parents, she shows the will to move forward in life and bring her children up by herself.

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