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Arsh was getting ready when his mother comes in, she asks why he is leaving home again. Arsh replies it’s a meeting. She complains him for being a workaholic and has been working with Muneera’s client. Arsh says he always wanted to work for humanity, his mother gets soft for him. She tells him about a girl’s proposal, Arsh ignores the talk and leaves.

In the jail, Arsh blackmails Sajida if she doesn’t want to live with Zebo again, she begins to go to college and her factory again starts working. Sajida was upset that all is finished now. Arsh promises to get her out of here, think about Zebo who has nothing except her. He takes his diary and begin the questioning. He asks what kind of a man Imtiaz is, Sajida spits over his name calling him an animal. Arsh questions about his attitude after their marriage. Sajida replies he was fine till a few days, but then he beated and harassed her. She negates Zebo’s link with the matter. Arsh asks Sajida about 21 April, when Imtiaz returned from shop where was she and Zebo; when he began the fight. Sajida joins her hands to him, as she doesn’t remember anything about the day. Arsh wraps his diary.

Arsh’s parents were sitting in the hall, his father asks why is she upset, his mother was worried for Arsh’s marriage. She asks Ahmed to speak to Arsh about the matter, as they want him to marry. Ahmed asks Afroz if she is unaware of the reason behind his denial. Afroz says she knows he still love Meera the same way. Ahmed insists that Arsh loves Meera dearly, and its not just a hype of teenage. Arsh has gone really away from Afroz as well, since the day she insulted Meera. A family really doesn’t matter, Meera is a nice girl who hasn’t lost her values after getting fame as well. She must think about Arsh’s happiness, that lie in Meera. Afroz smiles at him.

Imtiaz was in the car, the driver appreciates Imtiaz for having got a permanent car as well. Imtiaz boasts about doing the most difficult tasks for him. The driver then asks about Sajida, Imtiaz laughs that he has cut all her feathers, he wants her to get to trial. The driver warns him about the real danger, what if she tell the truth in the judge. The driver says Imtiaz told him everything in state of hangover, whatever he did to her daughter. Imtiaz denies any such act, and boasts about knowing Sajida who won’t accept any such thing about her daughter. She holds her daughter’s respect really dear, as she is really afraid of social media. The await morning.

At Malik sahab’s place, he tells Imtiaz he only came for a meeting. He warns Imtiaz to be alert, his enemies want his party to get against him. Imtiaz must check who is spying about him to his enemies. Imtiaz assures Malik Sahab not to worry about the matter. He congratulates Imtiaz for having found his wife, Imtiaz says he won’t spare her and will get her long term jails. Malik sahib assures his favors for Imtiaz, Imtiaz butters him.

In the office, Arsh asks Meera how can he help someone who doesn’t want to help herself. She will now be given in judicial custody, she has been charged with first degree murder charge. Either Sajida doesn’t understand the complexity of this case, or is deliberately doing this. He wants to meet Zebo, Meera makes up that Zebo won’t remember anything. Arsh says she was 10 to 11 years old Meera was reluctant, as she is not in a mentally stable state. Arsh wonders why is Meera being helpless to him. Meera requests Arsh to keep her promise to Zebo and save Sajida only for her, she will try to make Zebo up to meet him. Arsh agrees, but Meera must remember not to lie two people, a doctor and a lawyer.

In the jail, some ladies question Sajida why she has come here. They were treating Shehnaz to be a leader and wanted Sajida to do the same.

At home, Zebo was afraid of Imtiaz in her room. Jhanza watches her go to the kitchen and follows her. She gets a knife from the kitchen and tells Ejaz she will take Imtiaz’s life today. Meera and Sheeda also come out and takes the knife. Zebo cries hugging Meera, as Imtiaz has snatched them of their peace. Meera advices Zebo to trust Allah, He is the greater justifier.

In the jail, Sajida watch a girl wake up beside her criminal mother out of fear.

Sheeda and Meera console Zebo to be very strong, they don’t fear Imtiaz at all. Zebo requests to meet Sajida, Sheeda wasn’t ready as jail isn’t a good place. Zebo joins her hands to Meera, Meera asks her eat or drink something first. Zebo wasn’t hungry, Meera promises to speak to Arsh about it.

In the office, Arsh speaks to Muneera that Sajida is hiding something from him. There is some fear in her heart about something. Muneera says her heart isn’t ready to accept that Sajida can be a murderer, she has always been really polite. Arsh was sure she isnt a criminal, her eyes are of a loyal and honest person; all proofs go against her but she doesn’t speak at all. Muneera asks to get this case to some senior lawyer. Arsh wants to fight this case, as this is a challenge for him; and he needs to test his own skills. If at some position he thinks about losing the case he will inform her, then she can consult some senior lawyer.

Zebo comes to meet Sajida in jail, Sajida scolds her for coming to the jail. Zebo says she wanted to see her, Sajida forbid her for coming here as respectable daughters never visit jails. He questions Iqbal as she had forbidden Sheeda get out of house as well. Zebo cries requesting her to speak to her, Sajida wasn’t ready to talk. She doesn’t want her daughter to come to jail and get in eyes of filthy people. She instructs Iqbal to get Zebo safe in the vicinity of the house, she has to be saved from that dog. Iqbal takes Zebo back home. Sajida cries behind.

Arsh was in his room when Afroz comes to ask him about Meera’s aunts’ case. Arsh explains it was Kashf foundations’s case and not Meera but Muneera told him to take this. Afroz was upset that Arsh took it in a wrong way. She stops Arsh as she needs to speak to him, she holds his hand saying she is aware he is so annoyed with her; so much that he doesn’t show it to him. Arsh denies, but Afroz says she know him well being a mother. She cries that her son is moving away from her, but his father made her realize that the way she insulted Meera hurt him. Arsh insists that Afroz has full right over him, he is annoyed at him.

At home, Zebo complains to Sheeda that Sajida didn’t speak to her well. Sheeda was worried that Sajida is right, police is in control of Imtiaz and can hurt her any time anyway.

Afroz tells Arsh that she holds nothing dearer than him in the world, its his duty to make a girl the daughter in law of the house, whom her son loves so dearly. Arsh was in disbelief and excited. Afroz shares her will to go to Meera’s house for proposal. Arsh wish Meera says a yes for this proposal.

The next morning, Meera comes to Arsh in the restaurant. He complains at her for being late by 15 minutes. Meera says she was going to studios, and had to stop half way. Arsh smiles he called her here to get her eat Sushi, that she will have to eat for whole of her life. Meera doesn’t understand as she thought had to speak about Sajida’s case. Arsh was excited as his parents were ready to get her proposal, and forbids Meera deny this proposal now. He promises that anything, engagement or marriage will take place after Sajida’s bail. Meera replies she has always been clear she doesn’t want to marry anyone in life, there was nothing like his parent’s disagreement in between them. Can’t two people stay as friends forever? Arsh sits back saying it can be. She tells him to marry finding some good girl. He says alright. Meera asks if he is annoyed? Arsh says she is rightful of denying; and takes a leave for a meeting. He stops to confirm if she has a driver, she nods.

NEXT EPISODE: Zebo cries that she only has a mother. The judge questions Sajida for accepting an attempt to kill Imtiaz by attacking with a knife.

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