Dil Lagi – Episode 22 20th August 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 22 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sabeeha shares with Amma that she was hopeful that Fazal is waiting for her, but Mohid doesn’t have that hope. Amma says it would be better she won’t return, she kept a strong condition which she won’t be able to come up to. Mohid finds Anmol’s letter on the dressing table.

Anmol lay on the bed awake; Mishaal notices this and tells her to sleep. Anmol assures she will but only after repenting, Mishaal says she isn’t used to repent. Anmol says she is repenting to trust him, though it was for moments but how she even thought about trusting him. Mishaal wonders what she would regret for lifetime, moving ahead or stepping back. Anmol was thankful she didn’t open her heart to him, and wipes her tears.

There, Mohid reads Anmol’s letter. He smiles.

Sabeeha says it’s not only about her marriage, but her love as well. Amma says she will only be testified only if Anmol returns, but Anmol doesn’t seem to intend so. Mohid is hopeless for the same reason, when they see Mohid going downstairs. He informs he is going to bring Anmol back, he didn’t want to tie her forcefully but he didn’t know then. Amma smiles that only heart can judge the conditions of heart.

Ammi comes to Anmol asking what she was looking for. Anmol wonders where she left all the visiting cards of lawyers, whom she used to visit for house case. She will call a lawyer in the morning for Khula, he isn’t worth demanding a divorce. Mishaal comes to inform Mohid is here, Anmol shouts how dare he? She wasn’t ready to bear him for a moment, Ammi forbid Anmol to come out and let her speak to him.

Mohid was standing beside the car and lights a cigarette for himself. Ammi opens the door, he turns calling Anmol but was silent after watching her. She asks how he is, and warns her this isn’t the time to visit respectable. Mohid asks if there is a time to visit your own house. Ammi reminds that was Anmol’s house where he sent her out from, at this time. Mohid qualifies he came for explanation that he didn’t do anything. Ammi accepts Anmol get angry soon, but how he slapped her. Mohid tells Ammi he didn’t slap her for the accusations… Ammi interrupts this is what she wanted him to confess himself, that he slapped Anmol. She shuts the door, as Anmol doesn’t want to talk to him at all.

Mohid returns, Amma asks if she didn’t return as she is really stubborn. Mohid was sure she will return, as he is also stubborn. He says the doors of her heart have opened, when they open people return for sure.

The next morning, Anmol gets ready to visit a lawyer. Mohid walks beside her on the road; she was offensive and asks if Ammi didn’t tell him she doesn’t want to speak to him. Mohid says he came to pick her up, she must return home. Anmol asks if he really think she will go with him after all what happened. Mohid advices her not to be stubborn with the heart, but to accept what it says. If she want the heart to win, she must lose the heart; once stepped forwarded she shouldn’t step back. Mohid insists she will return, she repeats she won’t. Mohid watches her upset and turns around; she calls from behind if he has accepted the defeat so soon. Mohid returns to say she fall weak, and he can’t see her weak. He is sure she will return, the way he came into his life. He hasn’t accepted a defeat, but he can’t watch her lose. Anmol wipes her tears and walks ahead.

At home Mishaal was packing her bags when Anmol returns, lost in thoughts. Mishaal asks if she didn’t go to lawyer, Anmol says she returned from halfway. Mishaal inquires why? Anmol begins to cry, Mishaal kneels beside her. Anmol says she is losing her decisive powers; she married Mohid only to show her that he could win her physically. Mishaal qualifies she lost her heart to him. Anmol denies, then curtly says she wanted him to regret… Mishaal qualifies she herself is repenting. Anmol questions why, why nothing affects Mohid? If he loved her, he should have been jealous after hearing about her and Fareed. She was unaware he would see this relation with some other way; he attacked her own character and left her regretting. Mishaal inquires whose mistake was this; she had no relation with Fareed still she showed… Ammi comes from behind questioning what she showed.

In the office Dastgheer was arguing the same property staker, Mohid comes there telling Kifayat Ali that what Dastgheer says is final. Kifayat says he made an advance payment, Mohid asks Dastgheer if he didn’t throw the cheque over his face. Kifayat holds the cheque and complains if Mohid didn’t have to do this task, he could have get this done from someone else. Mohid tells him he didn’t only deny doing it, but getting it done; no one can remove that school from that place.
Ammi curses Anmol to be shameless. Anmol asks if she has still changed her side to Mohid. Ammi asks what Mohid’s mistake is, didn’t she feel ashamed when she was ruining her character in front of Mohid; what he must be thinking. Mishaal says Mohid is aware there is nothing truth about what Anmol says. Ammi asks how the matter reached such an extent, she tested a man’s patience. A man is very strong, but only gets weak in this only matter. She questions Anmol why she did so.

Mohid was sitting in his office when Ammi comes there. He stands up at once and greets her with a salaam, asking why she put herself in trouble. Ammi was ashamed to shut her doors for him; she didn’t have the face to call him. He offers her a seat, and was ashamed. Mohid confess he himself wasn’t able to face himself, what he did to Anmol. Ammi says she know the whole matter now, she understands what goes on a person’s heart when his wife narrates him wandering with her lover.

Mohid accepts his mistake, he knew about her lie. It was his mistake, which even after trusting her he questioned her. Ammi says when Anmol created such situations; he was justified to question her. Mohid says he didn’t accuse her; it was a confusion but may be the way he tried to clarify it was wrong. Anmol herself judged the words, and shouted about it. He only slapped her, so that in control of anger and rage she doesn’t say this in front of anyone else; but Anmol wasn’t ready to shut.

Dastgheer tells Mishaal he couldn’t gather the courage to come to her. Mishaal was hopeless about Mohid and Anmol. Dastgheer speaks about their own relation. Anmol watches them together; she insists that Mohid sent him for brain-washing Mishaal now. This is how Mohid gather’s everyone’s favors. Dastgheer wonders when everyone can see her flaws, why Mohid can’t. He accepts he spied on her, there were a few questions he wanted to clarify, but when Mohid came to know he scolded him. Mishaal tells Dastgheer to leave, when someone’s heart is stamped by Allah, they are unable to understand.

Ammi cried in the car on her way back. At home, Ammi wasn’t ready to listen to any further lies from Anmol. She asks her to swear on Allah and call it a lie that from the first day of marriage Anmol told him she loves someone else whom she would run away. And is it also a lie that she has relations with someone else. No matter she went to hospital to help his sister, but is it a lie when he questioned she shouted about her ill character herself. Anmol questions if he wasn’t suspecting her character, why he told her to go away. Ammi says he slapped her to shut her mouth so that no one else doesn’t come to know about it, and made her leave. Anmol cries asking if it’s all her mistake. Ammi replies yes, every mistake starts from her and ends at her.

At night, Mohid was waiting outside Anmol’s house. A beggar nearby was singing a folk song, Mohid comes to give him some money. Anmol was also listening to the music, Mishaal comes in whom she forbid to remove the curtains. Mishaal says he won’t return, at least she must meet him once; it’s really cold outside. She tells Mishaal to get some fire from inside her to throw at him. Mishaal asks why she isn’t listening to her heart. Anmol was upset, if she listens to her heart it will wander around and take her to the ways of its desire. Mishaal says alright, and then Anmol must listen to her heart but only go around on the ways of her brains; she must find answers to any question that brings confusion in her heart. Anmol was speechless.

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