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Tamkinat comes to scold Neha that she has allowed Neha just to stay here for a while but she can take her decisions by herself. Neha cries saying if she has mistaken she may scold her, because she is Ramish’s mother whom she loves the most. Tamkinat asks why Neha mentioned Elma in front of Sumbal, she was the one who didn’t let Elma enter Ramish’s life then where does Neha stand. Neha must never get near to Sumbal in future. Neha wipes her tears.

Sharafat offers Rania some fruits. Zarbab and Elma come, Arif introduces Zarbab with his wife, Sharafat stammers she forgot mentioning Arif’s wedding to him. Arif asks Elma if she liked his wife. Elma smiles she is nice. Arif asks if she is worth her comparison, Rania has a master’s degree, well settled and executive post; a man must marry someone similar to Rania.

Ramish comes to Tamkinat and inquires if she has said something to Neha, because she wants to leave. Tamkinat accepts she forbid Neha discuss Elma in front of Sumbal, as Sumbal won’t bear it. If still she wants to leave he must drop her somewhere else.
Neha speaks to Seema on call that Baba took the right decision not to marry Elma with Ramish. Seema was upset that Elma isn’t even happy here. She inquiries about Neha, Neha says Ramish wants to stay here else he would be in pain. So she thought about suffering the pain for him.

Ramish comes to Sumbal’s home, she shares it’s always pleasant and a great feeling whenever he is here. Ramish says he came to tell her about Elma, Sumbal judge Elma to be an imaginary girl of his dreams. Ramish denies as Elma really exist, is alive and he loves her dearly. He realizes Sumbal must be hurt, Sumbal accepts she was hurt. Ramish shares his mama wanted him to hide this, but he wants to be clear with his relations and be true. Now, its upto her if she accepts his proposal. Sumbal says she would have to think if she can live with him as a second choice in his life, she has already compromised with the fact that he doesn’t love her with the intensity she does; but now the case is different, he loves someone else that she might not be able to bear. Ramish promises to respect any decision that Sumbal takes. He leaves Sumbal crying.

The next morning, Sharafat was happy talking to Sobia and advices her to take care of herself, women must take care of them at such times. Sobia assures Sharafat she is really happy, Furqan takes her to doctor as well. Elma was serving food and hears the conversation. Sobia discuss Arif and Rania’s marriage. Sharafat blesses Sobia, and calls Elma for breakfast. Elma goes to get it.

In the kitchen, Elma thinks about Sharafat’s advices for Sobia. She recalls the time when Zarbab told Sharafat about such advices from doctor, she had denied all suggestions from the doctor. She had only demanded Elma to continue working.
Sharafat speaks to Zarbab about going to Arif’s home, Zarbab was angry at him but allows Sharafat to go there. Sharafat advocates Arif in front of Zarbab to forgive him, blood relations aren’t broken on petty matters. Zarbab wasn’t ready, but Sharafat insists that he will get the sweet and they will go there to see how true is what Arif boasted about. Javeria was waiting for Zarbab on the way.

At Ramish’s residence, Tamkinat asks Ramish if he went to Sumbal and said something. She complains Ramish that they had to go for shopping but Sumbal excused as she was depressed. Sumbal has no complains if depression. Neha comes with the tea for Ramish, and says she tried to make tea similar to his liking but that one was made by Elma… Tamkinat leaves the table, pushing the cup off Neha’s hand. Neha leaves crying.

Elma feels pain while pressing the clothes. She informs Sharafat that she isn’t feeling well. Sharafat makes up this is her 7th month, how she got pains from now; then allows her to take rest but get ready in time in the evening to go to Arif’s house.

Ramish comes to Tamkinat complaining he didn’t expect this from her, Neha has been crying. Tamkinat argues Ramish has been stubborn, and has always hurt her and Muzaffar. Ramish says he sacrificed everything, that is why Elma isn’t in his life. He is going to marry Sumbal in a while. Tamkinat complains that he told everything to Sumbal only to break this engagement. Ramish explains he doesn’t want Sumbal to think she was betrayed in this relation, he told her about Elma only so that Tamkinat or he isn’t afraid of anything in future.

Sharafat receives the sweet and was excited to visit her daughter in law’s home for the first time. Zarbab returns home lost, Sharafat notices his worry. He tells Sharafat he lost his job. Sharafat was worried, Zarbab says company was down-sizing since last two months. Sharafat was tensed and curses Elma. She boasts about Arif’s marriage, Sobia’s luck. Zarbab was frustrated and asks if he ran Elma here, but she only didn’t want him marry Javeria. Sharafat was hopeful for Arif, Zarbab says he got Arif’s job from Ramish but she is upset with Ramish. Sharafat insists that Arif will help him in this regard, and take Elma along as well.

Zarbab enters the room, Elma was lying in bed in pain. He asks her to get ready, they have to go to Arif’s place. Elma says she isn’t well, she can’t go. Zarbab throws his socks and complains she is always unwell; she is always crying since they got married. He feels curt watching other’s wives; they change their husband’s luck but she is always crying. Elma was upset and says she is not feeling well, instead of taking her to hospital he is being curt. Zarbab says he is only left with curtness inside; she must get ready if she has to go with them.

Tamkinat was relieved watching Sumbal. Sumbal says she is still double minded, when her husband to be says he loves some other girl and with an intensity that he can only think about her name while speaking to Sumbal, and she has noticed Ramish is always lost in thought of Elma. Tamkinat says reality is always different, once Sumbal enters his life Ramish will have to return to her and everything will belong to her. He is really true person, he will love and respect her. Ramish joins them, Tamkinat goes to send tea for them. Sumbal walks inside where Ramish follows her.

Elma breathed heavily in the room in pain. She tries to walk in the room but was unable to bear the pain.

Rania asks Sharafat about Elma. Sharafat feels pity for Zarbab as Elma isn’t worth Zarbab, she wasn’t ready to come. She appreciates Rania to be high standard. Sharafat asks Arif to arrange for Zarbab’s job, Arif demands for his CV as Rania has high PR. Rania assures Zarbab.

Sumbal tells Ramish she never thought about entering into someone’s life who is spending his life with someone’s thoughts. It is a strange decision for a girl like her, she has been possessive since childhood. Ramish was straight forward that its totally her decision. Sumbal says her heart always stop her from denying his proposal, what is it; has she fallen in love with him? Neha comes there and tells Ramish Elma is really unwell, and is alone at home. They must take her to hospital. Ramish leaves with Neha, Tamkinat stops her but Sumbal allows her to go.

Rania presents gifts to Sharafat. Sharafat was happy with Rania, she was ready to spend days and nights with them. Rania looks towards Arif curtly, Arif forbids Sharafat making up that Rania and he is always busy at office all day long. Sharafat and Zarbab leave in an awkward situation.

At the hospital, Neha and Ramish were waiting outside the theatre.

The neighbour informs Zarbab and Sharafat that Elma was in severe pain. She asks about her month. Sharafat complains that she didn’t share her pain with them, no girl is so delicate but Elma didn’t share. Zarbab was tensed.

The doctor comes out saying baby was pre-mature so she had to operate. They have to keep them in ICU for next three to four months, she wasn’t attending routine check-ups due to which the situation worsened.

NEXT EPISODE: Muzaffar consider Ramish wrong in all this matter. Tamkinat wasn’t ready to bear Neha at her home anymore. Zarbab clarifies to Ramish he was going as per his affordability. Ramish argues he is speaking about the love and treatment she is rightful of. Sumbal returns Tamkinat her engagement ring.

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