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Mikaeel opens the door to Mannu, she says he allowed her to stay with Tanya and Tipu here. She will stay upstairs; he can comfortably stay downstairs. Mikaeel comes out and says she can’t stay here, and his children will always stay with him. He shuts the door at her face, while she was left pleading.

Jeena complains Salahuddin for hiding it to her, Salahuddin wonders what he should have told her. Jeena qualifies Mannu and his parents have all left him. Salahuddin sadly says she is there. Jeena assures she will always be there, no matter what he behaves with her. Salahuddin straightens up looking forward to driver who dropped Mannu. He looks at Mannu entering and heads towards her worried. He comes to her, Jeena watches them speak and cries. Salahuddin was trying to console the crying Mannu and takes her inside.

In the hall, Jeena brings water for Mannu which she denies. Salahuddin requests her to have a sip. Mannu says she doesn’t understand he was behind her till yesterday, when she went to him why he did so. Why he changed his intentions. She says she should have gone to him, now he won’t give her children back to her. Salahuddin was hopeful it won’t happen. Mannu was upset as she won’t be able to survive without her children. Salahuddin questions if she wants to stay with her children or want to live there. Jeena interrupts she wants to stay here, Mannu replies she wants her children in any condition. Salahuddin leaves assuring to speak to her. Jeena sits beside Mannu, and ask her not to cry; he has gone to talk to him and confirms if Mannu wants to stay here.

Salahuddin was in his room, Jeena brings coffee for him. They hear Mannu’s phone ringing, Salahuddin was going to check why she isn’t answering the phone. Jeena asks Salahuddin why is he delaying everything, he still hasn’t called Mikaeel. Jeena asks his permission to say one last thing, Mannu doesn’t love him anymore; she is gone. Salahuddin doesn’t care, asking if something else. Jeena tells Salahuddin Mikaeel must have sent Mannu back because of monetary issues. Salahuddin asks if he has the money to keep children and not Mannu. Jeena was afraid what if Mikaeel runs away with the kids. Salahuddin forbids her watch so many films and asks her go and sleep.

Mannu ignores the phone call firstly, then picks it up. It was her mother, Amma asks where she had been; and asks if she was busy with children’s. Mannu asks about Abba, Amma says he is able to walk now. Mannu asks if she told him, Amma says she only told him that Mannu is coming. Mannu forbids Amma to make him call her, because her tickets aren’t confirmed. Amma was worried that Durdana returned but Mannu didn’t come. Mannu asks if she went to meet her, Amma replies she sent the food but couldn’t go meet her. Mannu makes up that Tipu is calling, so she hung up.
Jeena asks Mannu whose call was it. Mannu says it was Amma, she didn’t pick up the call as she doesn’t understand what to speak to her about. Jeena says she feels sad as Salahuddin hasn’t yet called Mikaeel, he is being selfish. Salahuddin comes there, Mannu asks him if he spoke to Mikaeel. He denies, Mannu insists she wants to go to her children else she will suicide.

The next morning, Jeena comes to Mannu’s room with the tea. She informs Mannu that Salahuddin has gone to speak to Mikaeel. Mannu wonders how can he go by himself. There, Salahuddin ass Mikaeel what he wants. Mikaeel replies a lot, and demands Salahuddin to get him settled outside. Salahuddin was ready to get him settled anywhere. Mikaeel wants to start a new life, his kids want their mother to be together but he wonder how Mannu will go with him. Salahuddin tells him that Mannu also wants to stay with her kids; he can help them get settled but they have to take the rest of the decisions by themselves. Mikaeel inquires why is he doing this all. Salahuddin says he wants him to take care of the three of them, and if a tear fell off their eyes he will kill him. Mikaeel was hopeful to have a beautiful home in a good city. He turns to see Salahuddin wiping his tears in the mirror, he was moved and allows Salahuddin to take them, and warns Salahuddin he won’t spare him if his children ever cry. He accepts that he doesn’t deserve them, atleast there would be a single decision he makes selflessly. Salahuddin says she wants to stay with him, but Mikaeel replies she only wants to live with the kids.

Salahuddin gives Mikaeel a blank cheque, Mannu watch this and leaves. Mikaeel hands the kids to Salahuddin and sadly watch them go.

Jeena asks Mannu what happened. Salahuddin brings the children back, Mannu cares for them. Mannu questions Salahuddin how much he paid for the children. Salahuddin asks Jeena to take children upstairs, she leaves with the children. Mannu repeats her question, and asks Salahuddin how much he will bid for her. Salahuddin forbids her do such cheap talks, if he had a huge heart he must have handed the money and kids both to him. Salahuddin asks if something else. Mannu insists she hates him, he took advantage of his weakness as he needed money. Now she and her children will be a slave to him, is he happy now. Salahuddin shouts he is really happy, he will forcefully marry her and will keep her children with him forever. He forbids her take any action against this, she shouldn’t speak a lot now and go upstairs. Mannu leaves crying. Salahuddin cries himself.

Mikaeel sat on the stairs with the cheque, and remembers playing with Tipu. He smiles remembering Tipu playing games on his toy, and came to sit with him asking he didn’t sleep. Tipu replied no. He informed Tipu someone came to meet him, his super hero. He questioned Tipu if he wanted to go, he replied yes. Mikaeel asked if he can stay without mama forever, Tipu said yes forever. Mikaeel confirmed if he will miss her, Tipu replied he will. Mikaeel asks why he wants to stay with him, Tipu replied that otherwise Mikaeel will be alone. Mikaeel said people like him are left alone, because no one love him. Tipu assured he love him. He insisted to stay with Mikaeel, and was ready to bring his mama here as well. Mikaeel tells him to live with his mama, as he isn’t worth him. He has no money to feed him, and future guarantee. He has made huge mistakes in life, he lost everything his wife, children, friends and everything. Tipu must promise not to become like his father, ever. He asked him to pack his bags, his super hero will take him along then. He smiles, as Tipu held his leg, Mikaeel knelt in front of him and took his promise not to forget Baba, he hugged him. He torn the cheque in hands.

Jeena was mixing something a powder in the juice in a glass cautiously. She walks towards Mannu’s room where she was playing with her kids.

NEXT EPISODE: Jameel saves himself from the dog. Salahuddin calls his dog from inside. Some unknown men shoot Mikaeel to death on road. Jeena leaves the room while Jamil comes to tell Salahuddin Jeena had mixed something in his drink. Salahuddin fell on the floor.

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