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In the office, Arsh asks Sheeda about details of Tahira’s case, he tells Sheeda that she has been sent on remand for 3 days after rejection of her bail application. Imtiaz and Iqbal call her innocent. Arsh asks why Sajida has been living with a fake identity, Sheeda was reluctant to reply. They deny Sajida’s attempt of murder over Imtiaz, and calls her really simple and innocent. Arsh assures he will work for her case. They demand Arsh to come to her.

Arsh watches a mark on Sajida’s face, and inquires if police beated her. He questions the constable, she replies she hurt her ownself. Arsh demands to meet SHO right away, he wants to question what law allow police to abuse his client. He promises to come to her after reading her case, but no one can abuse her. He requests Sajida not to give any statement to police without asking him.

In the SHO office, Arsh asks under what law his client was abused. The police reply that this lady even attacked their lady constable and is beating her ownself. He notices Arsh’s stare, the SHO advices him not to go behind her innocent face, she is crazy.

Meera complains if Jhanza is informing her so late, she was concerned for Sajida and Zebo and was relieved that Arsh is there to take care of matters.

SHO tells Arsh that Sajida attacked his husband with knife, and came to Lahore with his daughter. Police recovered Imtiaz alive then, but why Sajida vanished for so many years. Police is always insulted, but it’s the police who catch criminals. Arsh warns police not to abuse his client physically or mentally, police has only allowed them about inquiry. Sajida was hopeless and cries in front of Sheeda that whole of her life has dispersed, she won’t be able to run away of the darkness of her fate. Did she see Imtiaz, he has returned as a wild animal. He will revenge her, and he has sources outreaching them. Sheeda assures Sajida that Arsh is a good lawyer. Sajida was afraid about Zebo’s secret disclosing, and requests Sheeda to tell Meera about it as well. She wants the safety of Zebo’s life, no matter her own life is destroyed and requests Sheeda to save Zebo from disgrace. Sheeda says that Zebo always cry to meet her, Sajida forbid her bring Zebo here; not even let her get out of house even. The constable announces the time of meeting is over.

It was night, Meera calls Arsh worried for Sajida. Arsh tells her that he is returning after meeting her in jail. Meera asks him save Sajida, she has suffered a lot in her life. Arsh promises to give his 100%, but says this case isn’t as simple as it seems to be. It’s a 7 years old FIR, Imtiaz’s medical report and Sajida’s change of identity here are serious allegation. Meera asks him to do anything to get her out, else what’s the use of his studying abroad. Arsh asks why she is taunting him like a 20 years old wife. Meera was silent, he says he was joking and promises to get her out of jail. Meera was worried and says she will end her shooting in the next two three days and will come back.

Jhanza comes to ask Zebo for dinner, Zebo was concerned for Sajida who must be hungry as well. She even doesn’t take her BP medicine in time. Jhanza assures Zebo that she will eat when her mother comes out of jail, like whole of her life. Jhanza looks towards Sheeda outside accepting defeat.

The next morning, Arsh comes to meet Sajida and ask the constable to leave them alone, but she replies she isn’t allowed to go away from here. Arsh says SHO has told him about the case, but he wants to know Sajida’s side of story. What had happened on 21 April, if she had a fight with Imtiaz and flee with her daughter. Sajida accepts she attacked Imtiaz with the knife and that must have finger prints over her. Arsh calls Sajida to be lying and that can only favor Imtiaz. He wants the truth from her. Sajida says nothing happened that night, it was a minor argment and she got angry. She hit Imtiaz and flees with her daughter towards Lahore. She is a criminal and attempted to kill Imtiaz, she doesn’t need a lawyer to get out of here. She asks the constable to go away; she is done with the meeting.

Meera return home, Zebo cries hugging her. She demands Meera to bring Sajida back, Meera promises to bring her back. Zebo says it’s been three days she hasn’t seen Sajida’s face, she will return in a few days. Zebo was angry at not being able to go there. Meera makes Zebo up and promises Zebo to bring Sajida back.

Arsh was in his office when Meera comes to meet him. He stands for her welcome, cheering a huge celebrity’s arrival to their office. Meera asks if he was busy, she came without calling him. Arsh says he has all time for her. Meera says she is really worried; he must get Sajida out of the jail in any way. Arsh says he was really disappointed; she isn’t sharing anything about that event. Meera says Sajida is really afraid of Imtiaz, she thinks that Imtiaz has a lot of approach. Arsh calls Sajida as abnormal, she must share everything about the incident, but she is really uncooperative. Police has all the evidences that Sajida attempted that murder. He questions Meera looking into her eyes; Meera was reluctant then says she committed that attempt to murder but only in her defence. Arsh asks Meera if they have any proof, any verdict or any reason for this. He is sure something is being kept hidden from him, Sajida and Meera are hiding something from him. Meera wonders why she would lie, Arsh says he feels there is something Meera isn’t sharing with her. Meera says Imtiaz is a bastard; it was the worst decision of Sajida’s life to marry him. Arsh stares her while she looks down.

Sajida is brought in the corridor from outside the court, where Imtiaz stood already. He laughed with his lawyer. They take her in police mobile, Sheeda and Iqbal cry. She complains Arsh, Arsh apologizes that he tried for Sheeda’s bail but it wasn’t possible. Imtiaz comes out, Arsh says Imtiaz has bought the judges and the police, his political approach are high. She must still trust Allah; they will take this case to court, will fight and win it. He tells Iqbal to take Sheeda home.

Meera sat lost outside, Sheeda comes there. Meera tells her that all proofs, all verdicts are against Sajida. She was thinking about sharing what Imtiaz did to Zebo. Sheeda forbids her, as she sweared Sajida. Meera asks how they will save Sajida otherwise, if they don’t tell Arsh the truth how will he save Sajida. Sheeda wasn’t ready to break Sajida’s trust. Meera was upset.
In the jail, Imtiaz sat with SHO thanking him to increase her remand. He asks him to keep her in physical abuse. SHO tells Imtiaz that NGO’s lawyer is really cunning; else these NGOs go to media. He still promise to get her accept her sin. Imtiaz was happy at this, SHO asks him about his posting matter; if he has spoken to Malik. Imtiaz assures SHO that no one can move him from this place when Imtiaz is here. He asks to meet Sajida for two minutes, SHO allows only two minutes. Sajida sat beside the wall when Imtiaz comes to inquires Madam Tahira about how she is doing. She spits over him. Sajida asks if he think she was hurt after hitting him, she will kill him a hundred times if she get a chance to. Imtiaz says she will get a lifetime jail, and he will enjoy outside. Sajida reminds him about Allah’s presence, Allah will now do justice for her and her daughter. Imtiaz tells her to wait for her punishment; she will have to rot in jail for the next quarter century.

NEXT EPISODE: Arsh asks Meera to meet Zebo and ask her what happened that night. Zebo intended to leave home when Jhanza catches her, she was going to kill Imtiaz. Arsh questions Meera how is Zebo linked with this all. Meera tells Arsh Imtiaz molested Zebo.

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