Dil Lagi – Episode 21 13th August 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 21 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mohid comes to his room; Bibi comes behind questioning why he held a hand over his wife. Mohid says he is also in disbelief he slapped someone he can’t hurt with a prick of a thorn. Bibi interrupts that men who push women out of the home are shameless, at least he should have let her spend the night. Mohid assures he called Dastgheer already; he will drop her to her mother. Bibi watch him tear-eyed, and asks why he let her go if he loves her so much. Mohid calls her an emotional, stubborn and crazy girl, had she stayed she would have cause herself more harm. Bibi tells him he isn’t a man who slaps a woman to control her emotions, today she felt as once again Fazal slapped Sabeeha. Mohid replies he was helpless, Bibi reminds him she is his respect as well. Mohid irritates that he did it just to keep her respect in front of maid, else her respect would have been ruined. Bibi inquires the reason that he wasn’t ready to share.

Anmol comes home crying and hug Ammi straight. Both Mishaal and Ammi were worried.

Bibi confirms if he won’t tell, not even his mother. Mohid qualifies she is his respect; he can’t ruin it even in front of her mother. Bibi says she will ask her tomorrow at her home. Mohid joins hands to her, telling her not to question Anmol. Bibi asks Mohid what he would do otherwise, slap her as well. Mohid was speechless, Bibi tells him no matter a man slaps a wife, a mother, a daughter or a sister; insult is the same. There are differences among spouses but one must not punish her in a way she can’t respond. A woman can’t hold hand over a man, nor can she push him out of the home; she only has her tongue. Mohid used an arm over a woman that she doesn’t own to counter. She leaves Mohid’s room angrily.

Ammi was in disbelief and wonders how can Mohid hold a hand over her. Anmol who was crying says he slapped her in front of all the servants; he came out exactly what she figured him to be in their first meeting. He suspected her character, slapped her and sent her out of his home. She cries with her head in Ammi’s lap.

Sabeeha doesn’t trust Amma when she hears the news on phone. She promises to come to her right away, she demands Fazal to go to Amma now.

The next morning, Mishaal demands the truth from Anmol about what happened between her and Mohid. She accuses Anmol for compelling Mohid do so; she said she will urge him to leave her. Anmol accepts she tried and wanted this, but her heart didn’t let her do so. Mishaal assures she had seen Anmol frustrated and in misunderstanding. Anmol says her heart made her up and gave her hopes, but her mind came out to be true. Ammi comes to inform them about Mohid’s mother’s arrival.

Mohid sat on his site alone, thinking about last night event. Dastgheer comes to him; Mohid wants him to leave him alone. He asks Mohid if she reached safe, Dastgheer assures he didn’t question her. He asks Mohid why he let her go. Mohid says it wasn’t in his hands to stop her, just like winning his heart wasn’t in his control. The ways of heart are so complex, they let you wanders around for whole life.

Bibi tells Anmol she didn’t come to take her, nor would he advocate her son. Anmol wonders why she came here then. Bibi was upset that Mohid was borne to her, then what happened between them. Anmol was angry, she tells Bibi she was about to share it with everyone; he pointed over her character and accused her not only of extra-marital affairs but assume she is expecting someone else’s child as well. Ammi lose her control over the door hearing this, Anmol and Bibi hurry to her help.

Anmol consoles Ammi, Mishaal brings her water as she cried badly. Ammi boasts about her daughter being her proud, her son is not doing right to her. She is innocent. Bibi leaves silently. Downstairs, Anmol stops Bibi asking if she won’t say a word. Bibi tells Anmol her son left her of nowhere. Anmol again taunts she has kept difference among daughter and daughter in law, won’t she give her son the same punishment for slapping her. She demands justice for herself, the same she demanded for her son in law. Bibi turns to her in shock; Anmol was decisive and clear qualifying she will only accept her justice when Mohid gets slapped by her in front of the same people. Bibi leaves hurt. Tears fill Anmol’s eyes.

Dastgheer denies that property dealer about his work. He says that school isn’t unlawful; Abdul Aleem named the school after trust. The dealer says he needs that property in any case, as Abdul Aleem’s son sold him the property. The dealer was ready to speak to Mohid, if he backs up from his promise he will ultimately lose his reputation in the market.

Sabeeha was worried and asks Amma what exactly happened, her heart can’t accept what she is telling her. Ammi shares she herself is in disbelieve, she would ask Mohib but how he would even tell her. Mohid comes there and asks Bibi if she went to meet her. Bibi tells Sabeeha in front of Mohid that he called his wife to be ill charactered. Bibi boasts she can judge someone’s innocence at first sight, when she came to marry him here she had judged no matter how bitter this girl is, her soul is pure and straight forward. Sabeeha advocates Amma, Mohid denies accusing her pointless. Amma wonders if she would leave the house without a reason. Mohid explains she didn’t listen to the whole question, and she never heard the complete question even. He only asked her why she had gone to gynecologist, and knows what she has been replying is all a lie. Mohid leaves Sabeeha and Bibi tensed.

Anmol comes to Ammi who was crying in bed. Anmol sits besides her apologizing, she was upset at being a bad daughter who couldn’t bring her peace. Ammi says she has complains with the one who gave her confidence of being a son. Anmol accuses herself for bringing him into her life. Ammi inquire why he did so. Anmol replies he wanted to defeat her, just like she did. She had forgotten he is a man, and has the ultimate right. Ammi cries that she will never forgive him.
Bibi was restless and tells Sabeeha she sometimes feel angry at Anmol, sometimes at Mohid. Sabeeha accepts it wasn’t Anmol’s mistake, she had sworn Anmol not to share. She asked Anmol to go to her for her child, Anmol requested the doctor after which the doctor called her (Bibi). She then took a promise from Anmol not to share this matter with anyone.

At night, Anmol stood at the roof, thinking about her love for Mohid, Mohid’s accusation and his face in the corridor while slapping her.

There, Bibi comes to Mohid’s room who apologizes her for committing this mistake. Bibi says he has to fall from his own eyes even more when he would come to know the answer to his question and why Anmol didn’t reply to him. She is aware why she went to hospital.

Mishaal comes to Anmol asking what she is thinking of. Anmol wanted to punish herself for losing herself in hands of her heart. Mishaal asks Anmol the same question as Mohid, why she went to gynecologist. Anmol tells her to assume the same as Mohid. Mishaal wasn’t ready to accept, but there must be some reason. Anmol argues she isn’t bound to give clarifications. Mishaal says when it comes to character, one has to clarify. Anmol disagrees, as when it reaches the character it ends there.

Mohid was shocked to hear Bibi and asks why she didn’t tell him earlier. Bibi shares Fazal came to pick Sabeeha, she thought about announcing it as a good news. Mohid wonders why Anmol didn’t tell him the reality. Bibi says she and Sabeeha had sworn Anmol not to tell him, and she came out to be true to her promise. Only Mohid couldn’t stick to his trust. Mohid says he was complexed himself, but it seemed she was waiting for this moment. She always wanted to leave her, and he provided her with a strong reason. Bibi leaves his room worried.

Anmol was asleep when she gets Mohid’s call, she was angry not ready to tell his name ever. Mohid says he never existed, Amma told him everything. Anmol asks if he would now apologize, but she will never do so. Mohid replies he is aware she won’t forgive him as she never loved him, she is allowed to hate him even after knowing well about his love. Sabeeha comes to his room, Mohid was ready to listen to her accusations as well. Sabeeha was upset as he left a gem in urgency. Mohid tells Sabeeha he wasn’t in a hurry, he gave her enough time. Sabeeha suggests him to make her up. Mohid tells Sabeeha he apologized, but he won’t ask her to come back; she was always right that there is difference between falling in love and doing love. He fall in love, she would never love him. She hates him, Sabeeha wonders how can someone hate him. Mohid insists she does, he has no right to get her tied. She took the blame over herself to go away from him only, this is the limit. He sat helpless, Sabeeha wish their fates had connected just like hearts. Mohid replies heart never fall after matching birth charts.

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