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Elma and Neha were walking on the roof, Elma says everyone has a right to think what they wish for, they are responsible for what they do and say. Neha suggests Elma to speak to Zarbab, Elma tells Neha after hearing Zarbab she has left everything to Allah. No one matters to her if not Zarbab. Neha was sure these selfish people will repent, Elma says she never wants anyone of them to suffer or repent. Neha wish Zarbab had an idea what diamond he got and isn’t valuing.

Zarbab asks Javeria why she paid so heavily for a mere dinner, this restaurant is really expensive. Javeria says it’s an open secret of her life that even today he is the most special person of her life. Zarbab was lost, and shares his household tensions with her, his mother didn’t do justice to him. Javeria tells him to get rid of household talks, one only meets the lover to get away from tensions of wife. She wishes they had married; they must have been enjoying their life today.

Arif was speaking to Rania on phone that he spoke to his mother and cares about no other, he is ready to marry her whenever she asks him for. Zarbab comes from behind asking Arif if he is so irresponsible, he has nothing to share in this house. Arif shouts at Zarbab what he has done for this house and household, he bid his sister handing her wife’s dowry. He shouts if he is a slave of Zarbab only if he taught him a few classes. Arif suggests he is jealous of Rania being an intelligent and able girl. Arif accuses Elma of ill charactered and asks what relation she has between herself and Ramish. Zarbab leaves Arif’s collar with a jerk but Elma slaps Arif, enforcing him not to point a finger over her character, she only has a relation of pity and care with Ramish. Arif says he won’t forget this slap; Elma says she also wants this. She, Neha and Zarbab go inside.

Arif was packing his bag, Sharafat stopped him. Arif says he is leaving the house only because of Elma.

The next morning, Sharafat asks Neha what she is doing in kitchen and asks for Elma. Neha says Elma is really ill, her BP is low. She pushes Neha away when Elma comes there. Sharafat winds up that she can’t stay here, else she will do with Neha what she has done to Arif. Neha leaves crying when Ramish comes inside. Neha cries hugging Ramish, Elma comes to take Neha inside. Sharafat announces from behind that Neha can no more stay here. Elma cries in front of Sharafat pleading, Sharafat boasts this is her house. Ramish interrupts that being Zarbab’s wife this is Elma’s house as well, Neha is her sister and is a guest. If she can’t welcome Neha she must not insult her as well. Sharafat asks who is he to interfere among their household matters, why he daily comes here. Ramish says Waqar left their responsibility over her, he will take care of them. They have an argument. Sharafat tells him to take Neha along if he cares for her so much. Elma was left crying, Sharafat says he will see how she stays in the house that her brother had to leave. Ramish promises Elma that Neha will have no trouble there. Neha goes to take her luggage.

Elma hurries into her room and calls Zarbab, she was crying and asks Zarbab to call Sharafat and ask her to stop her. She doesn’t want Neha to go with Ramish, he is nice but she is the real sister of Neha. She will ask Seema to take Neha. Zarbab asks Elma to understand that Sharafat is really enraged, she must let Neha leave with Ramish. Elma asks if this isn’t an insult for them if Neha leaves there. Zarbab says Arif also left home, and Neha will go to Ramish’s home where she will be taken care of. It’s better Neha leaves home, he promises to take her meet Neha whenever she wishes for. Elma was left crying.

Neha comes with her bags to leave, Elma comes from behind and hug Neha. Ramish watch the sisters cry. Elma apologizes Neha as nothing is in her control. Neha asks her to take care of herself. Ramish walks outside, Neha follows him. they come outside, Neha runs back to hug Elma again.

Arif marries Rania in the court.

Tamkinat appreciates Nisar’s decision to visit Danish and Momal in London. She suggests Muzaffar to visit London too. Muzaffar was bound due to business issues. He allows Tamkinat, Tamkinat says he never left without him. Nisar says Sumbal will stay here, as she loves this house more than London. Tamkinat assures to make her easy here. Muzaffar says Sumbal would like to spend most of her time with Ramish, Sumbal shows her helplessness in this regard. Nisar asks about Ramish, who arrives there. Neha comes out with him, Ramish informs Tamkinat that Neha will stay here now, she is upset and needs sometime alone. Sumbal greets Neha, Neha recognizes her as fiancé of Ramish. Tamkinat takes Neha along to show her room.

Elma was on the roof, thinking about Zarbab’s promise to be with her on their wedding night. He had vowed to face every situation with him. She watches Ramish standing in front of her, saying he promised to be there whenever she needs him. Elma says if one knocks at the door and it isn’t opened, the windows nearby makes no difference. Whenever he comes here even when she hasn’t called him, her pains increase. Ramish asks Elma to keep some respect of his promise for her and himself. Sharafat comes upstairs to curse Elma and calls her downstairs to prepare lunch.

Zarbab scolds Elma about what she expects from his ammi after Arif has left. Elma says she has expectations from him as she was connected to him. Zarbab was irritated that he can’t fulfil exceeding expectations, he can’t now ask his mother to leave home after Arif has gone. Elma says she didn’t ask Arif to leave, Zarbab argues he didn’t ask Neha as well. This was Sharafat’s decision. Elma inquires if Zarbab has complete right to take decisions related to her life, doesn’t she hold any right over him. Zarbab leaves the room.

Sharafat panics looking for something around her room. Zarbab comes in, she asks if Arif called. Sharafat was tensed and gives up searching. Zarbab consoles her not to worry, Arif will return as soon as he is fed up of his friends.

There, Tamkinat asks Ramish why he brought a girl home as his responsibility. Ramish calls it a minor issue not to be created a hype of. He tells Tamkinat that she is Waqar’s daughter, he couldn’t leave her anywhere else. And he will have to reconsider marrying Sumbal if she is so narrow minded, he has a single formula of spending a good life and that is trust, if she doesn’t trust him she must rethink about this proposal. If he has a little right over this house, Tamkinat must not object over Neha’s stay in this house.

Neha gets a call from Elma. Elma was concerned, Neha assures she is fine. She appreciates Ramish’s house to be huge, she got a separate room here and doesn’t miss Elma’s store room. Elma was concerned about Muzaffar and Tamkinat’s behaviour. Neha asks Elma to take care of her only, as there is no one to take care of her there.

Arif accepts on call that he brought the money and jewellery. Sharafat cries and curses him as it was her savings, and he took it as theft. Arif questions Sharafat what she gave him, he has given the jewellery as Mehr to Rania and with the money he will throw party in a five-star hotel for his friends. Sharafat was taken aback that he married. Arif hangs up saying if she wants to meet him and her daughter in law, she must call him; he will bring her there. He leaves with Rania.

Sumbal comes home, Tamkinat was happy Sumbal comes here. Neha joins them, Sumbal asks if she adjusted here. Neha says she miss her home, Ramish won’t let her leave else she is strong enough to stay at her home, she isn’t weak like Seema and Elma. Sumbal asks who is Elma, she heard this name from Ramish many times. Neha says Ramish respects Elma a lot, and has a special place for her. Tamkinat comes interrupting Neha, she sends Neha to arrange her for tea and send it through servants and go to her room.

Javeria comes with a box of sweet, as she got 35k as salary. Sharafat doesn’t take it, Elma denies as she dislikes it. Sharafat taunts some people doesn’t deserve sweet in life, she congratulates Javeria then curses Elma again as Zarbab only will have to bear burden alone. Zarbab comes home, Elma goes inside as Javeria offers Zarbab with a sweet, then feeds him with her own hands.

In the kitchen, Elma was upset about Zarbab’s love for Javeria. Tears fill her eyes as she thinks about Zarbab’s accusations for her.

NEXT EPISODE: Tamkinat tells Neha that she is bearing her for time being because of Ramish’s stupidity. Arif brings Rania home and introduces her as more qualified and settled than him. Zarbab curses Elma for being useless in his life. Ramish speaks to Sumbal about Elma.

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