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Mannu sat with Durdana, her phone bell rings. It was Mikaeel; Durdana was worried for her children. Mikaeel asks Mannu how she is, he hands the phone to Tipu. Tipu says a Salaam to Mannu and asks when she will come. Mannu promises to come soon, he tells Mannu he doesn’t scold him and loves only. Mikaeel urges him to ask Mannu return, Tipu tells Mannu that Baba has changed, she must return. Mikaeel says when he is asking her to return, why she doesn’t. Mikaeel promises not to see each other’s face, Mannu had kept his children away but they must decide now. Tipu cries for going to Mannu while Mikaeel cuts the call.

Salahuddin returns home, Durdana was concerned and asks where he had been. Salahuddin makes up he was at a friend’s house. He was unconcerned about Mannu and Mikaeel and was sure they will find some way about their matter; he curses himself for stopping Mannu.

Tipu and Tanya played around Mikaeel, while he smiled watching them.

Durdana goes to speak to Salahuddin; he wipes his tears hiding from her. She was sure there is something, else he wouldn’t have spoken this way. Salahuddin confess he committed a lot of mistakes, to improve a single one. Mannu hears this all. Durdana argues she can’t trust this generation, now she has announced he must stay bachelor whole of his life, if he doesn’t marry Mannu. Salahuddin asks Durdana to leave it, this is what Mannu wish. Mannu is creating dramas, she will return to Mikaeel soon. Mannu cries over these words. Salahuddin says Mannu loves Mikaeel; he will go back to Jeena who atleast loves him. Durdana scolds him for being unfaithful to anyone. She leaves the room offensive. He walks out in hurry crossing his parents. Durdana was angry at Salahuddin; she shares with her husband that she wants to go back her house. Salahuddin is going to marry that Jeena and Mannu will return to her old husband. She calls it all so un-religious and un-ethical.

Mannu cries in her room, thinking about Salahuddin considering Mannu loves Mikaeel and will return to him. Her phone bell rings, it was Jeena. She wipes her tears and takes the call. Jeena was concerned if she was crying, she called to apologize as she had called. Mannu says its alright, and was about to hang up. Jeena offers Mannu help in case of her children, Mannu denies any help. She was about to hang up. Jeena explains Salahuddin came to her by himself, she didn’t call him. Mannu assures Jeena she will not marry Salahuddin anymore. Jeena qualifies there is nothing between them, she wants to meet Mannu to explain it to her as its really complicated.

Mikaeel was laying with children, trying to make them sleep. There is a door bell, Mikaeel goes to check and asks Tipu not come out until he is sure its their mother. He carefully come to the door, Salahuddin calls from outside. He opens the door and asks Mikaeel where are children, he came to pick them up. He is aware Mikaeel brought them for money. Mikaeel reminds he is their father, Salahuddin inquires if he has realized. Mikaeel says Minahil has disowned him already, who is he to children then. Salahuddin was speechless, then replies he cared for his children more than Mikaeel did himself. Mikaeel stresses that a father never sell his children. Salahuddin says Mikaeel’s business is flop, his house is mortgaged and he is already indebted, can he earn for his children in such a condition? Mikaeel asks who is he to question. Salahuddin calls himself the one to take care of his children when they had no one, he asks Mikaeel to call his children and ask them who they want to live with. Mikaeel warns Salahuddin to be responsible if he tries to get in, he is the father of his children; and asks Salahuddin to send Minahil back as soon as possible. Mikaeel shuts the door at his face.

In the restaurant, Jeena tells Mannu she couldn’t have come if she was her. Mannu asks Jeena what she considers to be wrong. Jeena explains that there is nothing between her and Salahuddin. Mannu asks if he wasn’t her place last night, Jeena says he was but he still wants to marry Mannu. She feels pity for Mannu, about whatever Salahuddin shared. She apologizes for taking her call. Mannu turns to leave, Jeena stops her there and tells Mannu she didn’t tell him about Mannu’s call; he was already tensed about Mikaeel’s deterrence. Mannu says Mikaeel won’t ever deter anyone. Jeena feels good for her to advocate Mikaeel, after all he is her children’s father.

Mannu comes home, Salahuddin calls her to listen to him and informs about going to Mikaeel. Mannu asks why is he concerned, he belongs to a single person only and must not waste his time over others. Salahuddin doesn’t get it, when Mannu calls him ill-charactered. Salahuddin considers her having gone crazy without her kids. Mannu calls him crazy after those he spends nights with. Durdana and Abba also hear this. Salahuddin accepts he was with Jeena. Both shout at each other, Mannu tells Salahuddin not to discuss her and her children ever. Salahuddin asks Mannu to tell him the truth that she is going back to Mikaeel. Mannu says yes she is leaving; he will be rid of his burden. She didn’t ask him to break his engagement, he must go and marry Jeena and go to hell. She shouts at him to go die. He asks if she will get peace if he dies. She turns around at once, and then leaves.

Mikaeel comes to store with kids and buy grocery. At the payment counter, he finds his wallet empty. The card had been blocked. He comes out of the shop empty handed and find two men waiting for him on bike. They taunt Mikaeel for enjoying with kids; it seems he is going to live a very long life. Mikaeel promises to return their money in time. The man warns Mikaeel against his children’s safety, a father needs life to spend with his children so he must return their money in time else he will be killed along with his children.

Salahuddin gets Jeena’s call, she judge he isn’t fine. Salahuddin repeats it’s all fine. She thanks him for staying all night, Jamil left flat in the morning. Salahuddin asks Jeena to go and stay somewhere else. Jeena wasn’t ready to run away because of little issues. He allows her to come and stay at his place. Durdana and abba come to his room then, and leaves annoyed. He promises to call Jeena in a while. Jeena was elated.

Salahuddin sat at his parent’s room and apologize them. Durdana asks him to get their tickets to go back. Salahuddin promises to go with them in a while, he asks Abba to talk to Ammi. Abba angrily tells Salahuddin to arrange for their tickets, his mother is really worried right now. Salahuddin was ready to go with them; Durdana says he needs to solve his issues here. They can’t break their relation with him, but just pray for him. Salahuddin asks them about the matter. Durdana advices him to return to his roots as soon as possible. Salahuddin leaves the room after hugging her. Durdana wonders how they can leave after hurting their son, Abba assures her everything will get well.

Mikaeel calls his uncle and introduces himself as Shahab’s son. He asks for some money as his monetary conditions aren’t well and he has brought his kids too. At night, he lay with his kids worried about the warnings from the men. He calls Faraz at night, his wife asks him to cut it. He sleeps again.

The next morning, Salahuddin stood in the balcony when he was shocked Mannu leaving. She turns for once to find Salahuddin watching her.

NEXT EPISODE: Mannu tells Mikaeel she returned because he allowed her stay with her kids. Jeena comes to console Salahuddin as he has been left alone. Mikaeel asks Salahuddin for money, Salahuddin asks how much. Mikaeel asks if he can settle him abroad?

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