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Sajida takes Iqbal’s call, he informs Sajida that the bakery owner isn’t giving her the cheque. Sajida assures to reach, as they have to pay their workers in time. Sheeda was worried if Sajida will go to factory now, Sajida understands the liabilities of her workers and leaves for factory. Sheeda asks her to bring Bala and not come back alone.

In the factory, Sajida works with the logs while Iqbal sits there with her. He complains Sajida about the bakery owner’s trust issues. Sajida let him go of it, it was good she came by herself. She hands him a cheque to submit in the factory.

Imtiaz arrives at the factory with police mobiles while Sajida was busy with working. A worker informs her inside about police, the police announces they have arrest warrants against the owner. Sajida comes out, police arrest her for attempt to murder over her husband 7 years ago. Sajida goes with the police, while Iqbal keeps on resisting against the arrest. Imtiaz cheers with the SHO. Sajida watches Imtiaz getting in the police mobile behind her.

At home, Iqbal knocks at the door, and informs Sheeda about Sajida’s arrest. Imtiaz arrived with police to factory and took Sajida. Sheeda panics, and calls Meera to speak to her. The SHO notices Imtiaz’s happiness, Imtiaz calls from behind that she is being disrespected and was robbed of her respect inside her factory. Imtiaz was happy that she got arrested from the factory.

Iqbal, Sheeda and Jhanza speak about Sajida at home. Meera’s number was powered off. Iqbal asks about Zebo. Sheeda forbids Jhanza tell Zebo about Sajida’s arrest, else she will get tensed.

In the jail, Imtiaz comes to see Sajida, he asks madam Tahira is enjoying here. He spoke about love but she couldn’t understand, what she thought if she will get him insulted by her neighbours. Now she was insulted in front of whole market, but it was Imtiaz against her. If she thought, he would forget everything. She ran away after hurting him with knives, she thought about fleeing. He got an FIR registered against her the same day, he won’t forgive her for his left arm disabled. Now she will remain inside the jail, and he will wander around with Zebo. Sajida now stands up in shock, and forbid him even put an eye over her daughter. She will cut him into pieces this time, Imtiaz curses her to stay inside. He will enjoy chicken with her daughter Zebo, no one would come to know where Zebo has vanished overnight. Sajida attacks Imtiaz and curses him front behind. The lady inspector warns her to stay silent. SHO serves Imtiaz with lavish tea and asks for his work, the new IG is a near friend of Malik and will work for him in a single call. Imtiaz assures his work would be done soon.

Sheeda was worried for Sajida, she was mistaken and cursed Imtiaz. Zebo hears them, and comes concerned for Sajida. Sheeda says she just went home, Zebo calls them liar. She asks Sheeda to tell her truly about her mother’s whereabouts. Sheeda tells Zebo that Sajida has been arrested.

Ilyas smiles watching Meera’s concert. Durdana comes to him, he complains Ilyas for leaving Jamila to her parents. He must bring her back home; her mother is his father’s son. Now, even Haseena’s in laws taunt them. Ilyas says he will marry Meera. Durdana says that Meera will never marry him now. Ilyas boasts that he even has Meera’s number, its about love and she will come to him one day.

Sheeda consoles Zebo that everything will soon get fine. Jhanza continuously tries Meera’s number. Sheeda asks Jhanza to call Muneera, she has a high approach. Sajida sat with the wall in jail, the lady constable asks her to sleep; no one will come to her rescue. She has to stay here for a long time, tomorrow they have to take her physical remand. She accuses Sajida of fleeing after robbing Imtiaz’s valuables.

Muneera wakes up at the ring of her phone. Jhanza introduces himself, Muneera was concerned. Jhanza says he got to know from her husband that she is in Bangladesh. Muneera says she and Arsh are in Bangladesh. Sheeda speaks to her, as Meera is also not in country and is a bit worried. Sheeda tells Muneera that her sister Tahira’s husband returned, he got her sister arrested. They thought he was dead, but he came with police and got her arrested. She requests Muneera to get her freed someway. Muneera assures she will try to get some contact from her Lahore’s office.
Imtiaz sat drunk with his mate. He tells him he has to go to court tomorrow, Sajida has to get there for remand. He has to see her in pain. When she will come with police, handcuffed only then he will get relieved. They get a call from Javed Awan. Javed Awan speaks to Imtiaz appreciating his choice for them. They mock.
Sheeda and family sat mourning, Jhanza gets Muneera’s call. Muneera tells Sheeda that Tahira is in Hafizabad jail, she is safe. Her lawyer Aslam will take care of her matter until they return. They will get her freed, when they return to Lahore. She and Arsh will do it as priority, Sheeda assures that Tahira is innocent.

In the morning, Ilyas reads the newspaper on a tea stall and was shocked to see the news of Sajida’s arrest. He hurries to his home and informs Durdana that her dead sister has got alive. They were shocked watching Sajida behind jail bars. He reads the news to Durdana. They wonder how Sajida and Zebo got alive. He thought she and Zebo must have died in some accident. Durdana curses Sajida for all the insult she caused them.

The police ask Sajida why she attempted to kill her husband. The lady inspector harasses her. They accuse her of robbing money as well, Sajida denies that charge. Sajida accuses the police for misbehaving. SHO comes in asking if she told them about something. The inspector says they must use some other way. The lady inspector asks SHO’s permission to beat her more to get the truth. SHO gives permission to do whatever they will to get her accept her crime.

Ilyas stands beside the window, recalling his time in the city. It rained heavily, Meera came out with his wardboy talking to Zebo on call. Meera dryly thanked him for coming, he told her he is standing in rain for last three years, she must atleast give him her number. She dictated the number and told the driver to move on. Durdana comes to Ilyas asking what he is thinking about, he has been lost since they got Sajida’s news. Ilyas says when he heard about Zebo from Meera four years ago, he couldn’t figure Meera could only speak to this Zebo with such love. Now he understands it was their Zebo Meera has been speaking to. He curses himself, they couldn’t get where Sajida ran away seven years ago. Durdana says this is impossible. Ilyas asks Durdana to get ready go to Lahore, she is the real aunt of Zebo and will be Zebo’s guardian. He won’t get a better way to get near to Meera. Durdana says that Meera won’t even let him inside her house now. Ilyas says Meera is still crazy after him, Meera has a palace in Lahore and roams around in big cars; doesn’t she want her son to use such luxury.

NEXT EPISODE: Malik asks Imtiaz if he has to do something with Sajida, Imtiaz says he has to do a lot. Meera asks Arsh what he can do, Arsh says he want to take his life. He comes to ask Sajida about Imtiaz, Sajida spits over his name. The police takes Sajida.

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