Dil Lagi – Episode 20 6th August 2016 Written Update

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The nurse recognizes Anmol and informs Mohid she came for abortion, Mohid was angry at her. The nurse wonders why she would lie, Anmol came to Dr. Rashida but she denied performing her abortion. She left in white car.
Anmol runs downstairs, she hugs Ammi and turns to leave happily. Mishaal comes behind her happily, Ammi was annoyed. Mishaal tells Ammi that she will never trouble her again.

Mohid drives back, Dastgheer’s words echo in his mind that may be Anmol wants money for her treatment.

In her way back, Anmol gets a call and denies giving a penny to Fareed. He need not be afraid at all, Mohid won’t hurt him again.

Sabeeha was setting the wardrobe, Fazal comes to set it with her. She looks around saying this place doesn’t seem to be home, Fazal qualifies since she is here this will turn into a home, and when their child arrives this home will turn to a paradise. Sabeeha was thankful to Allah for having blessed her always.

Anmol comes to her room, recalling about Mohid’s love. He always demanded her for trust, his fear of losing her. She folds his shirt on the bed, smiles watching her hair strand loosened. She laughs in front of mirror.

In the office, Dastgheer suggests Mohid to talk to that person by himself, he once before also lied about Anmol’s house. Mohid sat lost in his own thoughts. Dastgheer was worried and asks if it’s something about being worried. Mohid speaks to himself that this isn’t possible.

Bibi scolds the maid for making de-shaped rotis. Anmol comes to scold her for getting Mohid’s clothes and cook for her own self. Bibi notices her, Anmol asks her what she must cook and what in sweet dish. Bibi smiles noticing the change, and accepts Mohid’s choice. She tells Anmol Mohid likes Vermicilles without Illaichi.

Dastgheer sits upset with Mishaal. He was worried for Mohid, who is really tensed and didn’t even share the matter. Mishaal demands to go to Mohid.

There, Anmol get ready spraying fragrance over herself, she thinks Mohid was right worries and frustrations aren’t worth living in, she feels light today and wonders if Mohid will also notice this change like his mother.

Mishaal was in Mohid’s office; he agrees to be tensed. Mishaal insists for the reason, Mohid denies telling the reason. He will only tell the one who is the reason for this tension. Mishaal asks him to go home and speak to Anmol, he will get all the answers. Mohid was afraid of Anmol’s answers. Mishaal assures she is ready to surrenders soon. Mohid says he isn’t fighting; she is really young to listen to the reason. Mohid was in a disbelief that Anmol could even do this. Mishaal says she doesn’t want to tell him, for she is still telling him it was Anmol’s last attempt. She wonders where Anmol got in her mind to worry Mohid. She assures Mohid that Anmol has now understood the reality.

Anmol was sitting in her room, writing a diary. She wrote, accepting the mistakes is a difficult task, but until she repents for her past mistakes how can he trust her for future. She can’t promise him anything, Mohid can promise who know how to keep them. Short tempered people shouldn’t do any promises, he wasn’t the bad person nor was she, it was the time. Couldn’t he meet her in some good times.

Mohid comes to the beach and sit there alone. He remembers Anmol warned him here, that in life whenever she will get a chance to get her love, she will leave him and run away. He thinks about Mishaal’s words, that Anmol wanted him so much that he back away from this relation. Mohid thinks it was his mistake he made her reach such a limit.
Anmol writes it was his mistake, he made her enraged. She curses herself for provoking his anger this time, laughing then writes further. She writes, it was her mistake as well, she was covered in layers of misunderstandings, but she has understood he isn’t that bad. She still wants to know if he is a good person, if he would give her enough time to understand him. She smiles that her mother is right, Nikah’s thread isn’t weak to get broken with a single jerk.

It was late evening, Mohid still stood on the beach. He thinks he wanted her to accept him but in doing that he evoked her revenge.

Dastgheer sat with the man and demanded him to wait for a day, Mohid will decide if his work has to be done or not. The man was ready to raise their price by 5 lacs, Dastgheer repeats he will tell tomorrow.

In the room, Anmol sets the letter on dressing table and refresh her makeup. She hears the car’s horn and hurries. Mohid walks inside the house. Bibi spoke to Sabeeha on phone angrily if Fazal still didn’t appoint a maid. Mohid comes to lay beside her, Bibi hangs up and asks Mohid why he is so late. He must come home in time, he is married and has a wife as well. He should give sometime to his wife. Mohid says he has no time, Bibi asks him go to his wife else his wife will again complain that she distinguishes between her daughter and daughter in law. Mohid leaves.

In the room, Anmol watches Mohid and turns around. She asks if he wants to say something, even she does. He demands what. She says when words leave a person’s side, one has to say something. Mohid assures what’s in her heart reached him, he needs an answer to his question. He asks Anmol why she went to hospital; Anmol turns around shocked. Mohid asks why she took an appointment from Dr. Rashida, Anmol was taken aback that he really spies on her and keeps an eye over her. Mohid says he had to do this, because she never shares with him. This time, he has to ask her else he will have to find another way; he is really tensed and is burning. Anmol denies telling Mohid. Mohid requests Anmol, because the reason visible to him is really painful. If she is doing this for his hatred. Anmol gets weepy that she never hated him. Mohid asks if she didn’t consider him worth hating as well, he thought one day she will stop considering his love as Dil Lagi only, but she never did because it never touched her heart. Anmol cries that Mohid came out to be a liar, he can’t understand what’s in her heart. Mohid joins his hands to her, asking why she went there. Anmol says she won’t tell him, she promised not to tell about it. Mohid finally says he came to know she was going there for her abortion, Anmol shouts this time if he considers her an ill charactered woman, she feels disgusted. Mohid asks why Anmol is doing so, just to get rid of him. Anmol says no, but because she is an ill-charactered lady, if his spying worked enough? She turns to leave, but Mohid stops her. Anmol accepts to him that yes, she had relations with someone else even after marrying him. When he wasn’t afraid of spying her why afraid now. She comes outside, Mohid follows her. Mohid warns her about her mother, Anmol resists going inside. All the servants gather. Anmol shouts that she will tell everyone about it, why should Mohid’s reputation get filthy. Mohid slaps Anmol. Mohid says to shut her up, he can slap her again. Anmol asks if this is the only thing he can do, she turns to leave home but Bibi stops her. Anmol cries that if she speaks again, her son will again hit him. Mohid allows Anmol to go if she wants to, if she stays here she will be in more trouble. Anmol leaves, while Bibi keeps on stopping her. Anmol turns to reply she came in dark, alone. The maid taunts from behind that he slapped her straight.

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