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Jeena asks Jamil if they reached the park. Jamil asks her to tell Mikaeel meet the children, Jeena informs Jamil that Mikaeel will take the children. Jamil was reluctant as he would get trapped. Mannu comes to Jamil in panic as her children have been kidnapped. Jeena smiles, Jamil asks Mannu have some water as she cried. She hurries to look for her children, she was with them but only went to buy something for them. Jamil gets a call, it was his wife’s call. Mannu joins her hands to find her children.

Jamil comes on a side, Jeena asks where children went. Jamil tells Jeena he didn’t take care of children, it must not be Mikaeel as he promised to take the three of them along. She wasn’t ready to take blame over himself. Mannu’s phone rings, she tells Salahuddin she lost her children and narrates the whole situation to him crying. Salahuddin asks where she is, Mannu says she is in the park nearby and Jamil is also here.

Mikaeel brings food for children who were crying. They insist to go to their mother, Mikaeel scolds them to finish it. He gets Jeena’s call, she scolds him why he didn’t bring Minahil along. He has ruined her plan. Mikaeel wasn’t ready to listen to her, she doesn’t need to instruct her. Jeena wonders how she spent 5 years with her. Mikaeel asks if he is her brother to sacrifice his life, and help her reach Salahuddin’s house. He calls her plan to have loop holes.

Salahuddin brings Jamil inside, and demands him the truth. He came to take files from home, and saw Mannu sad. She wanted to go to zoo and he took him there. He slaps Jamil and demands on whose call he kidnapped the children. Mannu comes inside. Salahuddin asks Mannu if she insisted to go to zoo, she doesn’t step out of home. Mannu says Jamil asked her to go to zoo and insisted to take children. Salahuddin demands for Jamil’s phone and checks his call log, asking whom was she talking last night. Mannu complains he was talking on phone even in park. Salahuddin calls the call centre to take phone records, and then send him to police. Jamil finally spits that Mikaeel has the children. Mannu cries hard for her children, Salahuddin holds her to his chest.
Mikaeel comes to children; Tipu asks to go to Mannu as he has finished the food. Mikaeel says its late already, they will go in morning. Tipu calls him a liar, he might hit him but take them to ammi as she must be crying. Mikaeel asks him to come sleep with him; Tipu says he only sleeps with his mother.

Jamil comes to Jeena to inform her that Salahuddin knows about everything. He has taken it all over his head, and her name didn’t come in between. Jeena was worried what if that Mikaeel tells the truth. Jamil demands Jeena to marry him now as he loves her dearly. Jeena says thankyou, he may leave now. Jamil says he left everything for her, Jeena says he got caught because of himself. If he wants her to get caught? It is now better for him to leave. Jamil holds her to couch and demands if she thinks him to be crazy, he won’t leave her either. Jeena plays a recording, and asks Jamil to leave. Jamil says he can’t leave until she marries him. Jeena asks how can he marry her, he has wife and children of his own and screams. She then gets relaxed and goes to sleep.

Mikaeel replies Salahuddin and Mannu that fathers never kidnap their children, they just bring them back. No matter what they do, his name will always be written with his children. Salahuddin demands Mikaeel to return the children. Mannu insists children won’t be able to live without her. Mikaeel says she will marry Salahuddin and his children will be left alone. Mannu clarifies she isn’t marrying him, she just want her children. She may seem stupid but she can take her decisions for herself. There is no difference between Mikaeel and Salahuddin, she dislike them both. Mikaeel offers Mannu to come back; she might stay in the upper portion while she might stay in the lower one. She hears her children cry, Mikaeel wasn’t ready to let Mannu meet her children while she keep on pleading her. Mikaeel gives Mannu time to think over his offer and goes inside.
Jeena hears the recording of Jamil. Salahuddin comes home, Durdana asks about children when Mannu comes in. She asks Salahuddin why he didn’t enforce him return the children. Salahuddin replies he had no right for it and leaves. Mannu hugs Durdana who consoles her and takes her inside.

Salahuddin stood in his library alone; he speaks to photo of Ifti’s father what he taught him, it was of no use as he has lost. Jeena forwards the recording to Salahuddin, saying bye bye Jamil. Salahuddin hurries to Jeena’s home, Jamil was lying on the couch. Jeena hurries to open the door and asks him save her from Jamil. Salahuddin enters and orders Jamil to get lost. Jamil says Jeena has been lying, Salahuddin plays him the recording and demands if this is a lie. He slaps Jamil on his face, and calls him downtrodden. Jeena complains he was behind her from ages; he wanted her to leave Salahuddin and marry him. She complains about his harassment. She never complained about him because she thought Salahuddin trusts him. She doesn’t let him complain police but just ask Jamil to leave Karachi. Salahuddin warns Jamil about not leaving him alive if he is found near to anyone he knows. He shouts at Jamil to get lost and push him outside. Jeena holds Salahuddin back and thanks him. Salahuddin calms Jeena down and appreciates her for handling the situation sensibly. She must atleast inform him if something similar happens in future. Jeena demands Salahuddin to stay here this night, she will instruct the security guard tomorrow morning. Salahuddin nods calming her down.

In the room, Tipu sings lullaby to Tania. Mikaeel comes there, Tania was crying. Mikaeel offers to try and takes Tania in his arms. Tipu asks him to walk slowly, sometimes when she couldn’t breathe Mama used to walk around the room all night wrong. He asks Mikaeel to say So Jao, So Jao as well. He finally makes Tania easy in bed, Tipu was also asleep. He smiles sitting beside his children.

At night, Durdana comes beside Mannu. Mannu asks her to go to her room; Durdana wasn’t ready to leave Mannu crying. Mannu wonders what he must be behaving with her children. Durdana was hopeful as he is their father, an innocent children’s cry can melt anyone. She was concerned about Salahuddin. She asks Mannu why Salahuddin said he had no right over children. Durdana asks Mannu to take care of Salahuddin. She was against it but now she has no objection, she thought she would ask the children to call her Dadi. Tanya always wishes to sleep with her. Mannu smiles that Durdana must have dreamt about Salahuddin. Durdana says Salahuddin will never look at World’s beauty as well. Mannu cries for her children, Durdana assures Mannu he will drop the children back in a few days only. She lay there to sleep.

Tipu asks Mikaeel if he will take them to their mama in the morning. He then brings clothes for Tanya that Mikaeel changes. Tipu instructs her all along. Mikaeel asks the children if they wake up so early. Tipu explains they woke up for milk.

Durdana goes to prepare tea in morning after Fajr. She wonders if Salahuddin even returned last night. Mannu also look outside for him then call his number, then tries to make an excuse for her call. Jeena was in kitchen when Salahuddin’s phone rings. She picks up her call, then make up her voice as sleepy. Then mocks about telling Salahuddin it seems to be Mannu, he must call him a bit later as she feels sleepy now. Mannu was moved.

Mikaeel comes to Tipu, Tipu complains him to be lying to him and won’t take him to mama. Mikaeel tells Tipu he asked Mannu to return. Tipu says Baba scolds her always that is why she won’t return. Tipu says Superman uncle is so good. Mikaeel was curt at his Superman, Tipu forbids him say so. Mikaeel offers to call his mama, would he ask her to come here. Tipu agrees.

Jeena brings breakfast to Salahuddin’s room. He was in a hurry to go home, everyone must be worried. Jeena gets emotional that she is nobody to Salahuddin, he may leave. Salahuddin tells Jeena that Mannu isn’t ready to marry him, Mikaeel took his children back and asked Mannu to return but how can she. Jeena says a woman belongs to a man only, no matter what. Salahuddin denies any such attachment between them. He wonders how Mannu can return, she is divorced. Jeena says a woman never gives priority to anything over children, she and Mikaeel will find some middle way.

NEXT EPISODE: Mikaeel instructs Tipu to tell Mannu come back. Salahuddin tells his mother that Mannu will return to Mikaeel, Mannu shouts at Salahuddin that yes she will return. Salahuddin watch her speak to Tipu on phone.

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