Udaari – Episode 17 31st July 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 17 31st July 2016 Written Update Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sajida leaves in her car, Imtiaz hurries the driver behind her. He tells his driver that Sajida has finally come out of her shell. Sajida comes home, Zebo asks her for tea. Sajida asks her to allow the maid take some fruits for her children.

Arsh comes to meet Muneera in the office.

Imtiaz comes out of the car to look inside Sajida’s house, wondering how she lives so well. Sajida sends Zebo to check who’s knocking the door. Zebo was shocked watching Imtiaz outside, Imtiaz comes inside asking how young has Zebo grown, and reminds he is her father. Sajida comes out them and was shocked watching Imtiaz. Imtiaz greets her as Tahira, and calls himself as remind her being old lover Imtiaz.

Muneera discuss with Arsh about her client, she is a widow and her in laws beat her out of her house, she has now established a beauty parlour through Kashf’s loan. Now, her parent’s in laws are threatening her, and her six year old child has been kidnapped. Arsh demands for her case file, he will study it well. Muneera thanks him, Arsh considers himself as part of Kashf. Muneera appreciates she has worked so much for their clients at Kashf. Arsh calls Muneera as inspiration, for doing something for humanity as well.

Imtiaz asks why Sajida is speechless, has she forgotten him. If she thought he is dead, he doesn’t die so easily. He misses her daily, all the time only because of his left hand. Whenever he looks at the bruises on his body, he remembers her. He thought about pulling her out of the grave as well. The maid comes to take a leave from her, Imtiaz asks Sajida to tell her maid now how she ran away leaving him away. he enters the house, and questions if it’s her own or rented. He wonders how she got so rich. Sajida shouts at him to get out, Imtiaz hushes her. He brings about a pistol and asks if she got afraid so soon. He then calls Zebo to have grown even prettier. Sajida forbids him keep an eye over her daughter; he ruined her daughter’s life now what he wants from them. Imtiaz warns her of his revenge for single blood drop she shed of him. His phone bell rings, and speaks about the killings he caused. He promises the other person to be there in 5 minutes, and calls Sajida lucky. He assures to come again, will spend night and feed her. Sajida warns to cut him into pieces if he comes here again. Imtiaz was hopeful about fun next time. He asks who can stop him from coming here, it’s his daughter’s home. Zebo cries badly hugging Sajida as he leaves.

Sajida comes to Sheeda, she sends Jhanza and Zebo inside. Sheeda was worried, Sajida cries to her while telling her that Imtiaz is dead. Sheeda calls it impossible; Sajida says he came into her house alive as a goon. He warned her of killing her, and put a false eye over Zebo. She was concerned for Zebo’s safety. Zebo sat alone in the room, crying when Jhanza comes in with water for her. He requests her not to cry as he is worried for her.

Sheeda consoles Sajida, Iqbal wonders how Imtiaz was left alive. Sajida discuss about leaving this place and shifting to another city. She asks Imtiaz to arrange their tickets for Rawalpindi, and then they will move to Azad Kashmir. Sheeda calls her crazy, she has established a business here and Zebo’s college is also here. Sajida panics that Imtiaz keeps a pistol; he has turned to a goon and has returned for revenge. Sheeda assures her that Allah is here to protect her. Iqbal asks them to complain in police, Sajida objects that she flee after an attempt to murder her husband, what will she complain about. Sajida cries.

Imtiaz was drinking in an underground setting, his mates cheered that Imtiaz partied today for getting his wife. One of the men asks why he left her alive today; he must pay someone to get her killed. Imtiaz wanted to make them fearful; they must be looking his way. He boasts about their faces that day. SHO police arrives to meet Imtiaz.

At night, Zebo was sitting lost in her thoughts at the entrance. Jhanza brings her chocolates but she wasn’t in a mood. Jhaza wonders why she is staring at the sky. Zebo says she wants to search his father, it would have been better she had died with him. When they are alive their problems never end. Jhanza questions how she learnt these old talks. Zebo says she lost her childhood when she was 10. Jhanza says he understands, he had seen her screaming in the room and saw everything from window. He was afraid to tell anyone at that time; else Imtiaz would have killed her. Tears fell off Zebo’s eyes, she thought she had kept it a secret but he is well aware of everything.

In the room, Zebo comes to sit besides Sajida who was praying. Sajida hugs her. The next morning, Sajida agrees to Sheeda that Imtiaz will find her anywhere; here at least they are with her. Sheeda insists on Sajida to stay here. Sajida demands Sheeda to take care of her Zebo just like she cares for Meera. Zebo walks out concerned where Sajida is going, she forbids her go alone. Sheeda asks Zebo to let her mother go. Sajida decisively tells Zebo to stay here, it’s for her safety as her life and respect is safe here. Zebo insists on going with Sajida and gets stubborn. Sajida slaps Zebo that why she doesn’t accept if this time she can’t save her, it’s better for her to die. She won’t go to college or anywhere out.

At home, Sajida sat crying. She thinks she couldn’t save herself from this wild man, but wants to save her now. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, she goes to open the door. It was Sheeda concerned that she couldn’t leave her alone. Zebo has been crying badly. Sajida insists on her to leave, her life is also endangered here. Inside, Sheeda brings tea for Sajida. Sajida panics that Imtiaz is here. They go towards the gate, Imtiaz stood out. He looks at Sheeda standing behind and forcefully opens the door. Sheeda orders him to leave the house at once, Imtiaz argues he came to meet his daughter. He confronts Sheeda that she is still the same Marasi, no matter how much fame her daughter has earned. Sheeda calls men from outside; Imtiaz brings out a gun boasting to be a goon who came to meet his wife. Sheeda warns him of calling police, Imtiaz asks if Sajida will be able to confront police. Instead, he will bring the police and ruin their reputation. Sheeda hugs Sajida when Imtiaz finally leaves. She prays for justice from God, and boasts they are strong people now who are self-dependent. Meera will look after them. Their phone bell rings, Sajida picks Zebo’s call who suspected Sajida isn’t well. Sajida forbids her call here repeatedly and get a new sim for herself as well.

NEXT EPISODE: Iqbal informs Sheeda about Sajida’s arrest. SHO tells Imtiaz that according to his wish, two police mobiles were sent to arrest Sajida. Imtiaz comes to meet Sajida in jail.

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