Dil Lagi – Episode 19 30th July 2016 Written Update

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Bibi stands up watching Fazal. Sabeeha hurries downstairs with a lightened face. She asks him say a Salam to Amma, then asks Amma to offer her son in law a seat.

Anmol comes into the room and asks when they got this AC installed. Mishaal cheers that Mohid installed it, Anmol asks why they took it from them. Ammi and Mishaal says Mohid did this as a right of son. There was a horn, Mishaal cheers that Mohid is here.

Fazal calls himself lucky, he had lost hope about living a better life with Sabeeha. Amma says she is unaware what Fazal told Mohid, but Zulekha broke her promise for some good news. Sabeeha shies when Fazal confirms if the good news was true.

Amma insists on Mohid and Anmol to have dinner, Mohid says it was something really important. Someone is coming and it’s important for her to be there. Mishaal insists on Mohid to taste masala teenday. Ammi hurries Anmol to go, and promises to cook something else when Mohid is free. Mohid comes to pour himself some food in plate, as it doesn’t take much time. Mohid gets a call, and promises Sabeeha to bring Anmol soon. Anmol comes out and complains Mohid for lying, he said himself that he dislikes teenday. Mohid tells Anmol he really dislikes teenday, but her mother would have got hurt otherwise. He comes to take a leave from ammi. Ammi stops Anmol, she advices her to love Mohid, she is blessed to have got him.

In the car, Mohid looks towards Anmol asking if she is fine. Anmol wonders why he cares for her. Mohid qualifies that against normal, she isn’t asking any question about the guest. Anmol was sure there was no guests, and he just wanted to take her home. Mohid replies that he doesn’t need any excuse to take her home. Anmol curtly asks why he always boast about his right over her. Mohid responds he doesn’t have a right over himself, as he had handed all the rights to Anmol the day he saw her. Anmol was ready to hear the old dialogue about dying over her at first sight, Mohid smiles that he started to live that day. A boy comes to sell flower, Mohid asks the boy if he again started to sell as it’s his age of studying. The boy asks him to check if he wills for, he regularly attends school. The boy gifts flowers for Anmol and doesn’t take money in return. Anmol smiles while taking the flowers, as the car moves Mohid says the boy gave them with much love, she must wear these. He smiles as Anmol wears the flower bangles.

At home, Mohid apologizes Fazal for being late. He informs Anmol that Fazal came to take Sabeeha, Amma called him. Fazal was thankful to Anmol as she delievered Sabeeha’s message to him. Anmol takes a leave to call Sabeeha, while Amma eyes her.

In the room, Anmol runs and hugs Sabeeha. Sabeeha says it was Anmol’s will that she and Fazal got united. Sabeeha wonders how Anmol made that doctor up, and then it was Mohid who made Amma up. Anmol takes some credit, Sabeeha calls Mohid a replacement of her father, then asks Anmol to keep Amma’s intention a secret. She doesn’t want her mother’s respect fell in Fazal’s eyes.

Fazal asks for Amma’s permission and will to take Sabeeha. Amma insists she isn’t upset with him. Fazal says he is ready to fulfil Amma’s promise, but Sabeeha will never hit him. Fazal allows Bibi to slap him, she is in place of his mother and he won’t feel ashamed. He is in place of his son and slapped her daughter. Amma keeps a hand over Fazal’s head instead, holding her tears into a smile.

On the door, everyone come to say a good bye to Sabeeha. She apologizes Amma for having ever hurt her. Amma apologizes instead for wasting her years. Sabeeha comes to hug Anmol, and asks her take care of her brother. Sabeeha demands Mohid to keep a hand over her head as father. Amma turns to look at Anmol then leaves inside.
At night, Mohid stood on the terrace. Anmol comes outside, Mohid demands her to say what’s in her heart. When words leave side, a person can say everything. Anmol appreciates Mohid, she didn’t expect him do something good for other. Mohid laughs at her short heartedness, still thanks her. He appreciates Anmol for making him realize he was unaware of Sabeeha’s condition, and she is the one who went to Fazal as well. Anmol accepts that he really went against Amma and did it finally. Mohid walks towards her saying sometimes she lives in misconception, sometimes in worries; he has lent so much place in his heart, why she doesn’t live there. They share an eye lock, Mohid leaves inside.

At Fajr next morning, Amma calls Anmol and asks if Sabeeha sent her to Fazal. Anmol replies she herself was determined, she demands Amma to scold her a bit earlier as Fajr is missing. Amma asks if she wasn’t afraid of her? Anmol replies she is only afraid of Allah and that too while committing a sin. Amma asks what else Anmol knows, Anmol boasts Sabeeha shared with her initially, and for what she has been forbidden she won’t share with anyone. Amma wonders how she should trust Anmol. Anmol tells her had Amma committed that sin, she wouldn’t have stayed silent but since she repented and has sent Sabeeha her home, she won’t disclose the matter to anyone. Amma smiles that Mohid was right, he wouldn’t have got someone else like her. She can now trust her, the woman who considers her husbands’s relations and his respect as hers is the most trustworthy. Anmol was moved as she walks inside.

Anmol comes into her room, Mohid was getting ready in front of mirror. She hands him his card and thanks him, promising to return his money soon. Mohid says if she tells her he doesn’t need it, it would mean he is reminding her of her rights. Mohid says he promised her something, but he won’t be able to fulfil the promise. He promised her to hand her to the man she wants to go. He demands her to reply truly, if she gave this money to Fareed. Anmol says he shouldn’t be concerned, Mohid apologizes her as he can’t hand her to someone greedy and whom she doesn’t deserve. He was determined not to let her do, he promised to give her happiness but won’t let her drown herself. She can’t destroy herself when Mohid is alive.

Mishaal walks out of her van, Dastgheer stood there to inform it’s his paper. Mishaal asks if he has worked hard, he says he did. He kept her in mind as well, since keeping goals in mind bring them near to you. He forbids her say something wrong atleast today. She turns to smile at him before going inside the college.

Anmol lay on bed, her ammi was worried what happened. Anmol says she has nothing to say, when short of words a person speaks a lot. Ammi demands if someone said something to her. Anmol forbids her question her for the answers she doesn’t have. She is fighting her ownself right now. Ammi leaves helplessly.

Mohid scolds Dastgheer for taking a step without asking him. Dastgheer wonders why Mohid doesn’t want to know Anmol visiting hospital daily, it might be possible Anmol took money from him for her treatment as everything is filmy in his life.

Mishaal comes to Anmol asking why she has troubled Ammi. Anmol asks if she is a bad one, and can’t understand people. Mishaal replies when Anmol is angry, she can’t see anything. She assures Anmol whoever she likes by heart is right, heart never lies. Anmol asks if a heart can hate and love a person together, Mishaal says it isn’t possible. Love kicks hate out after making its place in heart. Anmol shares with Mishaal she is really worried, and can’t reach a decision.

Mohid comes to inquire about Anmol Mohid as he wants to meet the doctor she is visiting. The receptionist apologies Mohid for any help according to confidentiality. One of the nurses follows Mohid.

Mishaal asks Anmol to close her eyes, and demand her heart for all these answers. She begins, if someone is ready to do anything for her without any greed of return, is it love. Anmol thinks about Mohid. Mishaal says when someone does his best just to see her happy, its love. When she does something wrong, and her heart curses her for this, it is love. When there is dark all around and the thought of a single person enlightens the heart, its love. When one can see someone with closed eyes, it is truly love then.

Mohid walks out when the nurse calls him, she offers him her help after getting some money. Mohid wants to ask about his wife, which doctor she met. Mohid pays her 5000, and shows her photo to Mohid on phone.

Anmol opens her eyes and realizes its love. She cheers it really love and hugs Mishaal.

The nurse recognizes Anmol; she tells Mohid the doctor apologized doing her abortion. Mohid was shocked.

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