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Bia wakes up by the call of her mother, she informs Bia about Salahuddin willing to marry her. Bia knows about it already, she tells ammi about a fight with him as well. Ammi was tensed about bringing Mannu’s children along with bride as well, she was curt. Bia says Salahuddin will be rewarded for marrying her, he doesn’t want to marry without ammi’s permission as well. She agrees she can find the best girl for her brother, but her brother only wants him.

Jeena awaits Mikaeel, and introduces herself. He asks her to be straightforward. Jeena says she doesn’t know how to give her introduction; she knows Mannu. Mikaeel asks who Mannu? Mikaeel recognizes as his ex-wife. Jeena inquires how he is; he never came to marry his children. Mikaeel wasn’t interested. Jeena informs him about her marriage, Mikaeel knew it must be Salahuddin. He had no problem his children would call Salahuddin as father. Jeena says Mikaeel can get money if… Mikaeel was interested this time and inquires a way.

Jeena calls Mannu at night, she asks Mannu how is she. Mannu says she is fine, how is Jeena. Jeena accuses Mannu of being a stupid housewife. She tells Mannu that sometimes she is depressed, she wants to cry and then curses her and her children. Mannu requests her not to curse her children, they are innocent. Jeena inquires what she did then, Mannu had promised to make her marriage happen with Salahuddin. Mannu says its Salahuddin’s decision. Jeena accepts that Salahuddin wants to marry Mannu, she asks Mannu if she ever thought how her in-laws would feel about her as a bride for their prince. She thanks Mannu promising to call again when she is angry. Jeena thinks when Mikaeel will call her, she will go with Mikaeel.

Mannu watches Salahuddin studying in the balcony, and acts from inside to talk to him. He calls her outside and sits straight. Mannu says she wants to talk to him, he looks towards the servants then comes inside to look for some place alone. The maid was taking children outside, Mannu denies going upstairs. Salahuddin insists on her to come to his library, Mannu looks around. Salahuddin shows Mannu Rehman Sahib and all the books he brought him hidden from his son. Mannu inquiries about him. Salahuddin wish she could meet him, he always spent his boring leisures in this place. He came to speak to him for the courage to tell Mannu he wants to. Mannu takes his turn to say first, she forbids him say anything. Salahuddin asks what happened? Mannu says she doesn’t want to. Salahuddin says alright, they must live without marriage for lifetime. Mannu asks if he won’t marry his full life? Salahuddin clutches her wondering why can’t she see they are made for each other. Mannu leaves and rushes into her room. She hits Durdana in the hall and asks her tell Salahuddin leave her. Salahuddin wish she stops being stubborn. She wonders how he would understand she isnt worth him. Salahuddin doesn’t understand, when he had nothing he wasn’t worth her, now she isnt worth him; shall he leave everything to become worth her again? He agrees to let Mannu go and take his mother aside.

In his parent’s room, Salahuddin reminds his father that he wanted a promise when they went for Mannu’s proposal about taking care of Mannu always. He has been keeping all the promises to date. He even got the status to be a proud son in law to her family, his mother is a witness to all the conditions he achieved. This is strange that if he became worth Mannu, she isn’t. His father qualifies it is difficult to take responsibility of someone else’s children. Salahuddin assures they are his children. He requests his parents to come along once more to ask for Mannu’s proposal. Durdana agrees. Salahuddin confirms if she will give Mannu the same respect of a daughter in law, she smiles. Salahuddin kiss the back of her hand and lay in her lap.

Mannu was thinking about Salahuddin’s talk. Suddenly her phone rings, it was Mikaeel’s number. She gets his message there is nothing wrong in talking for once. She attends the next call, Mikaeel says he wants to meet his children, when to come. Mannu says she is going to her parents; he must come there. Mikaeel asks about coming today. Mannu forbids him as she must ask Salahuddin. She hangs up and was worried.

Jameel informs Jeena that they are going to Lahore, Jeena says it means his mother agreed. She tells Jameel make sure what Salahuddin was saying. This way, she will get automatically what she wants.

Jameel brings the tickets when Salahuddin was working. He wonders how would Mannu come to know, then comes to kitchen and pour a glass of water for Salahuddin. Salahuddin asks him to keep it here. Jameel comes to kitchen again when he hears Mannu coming downstairs. He takes 7 tickets to him, he appreciates Salahuddin’s idea. Mannu would never think they will reach for her proposal the other day; her family will force her into this marriage now. Mannu hears this. Jameel tells him his mother didn’t seem happy with the decision but he must only help Mannu.
Salahuddin comes to Mannu’s room informing her about ticket details. He asks if she is worried? Mannu says she is just thinking, why he is making his parents hopeless. Salahuddin says no one will be in pain when she is here. He offers to take her to shopping, she must buy a few gifts for her family. Mannu says they aren’t needed. Salahuddin tells Mannu that he is going to his friend’s wedding and need to buy bridal dress. Mannu doesn’t agree to go. Salahuddin gives her 5 minutes to get ready else he will take her in the same get up.

At night, Jeena curses echo in Mannu’s mind that her second marriage will also break. She was upset and prays for her children’s safety. She wonders how Salahuddin would understand she can’t marry him. She gets Mikaeel’s call again, he asks if she took permission. Mannu says not now, she went to market today and didn’t get time. Mikaeel taunts they are spending a lot over her. Mannu wonders how she will return this all. Mikaeel says it isn’t needed, Salahuddin dies over her and can spend his whole money over Mannu. Mannu was angry and hangs up assuring she will let him meet the children.

The next morning, Mannu comes for breakfast. Durdana offers her bread but she denies. Salahuddin tells his parents Mannu is going home and is nervous. Mannu takes a leave as Tipu is crying. Salahuddin confirms Durdana if she is happy. Durdana accepts she was wrong, it had to be Mannu.

Mikaeel speaks to Jeena on phone, he asks Jeena what is her interest. She says that isn’t his concern. She asks Mikaeel to allow Mannu come back to his home, he wants to take his children to himself. If he keeps Mannu with him, Salahuddin will keep on paying him with all the money he wants until Jeena is there. Mikaeel now understands that she wants to be with Salahuddin and that is why she wants Mannu to go away from him. Jeena insists on Mikaeel that he has no option but to keep Mannu with him like before and tell him come to park tomorrow.

She calls Jameel to take Mannu and children to the park. Jameel asks why he doesn’t come here to meet the children. Jeena blackmails her, but Salahuddin hears him. He comes to Jameel and asks who is he talking to, if he is missing his wife? He allows Jameel to take a leave, then questions why he didn’t go to factory. Jameel says he has to do some office work. Salahuddin asks what work? Jameel was speechless. He leaves.

Jameel makes Mannu up to come to park with him.

Jameel informs Jeena about being in park. Jeena tells Jamil that children won’t go with him now, Mikaeel would take them when he reaches. Mannu comes to Jamil then saying children are nowhere in the park. Jeena was also clueless.

PRECAP: Mannu tells Salahuddin that Jamil asked her take children out. Mikaeel wonders if Jeena considered him a fool to get trapped in her plan. Jamil comes to hurt Jeena for manipulating him

Update Credit to: Niki

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