Udaari – Episode 16 24th July 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 16 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sajida and Sheeda were preparing food in kitchen. Zebo comes calling Sajida excitedly, she shows her result while Jhanza says she came first in her class. Sheeda and Sajida kiss her forehead, Jhanza tells Iqbal he also passed and taunts Zebo to be book fly. Zebo argues that Jhanza is only jealous because Meera is going to buy her a tab.

Arsh was playing guitar when he gets Meera’s call. She asks him to get ready, she is coming to pick him up to celebrate his birthday. Arsh gets ready in excitement, his mother tells Arsh to stay away from that girl, she is a third class who better be kept away from home. Arsh asks if he sings or Harris or Milli does that is fine. His mother calls Meera belonging to a Mirasi family. Arsh tells his mother Meera is more than a friend for him, he shares a different connection with Meera. Meera had come home and hears the conversation. The servant comes to inform Arsh about Meera, he hurries towards stairs but Meera walks out the room crying. Arsh follows her out and insists on her to listen to him. Meera takes a leave anyway.

In the evening, Meera and Arsh were in a restaurant. Arsh was happy she finally decided to meet him. Meera says she can’t change her cast and family, no matter how successful she gets. Arsh apologizes her. Meera tells Arsh she was only insulted when Ilyas’s mother came to her home to curse her family. She tells Arsh to select someone from his own cast. Arsh interrupts he will select his love by himself, she may reject his love for Ilyas. He forwards his hand to be her friend, Meera takes it but on a condition they won’t go to each other’s houses. They shouldn’t forget the difference between their casts and families. Arsh takes her attention to food.

After 8 months, Sajida was in the office of Kashf foundation. The lady congratulates her for paying her last installment of the loan as well. Sajida was worried for Karim’s demand about some other items like sandwich and burger. Arifa suggests her to hire a few other ladies and take a loan again, she might take the recipes from internet. Arifa suggests her about taking help from her daughter, and take different baking classes as well. After one year, Sajida is show supervising ladies working in a large outdoor setting.

A leap of 6 years is shown. Zebo was a grown up girl playing table tennis in her school. Sajida now worked in a professional kitchen, Zebo comes to show her trophy. She asks for something to eat.

Meera comes to a new home in a huge car. Sheeda was elated entering the house. A man arrives in another car, wearing gold rings and withdraws some case from ATM. It was Imtiaz, who asks his driver to leave. The driver wonders why Imtiaz never tried getting into media. Imtiaz was angry at Sajida, who left him of no use. The driver says Sajida must have died by now. Imtiaz was determined to find her from anywhere possible, else he wants her grave. The driver calls him lucky to have survived the attack. Imtiaz says it was only because of Malik who sent him to Karachi that he was saved, else he must have died the way she attacked him with knives. They head to eat some food.

Sajida asks a lady Razia why she hasn’t played music. Razia was upset, Sajida inquires about the trouble. Razia tells her about leaving the job, Sajida was concerned if her salary was less as Razia was a needy lady. Razia says her husband now dislikes her working outside. Sajida tells her to bring her husband to her.

Meera comes to public and was gathered by people for autographs. His assistant set an interview.
Imtiaz arrives in to a jeep to Malik’s home.

Arsh was a lawyer and appreciates Meera for a five page interview. Meera was angry at him for not sending her a good morning. She complains for not having any lunch together, Arsh calls her now and he will take her to lunch.

Zebo was making cake and sends the maid to keep water for tea. Sajida arrives; Zebo sends her inside to take rest.

Imtiaz demands Malik for getting sweets, his land disputes have been resolved. Malik confirms if he took care about police. Imtiaz assures he beat them in a way no one will ever find. Malik was concerned for the next elections. Imtiaz suggests him to get a dispute in his area, social media will blame the competitor party. Malik hands the task over to Imtiaz. Imtiaz asks him to be ready either to be in hospital tomorrow with some relative, or be attending the funeral of some worker.

Arsh and Meera were in a restaurant. Arsh tells her about his talk to Milli. Meera asks about her foreigner husband. She tells Arsh she lost hope of their return when they started working with a music company there, and since Milli married that companies director there are no chances she returns. She then discuss about Arsh’s plans of going to America. Arsh says he had to come back; he went for two years only. If not any other reason, he had to return for her. He went away from her for two years only to want to forget her, but he couldn’t forget her. Meera says they are only friends and will always be, she will never marry anyone; she is hurt saying a no to him repeatedly. Arsh eats silently.

Sajida calls Zebo to sum up the amount in her receipts. She was thankful about providing Cake House Bakery for the best cup cakes. She gives the credits to Kashf foundation.

Jhanza asks Sheeda to learn sit properly on table now. Sheeda wasn’t ready, she then scolds Meera for eating fish and salad only. Meera says it’s really important for singers to stay fit, she is soon leaving for America for a concert. Sheeda was desperate to marry Meera soon.

At night, Zebo was afraid. Sajida wakes her up and gets her water. Zebo asks her to switch the light on, she was worried that these nightmares never let her alone. Sajida hugs her and advices her to read Ayat ul Kursi before sleeping.

There, Meera denies getting married. Sheeda was worried for people who would only curse her for not marrying her daughter only because she began to earn. She taunts Meera that her food doesn’t digest if she speaks to Arsh, but won’t only marry him. Meera leaves the table annoyed.

In the room, Meera reads Ilyas’s message. She wonders if Ilyas still dares to call and message her, though she never replies to them but she never understand why she couldn’t leave him.
Imtiaz stops his driver to buy sweets for Mailk sahib, as his enemies were insulted badly. He boasts that two of our workers, one doctor and some other people also died. He goes to get sweets into the bakery.

In the bakery, Sajida inquires the manager about any complain in their cup cakes and asks for her payment. Imtiaz was buying on the counter behind. Sajida assures about waiting him if necessary, Imtiaz recognizes her.

NEXT EPISODE: Zebo was crying, Sajida informs Sheeda that Imtiaz is alive. The police comes to arrest Sajida with warrants. Zebo opens the door to find Imtiaz outside.

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