Dil Lagi – Episode 18 23rd July 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 18 23rd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

At night Anmol was having dinner, the maid apologizes Anmol for the kheer being hot, she was unaware Anmol would have dinner earlier today. She asks about leaving her children to quarter. Anmol asks the maid if her children don’t study, Mohid is fond of sending children to school. The maid tells Anmol her son is just four now, Mohid is still behind. She says Mohid married her two sisters and got a general store set up to her husband as well. Anmol stops her for further appreciation and leaves the table.

The driver tells Mohid that now he is also fond of getting his daughter into medical and be a doctor in hospital. He informs Mohid about taking Anmol to hospital. Anmol was outside looking for Fazal and stops a stranger, Mohid watches her this way from his car. He stops her on the door and inquires why she went by foot. Anmol says she is used to walking at night, and was irked at his inquiry. Inside, Bibi scolds Anmol. Mohid comes to save her, saying they were walking outside. Bibi says she was just concerned. Mohid takes her inside to talk to her.

Anmol comes to Sabeeha and tells her she didn’t find him anywhere. Sabeeha was upset and hopeless. Anmol says Fazal is in the same city, this shows he wants to contact her. Sabeeha was worried about going to hospital. Anmol assures her to do something before 2 pm tomorrow. Her phone rings, she cuts the call and takes a leave from Sabeeha.

Bibi guess that Anmol must have complained about her. She is stubborn and must be taken care of. Mohid says there is someone else as well, who needs care. Sabeeha needs a complete life, they both love her but couldn’t give her the life she wants. Bibi demands what is lacking. Mohid replies that a respect of being a wife, the feeling of being complete.

Anmol was irked at repeated calling by Fareed. Mohid comes in and asks if she is fine. Anmol forbids him spying her, why is he concerned what she has been doing. Mohid tells her that he isn’t spying her, and he isn’t lying as well. Anmol argues he just lied in front of Amma. Mohid insists he is with her, isn’t he. Anmol leaves the room speechless, outside she tells Fareed to wait for a while. She has to take a complete amount from ATM by parts. Mohid was hurt hearing this conversation.

Next morning, Fazal was still waiting in the car. Mohid was with his pigeons and asks Anmol why is she worried. Anmol denies being worried. Mohid says she doesn’t sleep well at night. Anmol accuses him of spying. Mohid says she wanders around at night, in tension and worries. Why is she troubled. Anmol reminds him that they have no relation to share each other’s sorrows. Mohid assures her to trust him, he has a lot of courage even to hand her to someone else. Anmol qualifies she never belonged to him, he will lose her really soon.

In the car, Dastgheer asks Mohid if he is worried and inquires about the reason. Mohid says his happiness and tensions all belong to her, Anmol is worried for some reason she isn’t sharing. Dastgheer suggests about finding it. Mohid says she already considers him as a spy; she might have got into some problem because of her own craziness and he must help her.

In the office, Fazal comes to Mohid and asks to speak to him.

Dastgheer follows Anmol outside the house.

Fazal tells Mohid he had no other way. Mohid says he has to take a final decision that is better for both him and Sabeeha. Fazal says he is also fed up, and after hearing the news he couldn’t resist, then inquires what Sabeeha said to him. Mohid says he took a stand for Sabeeha, he promises Fazal that Amma will get him Sabeeha by herself.

Anmol comes to hospital where Dastgheer follows her. He drives away. Anmol requests the doctor not to kill Sabeeha’s child, it’s about a life. The doctor calls it her confidential matter. Anmol insists on the doctor that Sabeeha’s will isn’t involved. The doctor says she has a reputation and won’t get into any trouble, she would deny doing it. Anmol shares another idea.

Bibi comes to call Sabeeha out after getting ready.

Anmol asks the doctor to make her fearful that Sabeeha’s life is endangered. The doctor advices Anmol to speak to them by herself, still she will try her level best. The nurse hears to them intently.

Mohid scolds Dastgheer for being late in office. He informs Mohid about following Anmol, Mohid scolds him again. Dastgheer tells Mohid if Anmol is fine, she went to hospital. Mohid asks if she went to hospital again, she takes her mother there. Dastgheer argues she was alone. Mohid says her mother should already be there.

The nurse offers Anmol to do her case in lesser amount outside. Anmol scolds her and leaves.
Dastgheer comes to Mishaal to inquire about her mother’s health. Mishaal says she is perfectly fine, he then suggests about some relative who has to go to hospital. Mishaal scolds him, he explains he saw Anmol going to hospital.

The doctor tells Bibi that Sabeeha’s life is endangered, and there are chances she never become a mother again. Bibi was afraid at once and takes Sabeeha along. The doctor forbids her going to some other doctor, Bibi says she is her mother and will never put her in trouble.

Anmol comes to her mother’s home tired, Mishaal was concerned that she looks pale and weak. Anmol complains about tough times she has been spending. Mishaal asks Anmol when she would bring them a good news. Anmol scolds Mishaal about getting crazy, Mishaal says this is natural and soon people would inquire her for this. Anmol was upset and share with Mishaal that she was not married normal, she is travelling in a wrong cart and will soon change it, or jump out of it. She will have to take decision in a few days. Anmol says she is just afraid of her mother, if Mohid and his mother throw her out of their home what would her ammi do. Mishaal tells Anmol that Mohid dies after her. Anmol was determined to irk Mohid.

Mohid awaits Amma and Sabeeha. Sabeeha goes inside as Mohid wanted to talk to them, Mohid stops her. Mohid informs Amma that Fazal came to bring Sabeeha back home, he agrees that Bibi is also restless. He requests her to break this promise and let Sabeeha go back. He asks Sabeeha directly if she wants to return. Sabeeha was afraid Fazal would never agree to amma’s promise. Mohid inquires Amm what would her promise do, when Sabeeha’s marriage won’t save. He must have thought about it before, when he got married he understood there are some other relations than parents who have a right over us. He promised Fazal with a faith that Amma will keep honor of it, he is sure she can never see her children in pain. Bibi says alright, and allows Fazal to take Sabeeha back. Mohid kiss the back of her hand in respect, she smiles. Sabeeha hugs amma in elation. She packs her bag in excitement in her room when Bibi comes in. She tells Sabeeha that it wasn’t Mohid, but it’s the circumstances; Allah kept her honor else she would have to call Fazal herself. She had to send her to Fazal, but here Mohid… he trusts her so much that she was afraid of breaking his trust. She forbids Sabeeha tell Mohid about abortion matter. Sabeeha promises.

Fazal asks Mohid on phone, if he is sure someone won’t stop Sabeeha from going along with him. He nods and excitedly asks about time.

Mishaal complains Anmol that nothing effects her, not even Mohid’s love. Anmol says that ammi would take her side the day Mohid’s real face comes to her. Anmol boasts she recognized Mohid’s real face the day he came with goons. Ammi comes back from heat, Mishaal heads to turn on AC. Anmol wonders when they got AC installed.

At night, Fazal comes to pick Sabeeha, she looks at him in excitement. Bibi stands up watching him there.

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