Dil Lagi – Episode 17 16th July 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 17 16th July 2016 Written Update, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mohid was in the room when Anmol enters. He says she seems to be tired. Anmol taunts over his spy, else how he came to know about her visit to Hyderabad. Mohid says he was told by driver as a reason of getting late, that he is in Hyderabad. Anmol tells him she went to meet her friend, Mohid says he didn’t inquire.

Sabeeha was crying in her room that Fazal has left her.

Anmol was counting money in her wardrobe when Mohid passes, she immediately takes a dress out. Mohid notices her restlessness and asks if she wants to say something? She says no. Mohid asks if she again needs a permission to go out somewhere? Anmol tells him she isn’t liable to his permissions like his pigeons. Mohid clarifies again he daily set his pigeons free before leaving but always keep the cage doors open, and his pigeons are always back home by evening. If we have to make someone as ours, we must keep the doors open for them; if they belong to you they will return. Anmol was mingling with her jewelry now when Mohid returns to pick keys.

Sabeeha was crying when Mohid comes in, he asks if she is fine, why is she crying. Sabeeha cries about her luck. Mohid says its decided now she won’t cry anymore, he will again speak to Amma. He was only silent till date in fear of increasing her stubbornness. Sabeeha says nothing is possible now, Mohid asks if she doesn’t trust her brother. He will make up Amma and Fazal.

Sabeeha says Fazal is also fed up of her, he must be about to marry. He has a right to do so, why he should suffer for her? Mohid keeps a hand over her shoulder.

Anmol heads to leave when Bibi interrupts and asks if she took permission from Mohid. Anmol says she is going till market, will return in an hour. Bibi asks to take Zaitoon along, Anmol objects if she is her body guard. Bibi tells her to return home straight, she must not go to her mother. Anmol says Mohid allowed her to go her mother whenever she wish for. Bibi says she doesn’t like married girls visit their parents regularly. Anmol questions why she has kept her own daughter home?

Mohid offers Mishaal icecream. Mishaal says he didn’t make her take an off from college for mere ice cream. Mohid asks Mishaal to be honest, why Anmol is going to Hyderabad for two days. Mishaal says she went to meet her friend, it might be a new one. Mohid says Mishaal might not know all about what’s in Anmol’s heart.

Bibi walks to Anmol asking what she just said? Anmol calls her biased for daughter and daughter in law. Bibi asks what difference she has kept with her and Sabeeha. Anmol says she forbid her go to her mother, and has kept her daughter hostage at her home. She wants her to take Mohid’s permission, then why she never taught this to Sabeeha. Bibi argues if Anmol is comparing Mohid and Fazal, she wish Anmol’s mother never has to face what she and Sabeeha has been going through. Mohid never spoke to Anmol loud, Fazal even beat Sabeeha. She can never bear a man holding hand to even any strange woman, this was still about her daughter. Anmol asks what if she was at Sabeeha’s place, had her son held a hand over her daughter in law she would never side her. Bibi boasts Mohid is Zulekha’s son, she never taught Mohid behaves so.

Mishaal assures Mohid that she really went to meet her friend. Mohid says Anmol looks worried to him. Mishaal says this was for some other reason, she needs money. Mohid curses himself, he calls himself careless. Why he let this situation comes to her. Mishaal says Anmol always keep her savings in her account so came to ask him about those savings.

Anmol was at the jeweller’s shop, Mohid confirms the address from the driver. Anmol argues the shopkeeper that this rate is really lower than what she bought it for. The shop keeper offers her 5 thousand more, watching Mohid. Mohid picks the chain and asks Anmol to go. Anmol walks out silently with him.

Bibi comes to Sabeeha upset about Anmol’s words. She assures she can understand Sabeeha’s condition. Sabeeha disagrees, she herself can’t understand herself. She tells Ammi she was the one who couldn’t understand, she dreamt about playing with her kid but Fazal couldn’t opt his wife, how he will take care of the child. She turns to go with Bibi.

In the car, Anmol asks if Mohid has nothing but to spy on her. Mohid hands her the chain to keep it. Anmol says her mother gave it to her, Mohid tells her to wear it. Mohid curses himself if she ever need money and sell it for that. Anmol says she doesn’t like its design. Mohid inquires how much money she needs, he may get her to shopping or if she needs money she may take his ATM. Anmol replies she doesn’t need his haram earning. Mohid stops the car with a jerk and clarifies his earning isn’t haram. He asks if she needs cards? Anmol plays the music loud, Mohid smiles then asks if 50 thousand. She increases the volume, Mohid offers 1 lac?

Fazal was asleep in his car when he hears Sabeeha going out in the car. She watch him there.
Anmol asks for 3 lacs, Mohid hands her a card, its password is Anmol.

Bibi waits at the doctor. The doctor says her blood pressure is high, she can’t do it. Bibi asks her to keep on giving medicines. The doctor says she won’t do it until she is satisfied. Sabeeha asks to go back. Bibi agrees to take medicines and return.

Anmol enters her room and calls Fareed. He was sitting at an office for interview. Anmol asks Fareed if he can flee in three or four lacs, Fareed was shocked why is she doing this for him. He was happy that without true love one can never do so. Anmol calls him a huge trouble for her, a hanging sword over her head, then asks him to send his account details immediately.

Sabeeha returns home, Bibi scolds her to get inside and not to look outside the gate.

Dastgeer was studying aloud in front of Mishaal. She questions why he is reading to her? He says its for her that he has been working so hard. Mishaal argues its for his own self. She deters him to complain Mohid, asking him not to send Dastgheer pick her up if he has to waste her time this way. Dastgheer tells her to stick to her promise if he gets a degree, and get a job for himself she will marry him. Mishaal denies any such promise and turns to leave.

Sabeeha tells Anmol there was a miracle today, that the doctor denied. She went in hopelessness, when she got to know Fazal has left. But in the way, she saw Fazal who is somewhere around. She was afraid of Amma’s guard. Anmol suggests Sabeeha to make her BP out again, she will try to catch Fazal. Anmol asks Sabeeha about her doctor and hospital’s name, she assures nothing will happen to her child. She complains that Mohid spies over her. Sabeeha smiles he only cares for Anmol. Sabeeha tells her that Mohid’s promise, she was sure Mohid will never betray him or any other relation connected to him.

The driver comes to take his daughter’s board exam fee from Mohid and demands cash. Mohid sends him to take cash from Anmol, she has his ATM card. He dials Anmol’s number.

Mishaal was thinking about Dastgheer.

The driver asks Anmol if Mohid didn’t tell her, he pays his children’s fee for years. Anmol murmurs this is a good way to turn his black money as white.

Dastgheer asks Mohid to fix Fareed. Mohid demands if they can stop Anmol loving him? He tells Dastgheer one has to live the life one gets, even with circumstances that are not as per one’s wish.

Anmol comes to meet the doctor and gets an appointment for next morning before 10. The nurse inquires if she is pregnant, she nods.

NEXT EPISODE: Anmol reminds Mohid they have no relation of sharing each other’s sorrows and worries. Mohid tells her he has a lot of courage, but not to hand her over to someone else. Anmol qualifies those who snatch other’s belongings can never own them. Fazal comes to Mohid, Mohid asks Bibi to let Sabeeha go with Fareed. Anmol was walking alone at night, Mohid stops him from the car.

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