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Jamil follows Jeena till the car; she inquires Jamil if he will marry her? He asks really? She was frustrated and asks if he has gone deaf? He agrees to marry her; he promises to divorce his family and is looking for another job as well. Jeena says she needs his help to revenge Salahuddin; he threw her out of his life. Jamil qualifies he owe Salahuddin a lot. Jeena insists Salahuddin got this all because of Jamil only, if he was really nice he would have given him partnership. She gives him an option to either select him or Jeena and leave.

Ammi informs Mannu that operation is about to start, she asks about Javed’s condition. Ammi says he was missing her, she made up that Tipu’s exams are going on. Salahuddin hear from outside the room. Mannu cries and tells Ammi she only wants her Abba’s health. She wipes her tears and stand to pray and cry in prostration. Salahuddin comes to sit beside her, he informs the operation has begun, surgeons are hopeful for his betterment. Mannu remembers her childhood, her Abba used to sing lullabies for her. When she was grown up, he didn’t pick her up so she deliberately slept in sitting area. He was always her strength. When Mikaeel’s proposal came her Abba advised her not to consider her alone. He is enlightened by heart and mind. Salahuddin’s parents arrive, his abba hugs Mannu. Mannu cries and apologizes them for hurting them ever; else her prayers won’t be answered. She requests Durdana to pray for her father, she assures about leaving after he gets well, she doesn’t want to marry Salahuddin as she is already married. Durdana hugs her apologizing Mannu in return and prays for Javed’s health.

Next morning, Jamil lay down in his quarter when he hears a horn. He comes to balcony to watch Jeena come in. She comes inside to see Salahuddin’s family with Mannu, then turns away upset. She return to the hall again and greets Durdana. Salahuddin was silent at once. Jeena qualifies they all look good together, it seems she brought flowers at the right time. Durdana asks her to pray there is some good news from Lahore. Jeena caresses Tanya and says she was really worried last time, it looks good they are together. Jeena curtly remembers Durdana’s curt words against Mannu. Mannu asks her to pray her abba get well soon so that she leaves soon, after Salahuddin and Jeena’s wedding. Salahuddin gets a text about successful operation of Javed. He announces the good news and calls Amma to speak to Mannu. Jeena was upset, and then leaves as Durdana speaks to Mannu’s amma.

Mannu and Salahuddin stood at a corridor. Mannu inquires why he broke the engagement when he promised her. Salahuddin says marriage isn’t a child’s play that should be named after a stupid promise. Mannu asks if he understood really soon? Salahuddin allows her to taunt as much as she wants to, he can get along in a helmet as well. Mannu understands and explains it won’t happen. Salahuddin asks what won’t happen. Mannu says she won’t do? Salahuddin asks what she won’t do? Mannu says what he broke his engagement for. She scolds him to be ashamed; she will complain his mother about him and tell him to stay away from her children. Salahuddin says she boasts a lot about her children, she inquires if he has some problem and leaves.

Jamil brings Jeena a glass of water, she had been mourning. Jamil inquires what he has to do. Jeena asks him to bring each news to her. Jamil assures to prove his love, he can do anything for her. Jeena tells him prove to Salahuddin that he is his loyal and show his hate towards her. She reminds Jamil how cunning he had been once, makes him sit close to her and cry saying she is lonely without him. She takes his promise to be with her, and demands to hear a song. He sings for her.

On the dining table, Mannu was with the family. She appreciates Durdana for the flavor of her hands and gets upset at once. Shahab asks what happened. Mannu remembers the old times. They inquire what Mannu plans ahead, Mannu says she is thinking about studying but wonders how she will manage with her children. Durdana offers to leave them with her. Salahuddin joins them with cheery mood.

Jeena asks Jamil if Salahuddin is peaceful. Jamil says yes. Jeena cries that even his mother didn’t call her once, if they can eat from their hands how they can forget her so easily. She asks Jamil if he loves her? Jamil assures he does. Jeena cries again he didn’t once think before breaking engagement with her. She was in an urge to do something for the peace of her mind. She informs Jamil about her return from tomorrow. Jamil says he would wait. He comes inside, Salahuddin asks whose call it was, it seems it was his wife. Jamil informs Salahuddin about going to office.

Abba comes to Durdana and appreciates her for taking care of Mannu. Durdana was sorry for behaving badly with her. Abba warns her about Salahuddin’s inclination towards Mannu. Salahuddin didn’t inform them about breaking his engagement with Jeena, now they must be ready.

Durdana comes to Mannu’s room and discuss about Salahuddin’s break of engagement. Mannu says she tried to speak to Salahuddin; it appeared she likes Jeena a lot. Durdana says she couldn’t like Jeena much and shows her some other photos of girls. She asks Mannu to make Salahuddin up to go and see some girls. Mannu insists that Jeena likes Salahuddin a lot. Durdana doesn’t heed much and asks her to make him up.

Salahuddin was on pool side with Tipu. Mannu comes out and tells Salahuddin that Durdana liked two girls, he must select one to marry. Salahuddin asks why one, can’t he marry both? Mannu allows him to marry four at once, she doesn’t care. She takes Tipu back with her. Salahuddin asks what problem she has if he gets free. Mannu says she doesn’t want so, and informs they are returning to Javed. Salahuddin says alright, he will ask him. Mannu argues he can’t stop him; she has to go and would ask Durdana to let her go.

Jeena cries and shout what he consider himself, she won’t spare him. She figures she should send Mannu away. She makes up that if children go to their father, mother would also go there. She wonders where she would get Mikaeel’s contact. She search for her phone and call Jamil, asking him to meet.

Salahuddin brings Durdana to the hall to talk to her, Durdana insists on talking first. She asks if Mannu spoke to him and shows him two photos. Salahuddin was ready to marry both. Durdana forbids him joke, Salahuddin gets serious and insists on Durdana to marry Mannu. He likes her since childhood, he had mistaken once already not anymore. Mannu comes there to pick children’s toys, Salahuddin change the topic to selecting samosa or fruit chat. Mannu leaves the hall, Salahuddin regrets what if she had heard.

In the morning, Mannu was in her room. Salahuddin came inside with Jamil. Mannu shows Salahuddin going to office, he walks to her room. Mannu asks if he didn’t leave. Salahuddin inquires if she needs something? Mannu assures she will send driver if she needs something. He turns to leave, Mannu stops him. He enjoys it and turns around. She asks where she would get aeroplane ticket. He mocks from a general store, then confirms if she really want to go. She nods. He asks what if something happens to him, just like the beast in Beauty and the beast. Mannu asks him to let her go. Salahuddin asks about the reason, and demands to look into his eyes. Mannu says she can’t. Salahuddin gets straight with his reasons, he can’t let her go. He leaves, while she smiles watching him go.

PRECAP: Jeena tells Mikaeel Mannu is marrying Salahuddin. She offers him her help if he wants to meet his children. Mikaeel calls Mannu and demands to meet his children. Jeena tells Jamil on phone in park that children won’t go back anymore. Jamil was still in shock when Mannu comes in panic as she can’t find her children.

Update Credit to: Niki

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