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Jamil comes to the office to stop Jeena, he inquires what happened to her. Jeena curtly asks what he needs, doesn’t he want her to marry Salahuddin? Jamil accepts he doesn’t want it. Jeena says she can’t marry him, he won’t leave his wife and children for her. Jamil was ready to leave them. Jeena warns him of Salahuddin, she will deny anything in front of Salahuddin as it might adversely affect her respect.

Salahuddin stops Mannu on stairs, he asks why she denied going to market, it was for kids. Mannu says what he is doing is enough, she is doing what she considers as right. She doesn’t need anything for kids or for herself. Salahuddin asks if she did this in her own home as well? Mannu replies this isn’t her house. Salahuddin assures this is her own house, if someone has said anything to her. Mannu denies, she just wants him to do that she can pay back. Salahuddin warns her not to make him angry, else he will go to market and pile everything for kids. Mannu says she know he has a lot of money. He asks her to go with him, but she denies as she is in Iddah. Salahuddin asks if she didn’t go to her father? She accepts to be wrong. Salahuddin demands her a promise, Mannu qualifies they have no such relation. He remembers the time she took him promise to marry Jeena, she must promise him to inform him about all her wishes and needs. Mannu replies she has no needs, no wishes; her heart is empty. He gives her way and says he will now do what he has to. Mannu was concerned what he would do? Salahuddin says he will talk to Ammi. His father calls him and he goes upstairs.

In the room, Abba inquires Salahuddin what this all is happening. Salahuddin explains her kids needed a few things, he was taking her to shopping. Abba asks if this is the only reason, he has engaged a girl and kept his lover in his own home. He says he would talk to some other lady in their family to keep Mannu. Salahuddin insists Mannu won’t go anywhere. His father accuses him of being seen with her in a single room. Salahuddin asks Abba to trust his brought up at least. Abba demands him to marry Jeena then, Salahuddin assures he will but after sometime. His father warns Salahuddin that his mother will never let him marry a widow. Salahuddin insists that he isn’t marrying Mannu, but she needs him right now. He requests them to behave well with her.

Mannu asks Ammi about Javed’s health. Ammi was relieved that Salahuddin’s parents are back, she was sure they will take care of Mannu. She assures that they will get date of operation in a few days, it’s just about a month. Mannu was worried to hear a month. Ammi was helpless, as they couldn’t inform Javed about it. Mannu cries over getting divorced.

Jeena shows a gift to Durdana (Salahuddin’s mother). Jeena insists on her to wear anything as it would suit her, she must wear anything until her husband is alive. Mannu passes by with Tania, and informs Durdana that she is going to feed Tania in the kitchen. Durdana inquires Mannu if she doesn’t help with any house chores, she must atleast wash her own clothes. Jeena says she won’t speak about the matter, else Salahuddin would behave strict with her. She insists on Durdana to ask Salahuddin marry her. Durdana was reluctant and felt strange talking about this.
Mannu stood lost in the kitchen, thinking about her Ammi scolding her for not even picking up her utensils. She opens the tap to wash the plates.

Durdana brings the dress to Abba, he calls it really nice. She will turn to a bride in it again. Durdana wonders what she would do with it, then talks about Salahuddin and Jeena. Doesn’t Jeena seem elder than Salahuddin, she has no shyness in her eyes. She liked Jeena in America, but she feels a bit strange. On one side, she was feeling shy taking Salahuddin’s name, and on the other side she was talking about her own wedding. Salahuddin likes her, but she doesn’t like Jeena. Abba wonders whom she would marry Salahuddin then? Ammi boasts about her son being a prince.

Jamil arrives at Jeena’s place; she offers him tea.

Mannu was washing clothes, Abba watch her this way.

Jamil calls it a dream sometimes; does she really love him. Jeena asks why would she call him then. Jamil shares she has driven him crazy, he wonders if she really loves him or not. He can’t even concentrate on his work. Jeena asks where he would get a good job like this. She offers him cookies and gives him a good news that Durdana spoke to her about her wedding. She wanted a friend to talk to Salahuddin, Jamil is really close to Salahuddin. She requests him to talk to Salahuddin, if he and his parents would get a better girl than her. Jamil apologizes that he won’t do this. Jeena argues he can’t afford her; then explains she isn’t concerned about money but doesn’t want to break anyone’s home.

In the store, Jamil speaks to Salahuddin about marriage. Salahuddin explains that right now that he can’t handle married life, as he won’t be able to take care of Mannu then. When there is love, there are no standards. In the car, Jamil drove silently. Salahuddin inquires about the silence. Jamil says he is right, in love there are no difference of standards. Salahuddin shares he still repent not marrying Mannu then, he would have got rich that way as well. Jamil tells Salahuddin if he doesn’t love Jeena, he must not marry Jeena. Jeena must be married to someone who loves her, and she must love him. Salahuddin laughs at his analysis.

Mannu was sitting beside pool, Salahuddin asks her to keep the bags in the room. Mannu warns him of leaving if he does this again. Salahuddin asks where she would go? Mannu requests him not to do this all, else she will leave anywhere.

The next morning, Salahuddin was upset about Mannu’s words. Jamil comes there. Mannu murmurs how can she say so? Jamil asks him to sign a few papers, Salahuddin was worried that Mannu isn’t happy, but she isn’t sharing with him. He leaves office. Jeena watches him leave, Jamil tells Jeena there is going to be a huge drama at home as Salahuddin has gone home.

Mannu was working as maid at home, Durdana accuses Mannu to have given the list to Salahuddin. Mannu clarifies she didn’t do anything, Durdana scolds her as she did this since childhood. She forbids her tell Salahuddin about it, Salahuddin had heard this from behind and asks what will she do then? He drags her by arm and holds her up. Abba comes there, Salahuddin complains Abba if he couldn’t forbid this in front of his eyes? Durdana explains she didn’t ask Mannu to do any work. Salahuddin complains that her in laws must not have been so cruel to her, Mannu qualifies she is doing anything with her own will. Salahuddin leaves the hall. Abba gives a harsh look to Durdana before going out, Mannu was left alone in the drawing room and picks the duster and broom.

Salahuddin sat on the terrace tensed when Jeena comes to him. She keeps a hand over his shoulder and asks him not to be worried. Ammi was tensed, because she is aware of the feelings he holds for Mannu. Salahuddin says he wasn’t in more pain before, did he bring her for this day. She must have felt pity over her at least. Salahuddin says it is better for everyone that he marries Mannu. Jeena was shocked. Salahuddin says he doesn’t understand what to do, he will always think about Mannu and Jeena would also not stay happy. Jeena stops him from putting off his ring, Jeena requests him not to do so. He wipes her tears, as he is helpless and can’t change his feelings. Jeena demands what is her mistake, she didn’t even misbehave with her. She kept great care of her kids. Salahuddin assures she isn’t mistaken, but if he marries her it would be more unjust for her if he marries her. He inquires Jeena what he must do. Jeena says she can’t live without him. Salahuddin calls her a strong and brave girl. Jeena says she loves him. Salahuddin replies she doesn’t even know what love is, its his mistake to encourage her feelings. He doesn’t want to commit any other mistake; they won’t stay happy after marriage as they don’t love each other. Jeena asks if he realized this all after Mannu returned? Salahuddin asks her to think as if he forgot this for some seconds, he is sorry and takes the ring off his finger, keep it on the bench and go inside.

NEXT EPISODE: Durdana hugs Mannu and apologizes her. Salahuddin speaks to his Ammi about marrying Mannu. Mannu denies Salahuddin about doing what why he broke the engagement for. Salahuddin inquires what for? Jeena meets Mikaeel.

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