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Mohid was about to leave when Dastgheer enters. Mohid informs him about leaving right now. Dastgheer asks Mohid if he has kept him on job just out of mercy, had someone not kept him peon? Had he done a graduation she would have said a no. He tells Mohid she said if he was a graduate and had a good job she would have married him. Mohid says this isn’t a complete denial, she has actually shown him a way.

Anmol tells Sabiha that Bibi can’t enforce her. Sabiha says she can. Anmol suggests her to create a trouble in the hospital, no one would touch her even. Sabiha says she can call some midwife home or will mix something in her food. Anmol assures to go tomorrow, today Amma didn’t let her go out. Bibi comes there inquiring where she had to go.

Ammi was upset about Anmol’s lie at home, Mishaal comes there with her medicine.

Bibi asks Anmol when she stopped her from leaving, she was about to go along with her. Anmol says she didn’t want her to leave, can’t she step out without her permission. Bibi advice that she must atleast take permission from her husband. Anmol leaves.

Mishaal comes to open the door; it was Dastgheer who shows her the books in hand. He says he will become a successful man one day after getting educated. Mishaal confirms if he can really do this, Dastgheer says he will. Mishaal shuts the door, and smiles inside. Dastgheer leaves with a smile on his face as well.

Anmol was in the room, Mohid moves towards the bed but Anmol forbids him lay on the bed. He takes his pillows to couch and asks her to shut the lights, he has to leave early tomorrow. Anmol informs him she has to go somewhere; he must inform Amma she took his permission else she won’t let him leave. Mohid says he can’t lie Amma. Anmol says she is in so much trouble, and he doesn’t care. Mohid asks her to take permission. Anmol finally gives up and takes his permission. Mohid asks where? Anmol replies this isn’t important. Mohid says it must really be important, else she won’t have bent in front of him. He finally permits her to go anywhere.

The next morning, Anmol was travelling in the car. Fazal was also driving his car. Mohid calls Dastgheer to go to office, he is leaving for some important work and will return in the evening.

Bibi comes to Sabeeha, she reminds her to fear her future. Sabeeha awaits Fazal, Bibi says he won’t come. Bibi asks Sabeeha if she has the courage to inform Mohid about it. What if Fazal never returns, what would she reply to the world. She sends Sabeeha to get ready.

Anmol arrives at Fazal’s house; she keeps on ringing the bell but no one answers. She knocks at the door but it was locked. The driver replies Mohid’s call and informs him that Anmol has come to Hyderabad. Anmol was leaving while knocking at the door when Fareed comes down. He turns to leave, but she stops him. He wasn’t ready to spoil her married life, and asks her to let him go. Anmol wonders how she should let him leave, and asks to speak to him in some comfortable environment. They come down, Mohid had arrived and watch them get in the car.

In the hospital, the doctor asks Bibi to think again about it. Bibi was decisive. The doctor asks to get some tests done, it will depend on reports if she will do it or not. She asks Bibi to get the tests done now.

In the restaurant, Fareed sat alert and was afraid what if Anmol’s husband comes here. Anmol says he isn’t in the city, she came after Fareed. Fareed says she must now forget him, he isn’t in her luck anymore. Anmol says she came here for his help. Fareed asks what she needs? Anmol replies she needs freedom. Fareed advices this isn’t the right thing to do, it’s a sin. He says he is her husband, why she is betraying him. She had dreamt about him (Fareed) but he isn’t in her fate. He advices her not to be disloyal to her husband. Anmol requests him to stop saying this all. Fareed explains he can’t run away from a goon’s wife. Anmol suggests him to leave this country, not only city. He must go away so far that Mohid can’t find him. Anmol clarifies that marrying Fareed would have been a suicide for her, that God saved her from. Fareed says its been one month he has been fleeing. Its not easy leaving the country, he lost his job and city. Anmol says it would be better for him to run away from the country, else Mohid will do the worst with him and with her as well. Fareed smiles that she still loves him, else she wouldn’t have taken a huge risk for him. It takes lacs of rupees to go out of country, he had tried already.
There, the driver informs Mohid that he might get late, Anmol asked him to wait somewhere. Mohid forbids him inform Anmol that he asked about her.

Fareed wait outside the house with his car, when Bibi and Sabeeha goes inside. Sabeeha inquires the maid about Anmol.

In the car, Anmol thinks about Fareed’s trouble and Mohid’s promise to bring Fareed to her. She asks the driver to take her to her mother’s home.

Mohid comes to his office, tensed.

Bibi asks Sabeeha to pray for Maghrib, that Anmol never returns home in time. She curses Sabeeha to be un Islamic, Sabeeha questions Bibi if her prayers would save her after what she has been doing to her. Bibi says for people like them, they have to balance religion and world. Fazal will never opt his child, what would she do then. Sabeeha leaves speechless. Bibi cries silently.

Ammi scolds Anmol for lying, she is aware there is no strictness on her. She inquires Anmol where she had been. Anmol says she went for shopping, but didn’t buy anything. She asks Mishaal to get food for her, Ammi leaves the room angrily. In the kitchen, Anmol asks Mishaal if she fills in Ammi’s head that she goes somewhere daily? Mishaal qualifies she would have told Ammi straight she goes to Hyderabad. She inquires Anmol where she went. Anmol says there is a friend she goes to meet. Mishaal says there can’t be someone as important for her that she meets her twice. Anmol was ready to inform Mishaal on a condition that she will also tell her how she know. Anmol says she will tell her about someone she met by chance there.

Dastgheer was studying in office. Mohid asks him to read silently, else join a coaching centre. Dastgheer asks Mohid why he is getting tensed, he must ask Anmol once may be she really goes to meet her friend. Mishaal already told him Anmol has nothing to do with Fareed. Mohid says this time Anmol didn’t take someone’s name, he saw Fareed with Anmol this time. He explains Dastgheer that he isn’t jealous watching Anmol with Fareed, he promised Anmol to leave her when she finds Fareed. Mishaal put him in doubt. He inquires if he had promised Anmol, why she lied to him, isn’t he worth her trust? Dastgheer replies he also doesn’t trust Mohid for that, how he can hand Anmol to someone else.

Anmol tells Mishaal she met Fareed in Hyderabad, she went for her own work. She is helping someone humanely. Mishaal inquires why is she being so humanly to someone, leaving them all behind. Anmol asks Mishaal to help her, and asks how much money she has? She asks about 60,000. Mishaal says only 7000 are left, she spent them for her college fee and Ammi’s medicine. She suggests Anmol to ask Ammi about it, she must have savings. Anmol was afraid for her scoldings. Mishaal wonders why she does any such thing that she has to hide it. Anmol then asks Mishaal how she came to know about her going to Hyderabad. Mishaal tries to avoid, then says Mohid discussed about it. Anmol was alert, then wonders how he knew about it.

At night, Mohid was on the balcony when the car arrives. Sabeeha awaited Anmol and asks where she had been. She asks about Fazal; Anmol takes her inside. Sabeeha asks for his number. Anmol says his flat was locked, his neighbour said he has gone somewhere along with his luggage. Sabeeha goes inside hopeless.

NEXT EPISODE: Mohid says to Anmol that one must leave a person freed, if he belongs to you he would return to you. Bibi stops Anmol saying she doesn’t like girls leaving for parents daily. Anmol questions why she has kept her own daughter home? Mohid explains he never went against his mother only to prevent her from getting stubborner. Bibi tells Anmol that Sabeeha’s husband used to hold hand over her, Anmol counters that she will never side her daughter in law if her own son does that.

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