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Jeena comes to Salahuddin’s room, he forbids her come here this way, what would Jamil think. Jeena asks if he is angry. Salahuddin qualifies he was angry. She says she missed him. Salahuddin thanks her for helping Jamil with kids. Jeena inquires if he didn’t miss her? He honestly tells her he had no time to miss her, they head downstairs. Mannu was passing by, Salahuddin turns to compliment Jeena.

Javed sahib wakes up. Ammi at once ask what happened. He inquires if Mannu came, he can smell her. He asks to speak to her on phone, where is she. Ammi tells him she is at her own house, Mikaeel took her. He looks around for his phone.

Jeena sipped tea; Jamil comes in the corridor when Salahuddin calls him. He turns to go to him. Jeena holds her head. Salahuddin approves the file and suggests about calling a meeting. Jamil asks Salahuddin when he is going to Lahore, there is Javed’s operation. Salahuddin says she would go whenever she wants to, or Jamil can go with her. He tells Jamil to call Jeena. Jamil comes to Jeena and says he might take her to airport. She hurries inside. Jamil inquires if it’s important to marry him? Jeena asks if he would marry her then. This won’t be suitable; he must not discuss this repeatedly.

Jeena comes to Salahuddin, he asks her to go back home before his parents come back. Jeena asks if Mannu can stay and she must leave only? Salahuddin says she is his fiancé, not Mannu. Jeena insists on preparing food for them first. Jamil asks his permission to help her with the cooking. Jamil was helping Jeena with packing. Mannu comes to ask Jamil for some help, Jamil says he is helping Jeena right now and will come to her later. Jeena informs Mannu that she is leaving as Salahuddin’s parents are coming; they are in a hurry to get them married. Mannu was shocked; Jeena forbids her come to Salahuddin’s parents as Salahuddin didn’t tell her about their arrival.

Salahuddin sat with his parents, Ammi asks about Jeena. He tells them she stays at her home. Mannu hears his conversation with his parents. Salahuddin sends Jamil to call Mannu. Jamil calls Jeena to flirt with her, she forbids him call Mannu down and do something that forces him call her instead.

At the dinner table, Ammi complains Jeena for not coming to airport. Jeena says Salahuddin didn’t take her along. Ammi appreciates her beauty, as she is prettier in actual. Salahuddin forbids her appreciate Jeena so much, else she would get fat. Salahuddin held his message. Mannu gets a message, and curtly keeps the cell phone aside. Abba asks about Mannu, Salahuddin heads to check her. Ammi forbids him, gone are the days when they had to respect them. Salahuddin goes to sleep, Jeena stands to leave when Ammi requests her to stay.

Javed calls Mannu and complains she left without meeting him. Mannu asks who told him. Javed says he is his father. Mannu calls his heart a weak one, Javed insists his heart gets stronger after meeting Mannu. He inquires where she is. Mannu says she is home, Mikaeel is asleep. He apologized and brought her back home, he has started to take great care of her now. He didn’t even let her stay there. Javed says she must ask him to take care of his daughter, Mannu holds her tears back and assures Abba he has changed a lot. He calls her Mannu, Mannu and is always wandering around her. Ammi comes to hear Javed speaking to Mannu. Mannu was relieved after the call.

Jeena comes in the hall curt that had she known Salahuddin didn’t actually mean about breaking their proposal, she would never have given this crazy man so much lift. There is a knock at the door, Jeena was frustrated. It was Jamil who insists on her to open the door. He demands her to make tea for him.

The next morning, Mannu was in kitchen. Ammi comes to say a Salam to her. Mannu comes to hug her, but Ammi holds her back. She complains Mannu for not coming to dinner, Jeena prepared delicious food. She taunts Mannu for not even working in her in laws. She feels pity for Mannu to get divorced, as none in their relatives ever got divorced. She inquires Mannu what had actually happened? Had he divorced her or she filed for a Khula? She boasts that her Bia is always wandering around her husband, she is always busy with her job. Mannu assures to speak to her, Ammi reminds her that Mannu had forbidden meeting them. One must never be proud. She inquires Mannu if Salahuddin is taking care of her expenses, Mannu assures about returning them.

Mannu comes back to the room, Salahuddin was taking care of Tanya. He complains Mannu for coming so late, and suggests him about getting a child’s bed. Ammi comes there and dislikes his presence in the room.

Ammi comes to complain Salahuddin’s abba, she was determined not to let Salahuddin marry that Mannu. She complains that Mannu didn’t even offer her a tea and was in a hurry to go to Salahuddin. Abba was shocked to hear Salahuddin was in Mannu’s room. She forbids him discuss this on breakfast table, while Abba was enraged at Salahuddin. Abba denies taking breakfast with him. On the breakfast table, Abba turns around. Mannu greets him. He inquires about Mr. Javed. Mannu tells him he can’t speak much, but he can speak to her ammi. He strictly says at their place, men talk to men and women to women. He instructs his wife to speak to Mannu’s mother and inquire about health. Salahuddin asks what happened to Abba, Ammi says he dislike the ways going on in this house. Mannu offers to get tea for him when Jeena arrives. She greet Ammi and show them the breakfast she prepared for them. Salahuddin offers Jamil a seat. Jeena goes to call Abba ji from his room. Salahuddin leaves for office as he has eaten enough of Jeena’s hands. Jeena brings abba to the table and serves him with her own hands. Mannu was leaving the hall, Salahuddin stops her. Mannu qualifies it seems Tipu is awake. Jeena serves Salahuddin.

Jamil peeks through the window in office, Jeena was afraid at once. Jamil comes to sit in front and compliments her. She asks about parathas, Jamil says he felt about kissing her hands. She interrupts him, then inquires about her work. His parents are here now, he must suggest Salahuddin to marry her. Salahuddin comes calling Jamil and complains why he didn’t pick up the call. Salahuddin tells Jamil about going home, Jeena suggests to come along but Jamil stops him.

Salahuddin just returned when Ammi comes to speak to Mannu. He stands outside. Ammi inquires Mannu if her mother didn’t tell her about Iddah, she must veil in front of Mannu as this is sin. Salahuddin comes inside that Jeena must also do a veil from him. He explains he came to take Mannu for shopping. Ammi says she can’t go to shopping. Mannu denies buying anything as Ammi insistently hinted about Salahuddin paying for her. Mannu firmly leaves the room, Salahuddin turns to confront his father enraged.

NEXT EPISODE: Abba tells Salahuddin his mother will never let him marry an already married girl. Ammi complains Mannu for not helping with household. Jamil tells Jeena that Salahuddin went home as there is some trouble. Ammi makes Mannu work as maid, Salahuddin comes to watch this.

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