Udaari – Episode 12 26th June 2016 Written Update

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Arsh also requests the judges for a single chance. HSY supports them for a single chance, Hadiqa also suggests. Hadiqa gives them only 45 seconds to perform and prove themselves. The band perform on stage, Meera takes the classic place, Arsh takes the singing position. The crowd and the judges appreciate their performance. Hadiqa appreciates Meera’s voice in Harmonics, there is a fusion of Eastern and Western. All the judges appreciate them and gives them the ticket to participate.

Sajida speaks to her employer at night on phone, explaining its about her daughter’s ailment. She assures to be there tomorrow morning. Imtiaz comes there, and asks Sajida why she doesn’t go to work. Her employer has already given chance, Sajida was determined to go from tomorrow. Imtiaz assures Sajida that he will take care of Zebo. Sajida scolds Zebo to go and get ready, and she will go to school tomorrow. Imtiaz forbids her get strict with her.

Harmonics perform, Meera sings her verses. Durdana and daughter watched her on television and were shocked. Ilyas comes there shocked. Sheeda cheers watching Meera, and kiss Meera’s face. She breaks into cry, and miss Majid for not being able to see her victory. There, Arsh’s parents appreciate his performance, his father inquire about Meera. Harris and Milli get appreciation from their parents. Bala and Jhanzeb watch the performance in a gathering of villagers around television. Farwa’s parents regret watching their show.

Zebo was sitting in her bed; Sajida comes to scold her for not getting up. Zebo makes an excuse about having a head ache. Sajida scolds her and asks her to get ready. Zebo denies going to school. Sajida asks if she won’t study, will she be a maid like her mother. She scolds Zebo to get up and get ready. Sajida tells Zebo to stop crying, it will only help her if she is qualified. She sits to make Zebo’s hair, and says she has worked hard to get her qualified and now she wants to ruin all her hard work of years. In the yard, Imtiaz bids them both. Sajida asks Imtiaz to pick Zebo from school, she might get late. He must warn the meal and have lunch in the afternoon. Imtiaz assures her not to worry.

Imtiaz brings Zebo home, he shows her the fruits and sweets he bought her. He asks her to come to the room and they will have fruits. Zebo denies going to room. Imtiaz holds her hand and demands why she is afraid of him, he loves her dearly. He drops the bag to stand up and takes her inside. In the room, he assures to fulfill all her wishes, she must tell her whatever she wants. Sajida enters the home then. Imtiaz was scolding Zebo in the room, if she think he would only spend money over her ill mother? She was doing a drama about being ill so that her mother stays near to her. Sajida finally unlocks the door, Zebo goes to hug her. Imtiaz demands why she came so soon, wasn’t she busy? Sajida stares at Imtiaz, he asks why she has been staring at him. He explains he was scolding her because she wasn’t changing. He brought fruits for them both, but Zebo is really stubborn. He heads towards the shop, as his business suffers a lot for her. He goes outside, while Sajida stood still there.

Sajida sat in the yard lost, while Zebo sat beside her. Zebo asks her for food as she is hungry. Sajida calls her to kitchen as she goes to prepare bread for her. In the kitchen, Sajida sat lost and burns her hand. She feeds Zebo with her own hand, and asks Zebo if she just came from school when she had returned. Zebo says Imtiaz stopped to buy fruits in the way, she denies eating anymore. Sajida asks if she wasn’t hungry? Zebo leaves to complete her homework. Sajida was tensed. Imtiaz thinks in the shop that he was caught, if Sajida had to come back at this time. Anyways, he wasn’t caught committing a sin. He only watched him scolding Zebo, if she has a face to stare him. He will slap her hard, he is a man and can do anything he desires to.

At night, Imtiaz comes home and calls them for food. He couldn’t return for lunch as there was rush at the shop. She didn’t ask for dinner now. Sajida tells him to get fresh, she will bring food. She asks Zebo to go inside. Sajida serves food silently to Imtiaz. Imtiaz asks if she won’t eat? Sajida says she has already eaten, when he is done she will serve him with tea.

Zebo tells Sajida she finished her homework, but she won’t go to school. Sajida inquires not if she comes to pick her up from school as well? Zebo confirms if she won’t go to work? Sajida says no. the next morning, Imtiaz comes to kitchen. Sajida sends Zebo to get her bag, she informs Imtiaz that she was suspended from her job because she had broken an expensive bowl. Imtiaz suspected her. Zebo confirms if Sajida would come to pick her at the off time. At home, Sajida calls her employer and informs her she won’t come to work, she must arrange someone else. She assures about coming to take her salary. She cries thinking about Imtiaz’s words about loving Zebo.

Imtiaz was in his shop when Sajida passes by. She informs Imtiaz she is going to pick Zebo up. Imtiaz inquires if she will stand in the sun for half an hour. Sajida says yes, she will. At home, Sajida takes tea for Imtiaz. Zebo stands to take it but Sajida assures she herself will go. Imtiaz was listening to music, Sajida hands him the tea. Imtiaz demands where is Zebo. Sajida says it isn’t necessary Zebo brings it for him, she can also serve him. Zebo is busy with her homework.

At night, Sajida wakes up when Zebo wasn’t in the bed. She hurries outside in panic and was relieved to see Imtiaz asleep. Zebo was besides water cooler, Sajida asks why she didn’t wake her up. Zebo says she scolded her that day, Sajida caresses her and asks her to wake her up when she is thirsty. She takes her to the room.

The next morning, Imtiaz asks Sajida for lunch. Sajida sends Zebo to go and change, Imtiaz asks her to go out and work. Sajida says no, she is tired of working now. He himself calls it his responsibility, he must take care of expenses now and she will do the household. Imtiaz curses himself for being caught. Sheeda’s words echo in Sajida’s mind as she pours grains. She runs to look around for Zebo, Zebo was in the kitchen. Sajida comes to Zebo panic, and says she always want to see her in front of her eyes. Sajida prays for help, what she do right now and whom to share her worry with. She thinks Imtiaz can’t be so bad. She wish Sheeda was there to suggest her. Durdana asks Sajida how she came in here. Sajida sends Zebo to Husna. Durana asks Sajida if would take a tea, she is also full now. She was blessed to get Imtiaz. Sajida smiles, and makes up she came to inquire about her health.

At home, Sajida smiles watching Zebo as she cut the fruits. Zebo panics watching the blood, she shouts that she won’t speak anything; he must not kill her Ammi. Sajida calms her down by hugging her. Sajida massages Zebo’s hair with oil to rid her off her head ache. She asks Zebo how was Imtiaz with her. When she was away for work, did Imtiaz scold her or he took care of her? Zebo nods. Sajida asks why is she afraid of him then? Zebo leaves to drink water. Sajida recalls watching bruise over Zebo’s hand that she didn’t reply her about, and the scolding she had heard. She drops the oil bowl. Sajida comes to lay beside Zebo, she asks Zebo if something happened the night it rained heavily and she fell in fever. Zebo denies. Sajida tells Zebo she can judge her lie from her eyes, there were bruises on Zebo’s hand and neck. Zebo was afraid Imtiaz would kill them both, she hugs Sajida that Imtiaz is a bad man and will kill them both. Sajida assures she is with her, what Imtiaz did to her. She cries if she won’t tell, she would die of thinking about it. Zebo opens up finally about it.

NEXT EPISODE: Sajida prays crying about what will happen to Zebo, her life was ruined. Sajida heads towards Imtiaz holding a stick in hand. Bala informs Sajida about Meera’s fame, she now sings on TV. Sajida thinks she has lost the lady who was truly loyal to her.

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