Udaari – Episode 7 22nd May 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 7 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Imtiaz calls Zebo when Sajida comes inside. Zebo informs Sajida Imtiaz was taking her to shopping if she would abide by him. Sajida was upset that Imtiaz atleast take care of Zebo, Imtiaz says he takes care of her too. Sajida reminds them about Ilyas’s engagement, Imtiaz wonders what Meera must be going through. Sajida asks him to let it go.

Sheeda watches Meera cook in kitchen. Jhanzeb feels good about going to wedding, atleast they have food at home. He asks Meera why she is upset, is it because of Ilyas’s engagement. Meera wonders why she would be upset because of him. Bala comes home and asks Sheeda if she has been waiting for someone. Sheeda was hopeful for Mili’s arrival and promise. Meera and Bala were hopeless. Mera denies singing on TV. Sheeda boasts and urges Meera to sing on tv, that will make Dudana jealous. Meera wasn’t interested in making anyone jealous, she asks Bala to keep an eye over other weddings around as well.

Sheeda comes to meet Zebo and shows her love to her. Sajida comes out and calls Zebo angrily towards herself. Sheeda leaves. Sajida forbids Zebo talk to Sheeda and Meera while scolding her. Imtiaz asks why Sajida is scolding Zebo, Sajida takes her along.

Arsh’s servant informs him about Milli and Harris. Arsh makes up he is asleep. Milli and Harris enter anyone, Harris tells Arsh Milli brought him forcefully. Milli calls him funny. Arsh wonders which wedding was she sent to, he now hates that girl whom she heard singing. He denies driving 5 to 6 hours from Lahore to meet that Meera. Harris insists Milli is always stubborn, why doesn’t Arsh go there once. Arsh calls Milli to be a spoilt brat, and agrees to go.

Zebo was spreading washed clothes when Imtiaz comes in questioning what she has been upto. He accuses her mother to make her work hard, she also gets tired going school. He calls her to massage her hands and feet. Zebo says she isn’t tired. Imtiaz lay down demanding her to press his feet, he suggests about taking her to fair. Zebo was excited to go with Sajida and him. Imtiaz asks to leave Sajida, she wouldn’t let her play or eat. She must not tell Sajida about it. Zebo agrees.

Meera runs behind the hen, Arsh, Harris and Milli were disgusted watching her. Harris confirms Milli if it’s the same girl, this girl holding the hen would enter their band. Milli goes to greet Meera, Sheeda calls Meera. Milli introduces her to Harris and Arsh. Sheeda calls Meera again. Milli asks permission to come inside, Meera allows. Meera runs to Sheeda informing her about Milli’s arrival. She cheers at once watching Sheeda. She was excited and welcomes them inside, making space for them to sit. Arsh wonders what kind of jokers are they. Sheeda sends Meera to bring in drink for them. Harris explains they only came to listen to Meera’s music. Milli introduces her to Harris and Arsh, they compose and sing music. Sheeda confirms if she would take Meera to TV. Arsh denies having the drink, Milli insists. Meera was annoyed and tells him not to have it if he dislikes. Arsh asks for Meera’s song. Meera was reluctant in the beginning, Sheeda scolds her to sing. Meera sings ‘Main tenu samjhawan ki’. Milli claps and appreciates Meera’s song. Arsh stands up to leave, Sheeda asks them to stay for lunch. Harris follows him. Milli asks Sheeda about any contact number, Bala recalls his number then narrates it in Punjabi. Milli promises to call them in a day or so. Sheeda assures Meera would come to Lahore with her.

Milli comes out, she asks Arsh to accept Meera sings well. Harrish appreciates Meera’s confidence and laughs she wasn’t impressed by Arsh. Milli calls her talented and was sure Arsh enjoyed her singing. Harris and Arsh say no matter how talented this girl is, she can’t be a part of their band.

At night, Sheeda sings. She was happy about Meera performing on TV. Meera comes denying to go there, they are big people. She asks if she had seen that long haired man, he had so much ego. Bala also shows his dislike towards their dresses. Sheeda boasts about Meera, she expects Meera to own that all. Meera was upset and denies going on television, and to city of riches. Sheeda tells Meera she never even got a chance on radio, she assures to go to Lahore with her.

Arsh tells Harris he is really tired by such a long drive. He asks about Milli. Harris says Milli is really silent, he doubts Milli agreed so easily. There, in the room, Milli calls on Meera’s number. Meera comes out to call Jhanzeb, Zebo comes to greet Meera and asks why Sajida forbids her coming to her home. Meera tells Zebo she is grown up now, but assures to feed her choori. Imtiaz was staring. Sheeda calls Meera for a call. Arsh tells Harris Milli never agrees on something so easily, she must be upto something. Sheeda gives the phone to Meera to write the address. Milli asks Meera to note her phone. Milli tells them to call her if they can’t find her home. Sheeda promises to be in Lahore tomorrow. Arsh ad Harris come behind her, as she promised Sheeda to meet tomorrow. Harris asks whom she was talking. Milli accepts she called Meera. Arsh questions why she called her, when they had agreed not to take her in their band. Milli wasn’t ready to give up once in a life time chance, they have got a beautiful young vocalist. Arsh leaves informing Harris about quitting the band. Harris stops him, Milli insists they are lucky to have got a gifted singer so easily. May be she was wrong calling her here, but now they must atleast support her. Harris’s parents come there, Arsh tells them to do what Farwa’s mother did to her; Milli would explain herself what she did. Harris informs them Milli has invited an unknown girl. Milli tells her mother about meeting Meera in the wedding.

Sheeda packs the clothes. Bala was upset that they are going alone. Meera asks about denying to go there.
Milli tries to blackmail her parents. Her mother asks Milli why she didn’t took permission from them before inviting, but nothing can be done now. Milli cheers. Her mother says she will first meet that girl, if she likes her only then she would allow her stay here. Her father was also not read to trust anyone blindly. Milli leaves the decision to them.

Sheeda packs sweets for Meera’s family. Bala and Jhanzeb also show their desire to go along. Sheeda and Meera hurry outside. They watch Ilyas coming from front on a new bike.

NEXT EPISODE: Imtiaz tells Ilyas now these women are behind someone else. Arsh welcomes Meera, she fell on her way. Arsh asks if she couldn’t watch her way. Sajida suspects Imtiaz as she peeks through the window.

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