Udaari – Episode 3 24th April 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 3 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Drama Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sajida scolds Zebo, but Sheeda laughs that her daughter has fixed her proposal. Sheeda was excited, Imtiaz says that if Sajida is ready she will do the Nikaah today. Sheeda congratulates Imtiaz and Sajida and says he won’t get a better girl in the whole village.
There was a function, Sheeda puts on henna on Sajida’s hand. Sajida says its her second wife, she feels shy on putting henna. Zebo also asks to put on henna. Sheeda asks Sajida to gather men in her house and female in Sajida’s and will serve them with drink. She plans to gather the water from different houses early in the morning and drop it to Imtiaz’s house till 3 pm so that he bathes with it and come for Nikaah, the ritual known as “gharoli” in Punjabi. The ladies sing and gather the water the next morning. Imtiaz watches them come. Sheeda calls him out, and asks if he doesn’t remember the ritual that the women had to bring water for him. Imtiaz takes the water and says he won’t bathe in front of them all. They all laugh. Sheeda says that they are waiting for him and making Sajida up at home.
In the wedding, Sheeda dance and sing. Meera dance as well. Sajida’s sister complains why Sajida came to ask her if she had to take the decision herself. Sheeda asks Durdana to come join them else people will consider her jealous. Ilyas comes there and watches Meera dance. Sheeda send Meera to give him some more glasses. In the room, Meera was happy and asks Ilyas how she looks? Ilyas asks why she was dancing? She says everyone was. Ilyas scolds her that she must not dance at all, his mother doesn’t like it. Meera says she remembers each word of their insult. Ilyas insults Sheeda again, Meera says she won’t listen to any word against her mother. Ilyas snatches the glasses and says alright then they would part ways.
Jhanzeb comes announcing that Imtiaz has come here. All the ladies go out to welcome him. Sheeda brings milk and asks for money against it. Imtiaz denies first, then checks his wallet and gives her a thousand. Sheeda asks him to drink milk, but he can’t go inside until Nikaah takes place. Bala takes him inside. The Nikah takes place. Sheeda comes to congratulate Sajida and blesses her to stay happy always. Sajida cries hugging her. Sheeda calls Zebo to hug Sajida, then takes the girls to sing and dance in celebrations. Bala comes crying at once and tells Sheeda Majid had an accident in the city, his body was kept in cold house for three days before reaching them. Sheeda faints, while everyone cries.
At the burial of Majid, Bala cries while Imtiaz console him. Sheeda sat lost at home thinking about Majid.
There, Arsh and Farwa give vocals to their new composition. Farwa says finally Arsh liked something, she was afraid of another mistake he would point out. Arsh boasts that he is a perfectionist. Milli says that even Lucie liked this song, Harris says now animals would also be their fans. Milli was annoyed at him for calling Lucie an animal. Harris says he never worked so much for his exams even. Milli asks Farwa how she gets permission to come here so easily these days. Farwa says its never easy, she has to take favors from dad. Milli asks what will happen to her, her mother never accepts her singing. Farwa says she is very passionate about singing and wants to be a big one, she will never leave music.
Imtiaz comes to Sajida and ask what is she doing. Sajida tells him she is cooking for Sheeda. She asks him to bring some Sooji for Halwa. He asks how Sheeda is. Sajida cries that Sheeda is so upset, she only cries all time. Imtiaz says it was a big accident. Sajida tells him she is in disbelief, she can’t see Sheeda lost and crying this way, she laughed all her life. Imtiaz asks Sajida to take care of her. He heads to market and asks if she wants something else? Sajida first calls him bhai… then laughs shyly. Zebo comes and asks if he is going somewhere. Imtiaz asks if she needs to go as well. Sajida asks her not to buy much in the market.
Arsh and friends sat in garden over tea. Harris asks who would take music serious other than Farwa. Arsh says he would go to America to study law, music would go along. Farwa says that he can’t get successful in two fields at a time. Farwa gets her mother’s call who was scolding her to come back soon. Farwa heads back.
Sheeda cries for Majid. Sajida brings them food, she asks Sheeda and Meera to eat something and sends Jhanzeb to call Bala. Sheeda holds herself responsible for leaving Majid.
Farwa comes home, her mother scolds her. Farwa says it was her last recording. Her mother says she would never sing again, she doesn’t care about her studies or exams. Farwa says she has to record her song for last time tomorrow, its last date of entry. Her mother asks what entry. Farwa says its for TV show. Her mother forbids her that she doesn’t want to make her daughter a Marasi. Her father also seconds her mother this time. Farwa argues that they aren’t living in stone age. Her mother scolds her to go to her room, she won’t sing again and this is her last decision. Farwa goes inside.
Zebo shows Sajida all the pencils and books Imtiaz had bought her. Imtiaz asks Zebo to set the pencil box and take it school tomorrow. He comes to Sajida with a bag and asks to see. Sajida watches the dress and asks why he spent so much? He asks her to stay in a good condition. He takes a box of jewelry and asks her not to care about money. He holds her hand, she shy and goes to get bread for him. Imtiaz waits for her and asks if she is done? She brings him fresh bread. Sajida says she is really happy when he appreciates his cooking. Sajida asks if he cooked himself in Dubai. He asks who else would. He says that he wants to look for another house for themselves. Sajida says they have this house, they will collect and save some more money and build a new house for themselves.
Milli calls Farwa and asks what happened. Farwa tells her that her mom has placed a curfew over her not to come out. Milli was worried that they have to do final recording, Arsh asked to ask her come at 11 am. Farwa says she will try to come out of house in some way, Milli must wait for her at the corner of her street.
Sajida comes to Imtiaz tired, she asks Imtiaz if she should go back to her work. Imtiaz asks her to stay at home now. Sajida says that the month is about to end now, only a week is left; she would get salary then. Imtiaz says alright. Sajida asks Imtiaz if he has savings for starting a shop. Imtiaz says he has an idea about a mobile shop; he has to look for a shop for rent now. Sajida suggests him about opening a shop in the corner of the house. Imtiaz cheers at the idea. Sajida goes to get sweets then.
Farwa gets ready in the morning and goes out of the house from back way.
Imtiaz takes Balay’s help for preparation of shop.
Milli awaited Farwa at the corner of her street. Farwa was in a hurry and was panting. Milli says now she must do this for her passion, if she enjoyed? Farwa says she really did, but now she wants to return home before her parents come to know about her.
Imtiaz prepares the shop.
Farwa and Arsh record the song. Farwa’s mother calls from office and asks the maid to give phone to her. Farzana tells her that Farwa is asleep. Her mother was worried if till 2.30. Farzana says she called her twice, but she is sound asleep. She comes home and finds the bed stuffed in pillows, she stares at Farwa.

Next Episode: Meera tells Ilyas Sheeda wants to start singing again. Ilyas forbids her to sing at all. Imtiaz asks Meera if she has found any hero for herself or not. Meera was speechless. Imtiaz holds Zebo’s hand and says she looks beautiful. Zebo feels uncomfortable with him.

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