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Some men harass Sajida in the way, Imtiaz comes there. The men ask if she is his sister, Imtiaz beats the men. He drops Sajida home, in the way he asks why she come back so late, she must come earlier. Zebo is alone at home. Sajida says if its her will, she would never go out of house. Imtiaz says he is now here, they have full right over her and Zebo. Sajida tells him he will now go by herself. Imtiaz asks if she is afraid of her neighbours. If they ever ask her? He says that she and Zebo need a man, he says he will marry her. Sajida asks how he even thought about it, she is his sister in law; widow of a brother like friend of his. She says she is a widow and will spend her life like this. Sajida asks Zebo if she is hungry and heads to cook for her when she see fruits. Zebo tells her Imtiaz left these fruits. At home, Zebo tells Sajida she was really afraid alone at home. Sajida says she tries to come home earlier but is helpess. She goes to get her food, when she watches fruits. Zebo says Imtiaz gave them, he is so good.
Meera sat on a corner in the wedding when Sheeda asks her to get food as it has been served in men’s side. Meera says she feels shy, Sheeda asks what is about being shy, they are also hungry. The young man catches Meera in the way, he holds her hand while she resists. Meera tries to run away, but he keeps him held. Jhanzeb comes there, Sheeda argues the ladies and accuses the man. Chaudhry comes there, he apologizes Sheeda, hands her money and sends his son away. He asks the ladies to serve them and takes his family inside.
In the way, Majid appreciates Sheeda for have taken the money, Sheeda says it was the salary of her hard work. Majid tells her about a work he is getting. Sheeda asks him to take it, Majid says they have gotten money from this wedding, now soon they will catch some new work as well. Sheeda curses him to be lazy and not hardworking. The bus arrives, Majid agrees to stay in the town for construction work.
Sajida wakes up in a stormy night, water drops from the roof. She goes to keep buckets under the roof. Zebo also wakes up at the thunderstorm and hugs Sajida for being afraid of storm. Sajida assures she is with her. The bulb suddenly goes off; Sajida goes to shut the windows. She notices some presence outside and calls who is there, then lights candle. Imtiaz was also worried and asks Sajida how she is. He notices Sajida’s voice was shivering. Sajida tells him she feels someone is in their house, she is really afraid as Sheeda is also not home. Imtiaz promises to come to her.
In the bus, Sheeda was worried for Majid as it was raining heavy. She asks Meera not to mind about it, they must never care about such people. She has cursed the boy and his mother enough.
Imtiaz comes home in the stormy night. He notices water was dripping off from the roof of their room and goes to get a pot of water outside. He asks if Zebo is asleep; then says he will get someone to fix the roof with him. Sajida says once she gets her salary she will get it done herself. Imtiaz asks to pay him when she gets the salary. Sajida tells Imtiaz her husband had died in such a rainy night; with the darkness of night they realize they are all alone.
Meera cries thinking about her insulting words.
Imtiaz asks Sajida to marry him. Sajida says he is young, if a widow is left for him only? He says its not his first marriage as well, she was his sister in law until Parvez was alive. Whom she cares for, the neighbours or her sister. Truly, he also needs a wife and a daughter. He asks her to think about what he has said. The electricity is back; Sajida asks him to go back. Imtiaz asks for reply, their religion also allows second marriage. She looks at him. He says that her eyes have given them the answer, Sajida says she has to speak to her sister, Sheeda and most importantly Zebo. Imtiaz asks if Zebo is agreed, will she be? Imtiaz is happy and says he will come tomorrow again, and will hear a yes in reply.
In the morning, Sheeda brings food for Meera. Jhanzeb asks for it, Sheeda offers bites in her mouth. Meera asks her to eat herself, the food of those bastard’s house. Meera says she will never go again to get insulted, she hates this job. It is better they do house chores of people; she wants to get rid of them all so that they get rid of this music playing. Sheeda says Meera she herself doesn’t respect her family, if her mother didn’t sing they wouldn’t have got this house, their school fees as well. Majid had asked her not to send the children to school, but she didn’t. Meera apologetically says she didn’t mean this.
Sheeda sat upset in the room, Meera comes and asks her to have breakfast. Sheeda jerks her hand off her shoulder. Meera offers to make tea for her, Sheeda asks her to go and wait for her death, she will get rid of this singing. She tells Meera to feel ashamed when she would have to go and beg at peoples’s home. Sheeda goes out, Meera brings drum and calls Jhanzeb; both play in front of Sheeda. Meera tries to sing but stucks, Sheeda takes on from there. Meera says Sheeda was really happy when she sung, Sheeda calls Jhanzeb ask liar then hugs Meera.
Sheeda was still working in kitchen, Meera asks her to leave all these work and take rest. She will do all house chores, until Majid comes back. Sajida and Zebo come there, Sheeda asks Sajida if she was afraid of rain. Sheeda says she got really late at night. Sajida says she had to drop Zebo as she is going to her sister’s home. Sheeda welcomes Zebo warmly. Meera asks to go with Sajida, Sheeda allows her as Sajida was with her.
Ilyas opens the door, Sajida goes inside while Ilyas asks Meera how she came to her in laws. She says she came to meet him. He says he wondered she won’t go to school today, how she will meet him. Sajida calls Meera inside, Meera says her foot was twisted. Inside, Sajida asks her sister to listen to her and come inside the room. Ilyas comes to the lounge, the maid asks why he sat here with Meera. Ilyas scolds her to get tea for him. He asks Meera if they came back from wedding in time, if she sang? Meera says she never likes singing.
Inside, Ilyas’s mother shouts at Sajida why she brought her here, what she get meeting these Marasi. Ilyas and Meera also hear this, Ilyas asks if she has seen what’s his parent’s views. How they will marry now. Sajida asks her sister to listen to her peacefully, Imtiaz wants to marry her. Her sister says wow, she had an affair with her friend’s brother; what will people say now that she had been waiting for this proposal for the last four years. Sajida leaves, irked at her behaviour.
Imtiaz helps in construction work, Sheeda brings Sattu for him and sends Balay up. Imtiaz says he really miss this in Dubai. Both Meera and Sajida were lost in thoughts. Sajida comes home and asks Sheeda what she is upto. Sheeda says she came to help them and asks if she met Durdana. She notices Sajida to be worried and asks what is it about, she asks Sajida why she goes to them; her sister has lost her mind getting money. Sajida tells Sheeda Imtiaz wants to marry her, and Durdana accused her. Sheeda was really happy and says she just wondered why he was working on her roof in such a sunshine. Sajida cries, Sheeda says her sister isn’t happy because she will marry a rich man and will come up to their status. Sheeda likes Imtiaz for Sajida.
Meera cries while pouring water from the well.
Sheeda asks Sajida to agree to Imtiaz’s proposal. Sajida says she can’t decide without Zebo’s consent. Sheeda calls Zebo while Sajida stops her. Sheeda asks Zebo if she likes Imtiaz. Zebo says Imtiaz is really nice. Sheeda asks if Imtiaz marries Sajida if she would like it. Zebo was really happy, she runs to Imtiaz and asks if he will be her father and marry her mother; they will live together then.

NEXT EPISODE: In Sajida and Imtiaz’s wedding, Ilyas comes and watches Meera dancing. He asks why she danced. Meera says everyone did. Ilyas forbids her dancing. Balay comes to Sheeda with a bad news.


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