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Gul e Rana 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adeel walks towards the window with support. Rana comes and informs him that geizer isn’t working. Adeel asks why she wet her hands then, touches them and was concerned they are really cold, she will fell ill. She must not do any work from now on, Bibi will do her work. Rana was shocked, she asks if she should give him the medicine. He says he is fed up of medicine. She asks him to leave her hand, its important to take medicine. He says he won’t. Rana says it is really cold. Adeel asks her to bear it for a few more days, then she is leaving. Rana gets rid of her hand and leaves.
Asher was asleep when Aasiya comes to him, blowing some read verses over him and silently cries. Asher opens his eyes when she has left and stares at the roof.
Rana helps Adeel take a walk outside. He says he wants to go out, it feels good to be out with her. Rana walks over the bridge, while Adeel struggles with his supports in walking. Rana comes to stand besides him and happily holds his arm. He cheers watching her hold, she was conscious.
Adeel throws water playfully over Rana beside a stream. Rana was uncomfortable, he steals his looks. Rana tells Humna that Adeel is really well, he has started to go to office. Humna asks when she will come. Rana says she will soon come to Karachi, she gets bored here and wants to meet with them. She turns to see Adeel standing behind her. She asks if he has to say something. He says he does all his chores himself now. He gives her a pack of money and says she might need this. Rana says she doesn’t want them, but he politely insists on her to keep them. Rana smiles that he wants to pay for her services and takes the money. Adeel says it is rightly said that said words can never be returned, he has nothing in hands now.
Rana’s mother asks Asher how was Adeel and Rana. Her ammi says she didn’t want to send Rana there, she has suffered a lot. She is worried for her. Asher tells her Adeel’s attitude has changed a lot, the accident moulded him. Rana is fine now. Rana’s mother asks if Adeel has realized his mistakes. Asher says he felt so. She says may be Rana also change her mind. Asher says she won’t do so. Rana’s ammi tells him to talk to her and make her realize that a lone woman is nothing in this world.
Rana asks Adeel how he came alone. He tells her Ghulam Rasool dropped him. She says he got really late. He says he had a lot of work. Rana says she had to go shopping. Adeel asks why she didn’t go, she must have left Bibi. Rana says its Asher’s wedding; she might get late. Rana asks if she must get him food. He says no, he will help himself, she must go shopping. He tells her to get gifts for Asher’s family and enjoy. Rana was left shocked.
Rana’s mother asks Asher if he would take tea. He feels bad at once and says no. She was worried and asks if he is fine. Asher says yes, and sends her for tea. He feels really sick at once.
Akbar comes to help Adeel shut the window, he asks him to leave. Adeel says he now knows what’s the beauty of working with one’s own hands. He thanks Akbar. Akbar was happy and says welcome to him. Adeel sits over the window. The phone bell rings, Rana happily replies Aaliya. Aaliya watches Asher on the bed, then speaks on loudspeaker to her. Rana was excited and asks about Asher’s wedding preparations. Aaliya says they are going just fine. Rana notices the lostness in her voice and asks if Asher is fine. Aaliya says yes he is.
Adeel’s friend Ruby comes to meet him. He meets her warmly and offers her a chair. Rana says Salam to her. Ruby asks who is she? Adeel says she is his wife, Gul e Rana. Ruby asks if he married? But his wife… Adeel stares at her and says he did love marriage. Rana heads to leave, to send tea. Adeel says he has ordered for tea, she must sit and talk. Rana still leaves. Ruby says she heard he isn’t in good relations with his wife, still he seems happy. Adeel says he is very happy.
Aaliya asks Asher if he is calling Gul e Rana? Should she help him? Asher looks away upset.
Rana comes to Adeel, sitting in the outdoor. She asks why he was doing the drama of love with her, in front of his friend. He asks drama? She asks what else was it, love? Adeel says she always considered his love as drama, she couldn’t trust him. Rana says he never loved her, always preferred his own self. Adeel says her love could have brought him to the right path. Rana asks why, the one who ruined her dreams, who thought her worthless and played with her life like a toy doesn’t deserve to be burnt for. This blame game has no point. Adeel says his aunts are responsible in making him realize he was born with a golden spoon in mouth, he never considered anyone else worth it. They never wanted him consider Shahida as his mother, he was always used by them and he allowed them. Rana says this hopelessness is timely, he will get to normal soon. Adeel says it won’t happen, in this helplessness he only thought about himself. He can never be the old Adeel Kamal, now he will only prioritize people in his life and their wishes. He smiles that she is leaving and he won’t stop her way. Rana was shocked. She goes inside in disbelief.
There was a night party going on. Rana was waiting late at night. Adeel was there in the party, she calls him but he doesn’t pick up the call. She stood in the lawn, when Adeel comes behind her and says hello. Rana scolds him where he had been, she was so worried. He asks why is she so angry? She says he isn’t even fine. He says he is alright, can walk even; he used to come late in the past as well, what has happened now. She goes inside saying nothing.
Adeel comes inside calling Rana who was eating on the table. She asks what happened, he came late and now making noice. He says when she won’t be in bedroom at midnight, should he ask for her? She says she is having dinner. He asks at this time? She says she was hungry, she didn’t eat. He asks why so? She tells him she thought he would come back in time and they will eat together. Adeel says he is really sorry, he didn’t think she would wait and why would she wait for him? she should have eaten. Rana curtly says she is eating, its not his mistake. He stares her smiling.
Asher takes heavy breathes, Rana’s voice echo in his mind. He smiles thinking about her giggles. His eyes get shut.
Rana gets a call, Aaliya was crying on the other side. She informs Rana about Asher’s death. Rana didn’t believe. Aaliya cries that Asher left them all alone. Rana forbids her to do such jokes. Aaliya says he is dead. Rana drops the phone, runs out of the house shouting Adeel’s name. Adeel was shocked, she cries hugging him. She insists she is lying; Asher can’t leave them. Adeel asks if she has to go to Karachi, she says now. He takes her along. Rana only cries watching out of the window. He keeps a hand over her shoulder, and drops her to the airport.
Three months later…
Adeel made photos with the boys playing around him. He was at home when Akbar brings his son in law Wali Mohammad to him. Adeel asks Wali to sit, and asks how he is. Wali says he is fine. Adeel says he seems to be a nice educated man, what is he doing. There is no blessing than a respectful, well charactered man. Women are all well charactered, men’s greed turn them. Daughters are blessings, it is his duty to take care of them. When a loyal woman won’t be in his life, he will realize what he has lost. This house, this money, this health and even this life is all useless. He was lost.
It was raining at night. Adeel comes to a stall with umbrella, sits on a bench and reads newspaper. Rana walks there, suddenly the rain stops. She watches Adeel with a smile. Adeel was shocked watching her stand there. It was a day dream and breaks as a horse passes by with a jerk from nearby.
Rana teaches a poem ‘Jack and Jill’ to children.
Adeel stands alone near a valley.
Rana’s eyes fill in tears, she wipes them and smiles. The tears don’t stop felling off.
Adeel thinks about Rana’s grab of his arm.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: Niki

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