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Asher comes to the room and finds Aasiya with his reports. He shuts his eyes in regret while Aasiya comes to him complaining that he kept a huge thing hidden from her, she won’t let him go anywhere. Asher asks who is happy to leave. She cries that she won’t let him die.
There, Rana tells Adeel that his right arm can work, he can sit with its support. She says she will bring him food, he says he isn’t hungry. She asks him to sleep, he says no he doesn’t want to. She offers to play TV and switch to sports channel. Adeel says he dislikes people running, it reminds him of his helplessness. He asks Rana to massage his head, it is badly aching.
He walks in the room with the support and watches Rana ji the garden, enjoying the weather near the gallery. He smiles. Akbar brings Umer down towards the garden, Rana was there and asks how he came in such a lovely weather. Umar says he came to meet her husband, to accompany him. Rana sends Akbar to watch if Adeel is awake. Umar says Shahana had been asking about her, Rana asks him to bring her along as well. Akbar says Adeel is awake but isn’t in a bad mood. Umar asks if he becomes even more dangerous in such situations, Rana says when she is around nothing will happen. Umar comes inside, Adeel tells her to go to make tea. Umar stops Rana saying he wants to appreciate his wife in front of him. He says his sister always wanted him to marry, but watching his wife he thinks about marrying now. He tells Adeel to get well soon before he… Adeel asks what? Umar says he has only been joking. Adeel says he doesn’t like jokes much, its late and Umar must leave now. Rana interferes but Adeel stops her from interfering. Umar says he must really leave. He turns around and tells Adeel if he trust anyone or not, but he must trust his wife. Adeel thanks him for his suggestion and assures him to consider it. Rana leaves annoyed. Outside, Umar lights a cigarette for himself and looks behind.
Asher takes his phone to make a call.
Rana brings tea for Adeel. He says she came in after four hours, where she was. Rana asks if he had been noticing time? He says yes. Rana tells him his friend Honey called, should she call him back. Adeel says no. He tells Rana he disliked that guy Umar, she must tell him not to come here again. Rana gets Asher’s call and leaves the room answering. Adeel slaps the tea cup on the floor. Rana comes back and watches the mess on floor. She asks why he broke the cup. Adeel says eh didn’t want to. Rana argues why he broke it then. Adeel says this is his house; he will do what he wants to. Rana says alright, she won’t even clean it as she isn’t a maid. Adeel says there is no difference in maid and a wife, but that maid takes money. Rana leaves angrily. Adeel holds his head.
Adeel wakes up at night due to stormy weather and bangs of windows. Rana was asleep on the couch nearby. He smiles watching her there.
The next morning, Bibi comes to Rana in the room and tells her Adeel isn’t eating anything. Rana tells her to keep the tray aside; he will eat when he will feel hungry. Bibi asks if she would have breakfast, Rana denies. Bibi tells her Adeel has been asking for her.
Adeel says to himself he never thought he would see this face of life. He wonders why is getting punished, what was his mistake; to love her or to give her his name? whatever it is, it’s his fate.
Asher was packing his bag. Aasiya asks if he is going somewhere, if hospital. He says no. She complains that he had promised her to get admitted in hospital, if this work is important than life as well? Asher says yes, it is important to life as well.
Rana was in the garden when Bibi comes to her, she informs Rana that Asher had been asking for her and has not eaten anything since morning. Rana asks her to go. In the room, Asher apologize Rana for doing what he did. Rana says it is his home, he might break anything or ruin everything; who is she to ask. Adeel takes his words back and repents on them. Rana asks why? Is he afraid she would also leave him, and servants would take money… a wife works freely. Adeel says this is what he has been apologizing her, he says she must not do any work of him; just remain here in this room, talk to him. Rana says she has nothing to talk. Adeel says he has a lot to say. Rana says his words have hurt her a lot, she will stay here in this house but can’t talk to him. Adeel says what he is going through isn’t easy, it hurts a lot. He lay down asking her to turn the light off.
The next morning, Rana was in the garden and cheers watching Asher there. He waves at her, she runs up to him. Rana comes to wake Adeel in the room. Asher asks her to let him sleep, Rana says she knows he is awake. She tells him Adeel is awake. Asher shakes his hand and says he wasn’t well, else he would have come earlier. Adeel takes his hand. Rana goes to cook for her. Asher asks how he is. Adeel says he is alive and asks how Asher is? Asher says he is in.
In the garden, Rana asks how everyone in Karachi is. Asher says Humna got horns and Maria has got two big teeth. Asher says he is shocked to see Adeel, he isn’t the old Adeel. Rana says nature has proven itself. Asher says its good, he has accepted the reality. Rana says they will know when he will keep a foot on land. She offers to take him to the valleys as this is a beautiful place and goes inside to get her bag and umbrella. Asher was upset while alone, but smiles watching Rana coming to him. They leave together.
They come back home, Rana leaves Asher in the room with Adeel and goes to prepare for meal. Adeel says to Asher they never talked to each other, but before he tells him anything he wants to say Gul e Rana is still in his Nikah. Asher says he only respects Adeel for this. Adeel says he knows about it, and asks if Asher thinks him to be idiot or stupid. Asher says no. Adeel asks if he likes Gul e Rana. Asher says he is right, but he can never understand. Adeel says yes, he can not understand or may be he don’t want to; he loves Gul e Rana and its justified for him to be selfish. He tells Asher that today he will try his best to understand today. Asher says he likes her, but only he does; she considers him as her brother, she trusted him so much that he couldn’t dare tell her, the relation they share can never be understood by Adeel. Adeel asks why he can’t, he wants to understand. He asks if this card and wedding invitations were also a drama. Asher says it was happening, but it now can’t. Adeel asks if because of Gul e Rana. Asher says no, those who live get married, the dying ones don’t get married Adeel asks what happened. Asher was silent.
In the evening, Adeel wakes up and watches Akbar crying by his chair with tasbeeh in hand. He regrets insulting Akbar in the past. The night was thunderous, Rana says the rain has stopped, she wish Asher reaches home well.
The van conductor wakes Asher up telling him this is the last stop. Asher didn’t wake up.
Adeel appreciates the tea. He takes Rana a permission to ask a question. He asks if Asher was happy for his marriage. Rana says Asher and Saira are both happy. Adeel takes permission for another question, and asks why she wanted to get separated from him then? Rana asks what that means? If he wants to suggest she loved someone else and wanted to part way from him? She laughs and says its alright, she can’t expect anything from a person like him. Adeel smiles. Rana says she will go to Asher’s wedding and will not return; Adeel was alert. Rana says she wants to live her life, be a support to her mother and sister and he must not try to stop her at all. Adeel shuts his eyes, and then wipes his tears.

PRECAP: Rana asks Asher why he mocked loving her in front of his friend. He asks drama? She asks what else it was then. Rana asks Asher what he had to say to her? He says he came to give her a letter. Rana runs behind him and watches down the valley shouting Adeel!

Update Credit to: Niki

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