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Gul e Rana 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

updateRana comes to Adeel and asks how he is. He says he is alive. She asks if has to eat? He says no, he calls Bibi and says he needs rest. Rana leaves, Adeel cries and says everyone has come to see the drama. Rana stops at this, and then goes out of the room.
Outside, Kamaal asks Rana if she has seen him, he can’t even move himself. He is liable on others for everything. He is going through different emotions in one time, gets hyper on little things or stays silent for hours. He cries that doctors say his injuries will be filled, but he is hopeless. He says that he is his only son; it is painful for him to see his son this way. Kamal requests Rana to help him bring Adeel back to life. Rana also cries, she says she understands his pain ad will try her best. Rana comes inside and watches Adeel lying on bed.
There, Rana’s mother says to Asher, worried, that she didn’t know about it. Rana called her today and told her about the accident of Adeel. He has been blessed with another life.
Bibi comes to Rana and asks what she is doing, she will cook for Adeel. Rana says that from today she will cook for Adeel. Bibi says this is really good and asks if she needs help. Rana asks her for plates.
There, Asher says he has heard he is now better. Rana’s mother hopes it is like this, although their relation is about to end still he is the only child of Kamaal. Asher says that in such a time if Kamaal has sent Rana there, there must be something. Maybe things get better between the two. Rana’s mother was silent, then nods at it.
Adeel asks Rana why she came here. Rana says he had an accident, so she had to come. He says she must have thought she must go to see how much injured he is, he could have died even. Rana says ahan? Adeel looks at her, then says he will get well soon. Rana asks him to have soup. He asks if she made it? She says yes. He tells her to keep a pillow beneath his head, then he will have it. She stuffs the pillow, he says it aches badly. Rana helps him with the soup. He says his hair and shave are messy, he is hating his own self. He asks her to wash his hair and make his shave. Rana doesn’t speak. He says that is it, she cleans his mouth. He asks where she is going. She says she is going to sleep, he must call her if needed. He says he might need some more of it.
In the morning, Rana comes and corrects the blanket of Adeel. He was asleep. She touches his forehead to check the temperature. He opens his eyes, she asks if he is awake. He says yes, and asks for water. She watches him struggle with sitting up,, then helps him with it. She hands him the glass of water and leaves the room.
At night, Rana prays in the garden.
Akbar was helping Adeel with his blanket. It aches. Adeel asks about Rana, Akbar says she is cooking for him. Adeel asks him to send her here. Akbar says he came to help Adeel change. Adeel says he will change himself, and send Rana. Rana comes, touches his forehead and asks why is he getting sweats. Adeel asks her to sit with her. She says Akbar came to help him change, Kamaal is arranging in male nurse for him till then he must let Akbar work for him. Adeel says whether his clothes are clean or not, it doesn’t matter. He asks her to sit here. She sits down. He says he is having a head ache. She says it shouldn’t, he is taking so many pain killers. He asks if he is lying, she says she didn’t say so. She massages his head. She says Kamaal is going to Karachi, she thought they must also go there as he will get attention of everyone. He says he will be taunted there. She says she was saying this because of him. He asks what she thought, she would get freed from her responsibilities there? He won’t stop her, but doesn’t want to go. She asks if wants head massage, he says yes.
Asiya comes to Asher’s file and watches a file. Asher comes in, she asks what is this. He snatches it from her and says he told her so many times not to touch his things. She says this is a hospital file, what is he hiding. He says this is his friend’s file. She asks if he has seen his condition, he seems to be so ill. Asher smiles that nothing has happened to him, why should he go to the doctor. Asiya says he is the only support with them now, he must take care of himself. Asher says nothing happened to him, he is fine. He leaves.
Adeel watches Rana set flowers on the bed side. He asks if she likes flowers. She says she loves the fragrance; they are delicate and get broken when hard hand touches them, but their fragrance remains. Adeel says sometimes he doesn’t understand what she speaks of. She tells him not to push his mind, he will never understand.
Asher comes out of the room and sits there with his file. Tears fell off his eyes.
A lady says to Rana that they came to meet her but they came to know her husband had an accident. Rana says he is better now. She asks to meet him; Rana says she will just check if he is awake. Umar stops her saying if he is asleep she doesn’t need to disturb him. Adeel watches them sit and talk from window. He fell down on the floor.
Kamaal says that he didn’t think it appropriate that Rana’s mother and Humna should go there, he himself came back. He wants them both to stay together for a while, they must understand each other’s importance. Rana’s mother says she is only worried about Adeel. Kamal says he is in pain but he will get well, Rana is fulfilling her responsibilities well.
Adeel was sitting on his bed when Rana comes in with soup for him. He asks soup again. She says it is another flavor. He says everything tastes similar here. He asks who those people were. She says they were her friends. She asks if she can’t have friends. He says he didn’t mean so. He says he doesn’t want anymore of it. She asks him to have a little bit more, he says he doesn’t want to. She heads to leave, he tells her to sit as he wants to talk to him. She says she doesn’t know how to talk, he says he watched her talking to them, laughing and happy. He asks if they were husband wife? She says no, they were siblings, Shahana is married and her brother is unmarried. Adeel says hmm. Rana suggests to call Kamaal, he can talk to her. He says no. She offers to make tea for him, he smiles and asks her to go.
Umar stands with flowers in hands. Rana comes out to him. He asks how she is and offers him a crown made of flowers. She says she doesn’t wear this. He says it was cute. He asks about her husband. She says he is getting well now. He says he came here to say if she needs some help she must ask him. Rana says he and his sister are really nice. Umar asks why she brought his sister in between, he brought the flowers. Rana smiles and says alright, he is very nice. There is silence between them. Umar asks if he must leave now? He says he will give the flowers to anyone in the way. She says alright. He leaves.
Adeel was sitting in the garden, Rana asks how he came out, it is really cold. Adeel says he was bored sitting inside. Rana tells him Umar came to ask about him, he was asking if some help needed. Adeel says he needed an excuse. Rana gets angry, she says this is the problem with people like him. Honesty, help, ethics is nothing for him. She leaves inside.
Asher thinks about Rana’s complains with Adeel. A ball comes to fell on him, he watches Rana playing with it there, in her same two braided hair style, cheery persona. She asked him to get up to accompany her in the game. She again threw the ball at him. He was upset for his day dream.
Adeel sat on the chair. Rana comes inside, she says she will get him food first then will give the medicines. He says he doesn’t want food, a patient needs other things as well. Rana says alright, she will give him medicines then. She asks him to open his mouth, he says he doesn’t have to. Rana says this is important for him, he will have much pain and he shouts as well. Adeel complains that she doesn’t know how to treat the patient and agrees to take medicines. He makes a face saying it tastes bad. He tells her to sit with him, he is getting bored and has to talk to her. She tells him to call a friend, he says he has to talk to her. She tells him to hurry up, she has a lot to do. He gets confused, she asks him to say what he wanted to. He says nothing. The phone rings, Rana says it is some Honey. Adeel doesn’t pick up the call, Rana leaves the room while he wanted to say something to her.
Asiya comes to the room and finds the file in a closet. She opens ad reads it up. Tears fell off her eyes. Asher comes in the room then, She looks at him. He shuts his eyes.

Next Episode: Umar says to Adeel that he never wanted to get married but since he has seen his wife his thoughts changed. Adeel clutches the cup and throws it on the floor. Rana wakes Adeel up that Asher has come to meet him. Asher forwards a hand to shake.

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