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Kamal brings Gul e Rana to her office, he asks if she likes it. She says this is nice. HR and Admin officer, Farooqi and Siddiqui come in. Kamaal introduces her, tells her to take a seat and leaves with the men. Rana sits on the office chair happily looking around. She gets a call, it was Asher. He asks how is her first day in office. Rana says very good, it seems she can get everything she dreamt of, she can happily live her life. Asher says that is good, he asks her for tea.
Adeel calls home and asks who is it. Ghulam says it is him. Adeel asks who is there at home, Ghulam tells him that Rana is with Asher for tea. Adeel asks if Asher comes daily. Ghulam says Rana hasn’t much time, she goes to office. Adeel hangs up.
Rana brings tea to Asher, she was worried and says he has come to Pakistan and is warning her now. He does what he says. Asher says he will speak to him. Rana asks why would he talk to him, she doesn’t want him to involve in any matter. Humna comes and complains why they didn’t tell Asher was here. Asher asks how can one tell an asleep person that he is here. He says it is Rana’s mistake, she is always ready to fight. Humna asks Rana for tea for herself as well. Asher asks Humna if she always sleep or does she study as well.
In the office, Rana gets a call. Adeel asks if she recognized him? Rana says yes she did, how he recalled her. Adeel tells her not to fly as high, she is still in his Nikah and he doesn’t allow her to work. She must come to him here soon, bidding bye to that bastard. Rana tells him to speak in good words. She tells him that she doesn’t want to listen to him. Adeel forbids her to cut the call, he says he told her to stay away from him but she doesn’t care, how they will bear the circumstances. Rana says he won’t harm Asher in any way. Adeel says he isn’t in his senses, Rana doesn’t care for anything he says, now she must wait. Rana was worried, Adeel cuts the call. She calls him again but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Rana calls Asher, she speaks to Asher and asks him to pick her up right now. She sits tensed.
Adeel was driving the car, he makes a call. He says Adeel Kamal here, he will send them money but the man shouldn’t die, just a few bones broken. He smiles, but as he drove he goes through an accident.
Kamaal tries Adeel’s number but it was powered off. He calls home in Murree and asks Akbar if Adeel is home. Akbar says no he isn’t. Kamaal says if his phone is here. Akbar says he must see. Kamal tells him that he is in Islamabad right now, will reach in an hour or two.
There, Rana has a nightmare about some men shooting Asher. Humna wakes up and asks what is it about. Humna tells her to sleep, but Rana says she is disturbed and wants to go out.
At home, Akbar asks Kamaal why he doesn’t eat something, he didn’t have a breakfast. Kamaal says until he gets a good news from his son he can’t eat anything. Akbar asks Kamaal if he permits him, he must ask Allah to forgive Adeel’s sins. Kamaal asks Akbar to tell him all what he knows. Rana was worried and walks around in the lounge. Aunty comes there and asks why is she awake till late. Rana asks why is she awake. She says she is worried because of Kamaal, Kamaal isn’t picking her call up. Rana says may be he had a fight with Adeel, she must call him on landline as Akbar is always there. Aunty says she will call in the morning. Rana apologizes for making her worried and tells her to go and take rest.
Akbar says to Kamal that Adeel is really irresponsible and angry. He tells him all what Adeel had done to Rana, then about his affairs with girls as well. In the morning, Akbar takes Aunty’s call, he tells her that Kamal is in hospital. He tells her about Adeel’s accident, if Kamal didn’t tell her. Akbar says he had minor injuries. Aunty asks if Kamal is fine, he isn’t attending her call as well. Akbar says both are fine, he will give her message to him.
There, Rana thinks she can’t trust Adeel. Asher must not be hurt because of her. She will forbid Asher to come and meet her. Kamal tells Shahida about Adeel’s accident, he was crying and asks her to pray he gets well. He can’t bear his only son lying on bed. He is broken and tired in these few hours. Shahida asks if she should come there. He says no, this weather doesn’t suit her, she must just pray for his son.
Rana gets Asher’s call, he asks what she was doing. Rana says she was just going back home, he asks why so soon? He says he had a plan to pick her up from office. Rana tells him not to come, she will come to them when free. She leaves the office.
Kamal prays for Adeel, he asks for forgiveness for Adeel’s sins and asks Allah to show him the right path and cries for him during Namaz.
Asher asks Rana what she means, he has been asking her to come with him for so many days. His mother and Aaliya have been missing him. Rana says she didn’t even tell Kamal about it. Asher tells her that his wedding date has been fixed after the Chehlum of his father. Rana says this must now be done, it’s a good news. Asher insists that Rana must meet Saira. Rana says it isn’t needed but he insists. Human brings tea for them and says she made a cake today. Asher asks if he will have to eat it? Humna gets annoyed and says now she won’t allow him to taste it. He makes her up saying they all have to die anyway, he can taste the cake. Rana gets upset and asks him not to speak about death.
At night, Humna comes to Rana and asks her to watch a drama with her. Rana says she has no mood about it Humna asks Rana why is she worried. Rana asks Humna why Kamaal didn’t return from Murree for so many days. Humna says Shahida says he has to meet a few friends there. Humna asks if Rana talked to Adeel. Rana says no, it may be better for her. Humna tells her not to worry and takes her to watch TV.
Kamal was sitting with Adeel and says he has come home now, he will get well soon now. Bibi asks what to bring for Adeel’s food. Kamal asks her to bring juice for him first. Adeel asks Kamal if he will get well again. Kamaal says for sure, they are all with him. Adeel was upset. Kamal looks at Akbar and asks Adeel what is he looking at? Adeel says nothing. Kamal kisses his forehead crying, and leaves the room. In the evening, Adeel still lay on the bed. He calls Akbar in a weak voice. Akbar hurries towards him. Adeel asks about Kamal. Akbar says he has gone out somewhere for some important work. Adeel says his throat is getting dry. Akbar helps him with water. Adeel tells him not to touch, he will drink by himself. Akbar consoles him that he is drinking by himself, though he couldn’t move. Adeel tells him not to leave, he must stay outside the door; he is feeling restless. Rana’s words echo in his mind, he cries.
Shahida gets Kamaal’s call and asks if he is still awake. Kamal says Adeel is really depressed. She says she is coming from tomorrow’s flight. Kamaal says she will have breathing problem here. Kamal says he himself is coming back. Shahida says he needs them right now. Kamal says he needs someone else more. Shahida tells him to take rest.
Kamal comes to Rana, she says Salam to him and asks why he didn’t tell her before coming. Kamal asks if she is fine. She observes him and asks if everything is fine. Kamal was silent.
Bibi brings soup for Adeel. Adeel asks why they come here again and again and asks for Kamal. He doesn’t have to eat soup with her hand. Bibi says Kamal has gone to Karachi, he must eat a little of this. Adeel tells her to go away, he doesn’t want to drink.
Rana asks Kamaal when the accident took place. Kamal says he doesn’t ask her to forgive him, he just want her to go to him right now. She is lawfully his wife, he is helpless right now and needs her at this time. He tells her to take time to decide. Rana says she can’t say no to him, he is right that she is his wife and for humanity she must go to him. Kamal thanks her. She asks no, it isn’t needed. Kamal says he knows and understands why this trouble came to Adeel. Rana was silent. She comes to the room.
Adeel was in his bed, upset.
Asher asks Rana if she has decided that she will leave. Rana says yes, for Kamal only. She is going for someone’s life who destroyed her life. She leaves.
Kamal and Rana come to Murree. Rana stops at the entrance passage. Kamaal takes her inside with him. Rana stops at the entrance door again recalling how Adeel had shut her out. Kamal comes inside to Adeel. He wakes him up calling his name. Adeel opens his eyes but doesn’t turn his face towards him. He asks Kamal not to speak to him, if a father leaves his son in such a condition. He had to eat food, but not from Bibi’s hand. Kamal says he got to get surprise for him, he asks him to see who has come here. Rana stood on the door. Adeel looks at her, then looks away.

PRECAP: Rana tells Adeel Umar came and was asking about him. Adeel says he had to find an excuse. Rana is enraged that Adeel considers everyone to be like him. Rana’s mother says that though their relation is about to end still she is the only child of Kamal. Adeel tells the guests to leave, Rana tries to stop him but he forbids him to talk while he is speaking.

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