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Gul e Rana 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana was sitting lost in thoughts, Asher comes and asks if she is worried. He says she doesn’t need to be worried, she can stay here until she wants to go back home. Rana says she is only worried that Adeel would say soething wrong to his father. Asher says they must let him, Kamal knows about her as well. Asher observes her and asks what is she hiding. Rana tells Asher that she has never shared with anyone, she and Adeel got their nikah much before, she still remember the day he had taken her to that house and had forcefully done nikah to her. Asher asks why she didn’t tell anyone. She says she know all the answers, everyone would have wanted her to be patient. She cries that she can’t be patient anymore, it seems this is the limit to her patience. She cries.
Laila’s mother asks Aunty where is Rana, is she still in Karachi or has gone to Murree. Aunty says she is in her aunty’s house. Kamal asks how they came to know. Laila says Maria called her and told her that she and Adeel are getting married. Laila’s mother asks if he didn’t think about Rana now? She says that no matter what he do Maria will never be a good daughter in law. Adeel comes behind he asks Laila how she is. Laila says she heard about the accusations of Maria, and now he is marrying her. Adeel was silent. Laila’s mother asks Adeel if the accusations were true.
There, Rana’s mother cries. Humna asks why is she crying. She says her daughter’s home is being ruined, she isn’t even there with Adeel to stand with him, may be it can stop.
Laila calls her mother for tea. Her mother curses her for being useless. Laila says she is worried because that Maria is getting married to Adeel, she will inherit the huge property of Kamaal. She says to her mother that she has failed. Her mother asks her to be patient, she can’t see Adeel happy with this marriage. Laila asks why this proposal is being fixed, she asks her mother to find out what is cooking inside. She can’t see Adeel marrying Maria.
Rana’s mother says to her on phone that she must have come home with Adeel if he went to take her. Rana says that Adeel’s problem is not second marriage, he wants a good wife for himself and his family and knows Maria won’t be a good one. This is why he wants his relation with Rana. She has already told Kamaal that she has no problem with Adeel’s second marriage. Her mother cries that Rana did a wrong decision.
Laila asks Adeel how he can marry Maria, she is a cunning girl and she and her mother can do anything. He tells him to marry her, now she will be dominant over him for whole of her life. She is worried what will happen to him now. She asks Adeel where his wife is now, who wandered around him. Adeel says she isn’t here. Laila says she can’t even help him now, she watches him closely and says alright she will check how Kamaal’s brain is being washed at Maria’s home.
There, Kamaal gives a cheque to Maria that she takes greedily. Zaffri also asks for some money while he hands Zaffri some money as well. Maria’s mother asks when to keep the nikaah, Kamal says he needs some time for thinking about it.
Adeel was sitting on stairs, Kamaal passes him by to come upstairs. He says he wants to talk to Kamal. He says he wants to go back. Kamaal says he might go back with Maria, Rana doesn’t want to go and Adeel isn’t interested in taking her back. Adeel says he doesn’t want to marry Maria, he has a full right on his life. Kamal says if he doesn’t have a right on Adeel’s life, Adeel also has no right on his things, he would disown him from his propert if he doesn’t marry Maria. Kamaal goes upstairs.
At night, Maria calls Adeel. Maria asks if he is thinking about her? Adeel was enraged at her. Maria says she wants them to start their new life with a good mood. Adeel cuts the phone line. Maria asks if he really cut her phone line? Kamal’s words echo in Adeel’s mind, Rana’s words that Allah will take revenge from him for what he is doing with Rana. He looks at mirror, thinking about Asher’s words that Kamal allowed Rana to stay at his place until she wants to.
In her room, Maria was upset. Her phone rings, she happily asks Adeel if he realized his mistake. Adeel was smiling in the car, he says he called to tell her that he is leaving Pakistan. Maria couldn’t realize, she says she will lose her respect in the whole family for this. Adeel says she can’t fool him, if she can she must stop him. Maria was in panic, she wakes her mother. Her mother tells Maria that Adeel is the one who boasts about his father’s wealth, she will talk to Kamaal about it. She says she will go to Kamal’s place tomorrow.
The next morning, Maria’s mother cried in front of Kamal. Kamal says he is confused about the situation, he would talk to Maria that if Adeel is running away from her why she went to meet him. Kamal says it seems Adeel black mailed her. Shahida says it seems so, Mara’s mother scolds her to interfere and she leaves. Kamal says she will speak to Maria about the matter first.
There, api brings tea for Rana . She tells Rana that Humna was complaining that they have snatched their sister from her. Rana says it was really important for her to stay here. Asher brings home fruits; he asks Rana why she is looking weak, if she doesn’t eat well or is worried. Api says it is both the cases. Asher says to Rana that this attitude is wrong. Rana says she can’t forget about it. Asher says she has to forget.
Shahida comes to Munira and asks what she is thinking about. Munira says she did a wrong decision; they couldn’t get along with each other well. Shahida says that Adeel has left already; Kamaal won’t force his young child. She asks about Rana and says she must tell Rana that a woman must prefer her home first.
Adeel calls home from Murree. Ghulam tells him that Maria’s mother said so much to Kamal. Adeel says he must tell her to marry Maria somewhere else. He asks about Rana, Ghulam says she will still stay at her aunt’s home for many days due to her studies. Adeel shouts at him to call Munira. Munira wishes him, he asks her to call Rana. Munira asks why he is angry. Adeel says Rana has gone to somewhere she likes to stay, he knows why she goes there and for whom. Munira asks him not to accuse her innocent daughter, she will tell Rana to come back. Adeel says it would be better for them.
There, Rana sat lost thinking about her mother’s words that an alone woman’s life is a question mark. People will accuse her. Rana talks to Kamal that she wants to start a job, Kamal asks if there is something less for her. Rana says she just doesn’t want to stay idle at home, iif she can work in his office. Kamal allows her. Rana happily says thanks to him.
Asher watches himself in the mirror in shave. He picks up the phone, then keeps it down. Api comes with tea and asks whom he was calling. She asks if it was Rana. Asher was silent. She says she spoke to Rana, Rana was saying Adeel went out of the country. She asks Asher why he is worried, he says no. Api asks if he really loves Rana, why he never told her then. The phone rings then, Asher was happy to hear Rana. Rana says she has a breaking news for him, she is going to start a job at Kamaal’s office. He asks for treat. Rana says they must have tea on their way back from office, Asher says tea from him. He will have food from her. Asher tells Api that Rana was really happy, it soothes him when she is happy. He looks in the mirror at his smile, then gets upset again.
Humna complains to Rana that she had promised to take them from this house, but she is doing a job at Kamaal’s office. Rana says nothing is easy to achieve, she doesn’t want Kamal to be angry with her as well. Humna asks her to come for sleep.
There, Adeel calls Rana. Rana takes the call, he asks what is happening. He tells her to get ready, he is back. Rana asks if he called to tell this to her. He asks if she thought he called her to say I love you to her. Rana says she has closed his chapter from her life, she has no place for him now. Adeel says she must stop this all rubbish, she made him into chapter in a few days. Rana says she doesn’t want to argue. Adeel says he is talking to her, not arguing. She hangs up.

Next Episode: Rana tells Asher that he has returned to Pakistan and is deterring her again and again. Asher was enraged and asks him to let him come, he will speak to him this time. There, Adeel call his men to tell him that he will send the money for some work. Two men get Asher on a road and shoots him.

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