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Gul e Rana 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ghulam receives the call, it was Adeel. He asks where is everyone. Ghulam tells Adeel that Asher’s father has died. Adeel was worried, then thinks that Rana wouldn’t have got a chance to tell someone by now.
Bibi was sitting on a bench outside. Chacha comes there, Bibi thinks what will happen of this house now. They were angry at Adeel who disrespected Rana. Akbar asks Bibi if she has finished the work, Bibi says she never likes doing any work at home now. Akbar takes him inside.
Adeel comes home, Maria welcomes him. He says he told her to leave till he returns. Maria says she has packed her bags. They come inside. Maria says she is leaving with a heavy heart. Adeel says it isn’t about any dislike, it is that his wife has left and this isn’t a good thing for him and Maria both. He goes inside. Maria calls her mother and tells her to inform Laila that Maria and Adeel are alone in Murree and Rana has gone to Karachi. She says this is her plan that Rana will tell Kamaal about it.
Laila comes to Kamal with her mother. Her mother complains that she has to come with rickshaw. Kamal says he would have sent her car if she had asked. They ask Kamal about Adeel and says Rana is here in Karachi, then complains that Rana never comes to meet them. Kamaal says there was a death in her family and she is busy there. Laila’s mother asks about Maria and says this isn’t really good thing for Maria to stay there alone. She asks if Rana really came for her uncle’s death or is there some other reason. Kamal was left speechless.
Maria comes to lounge and asks how she looks in red. Adeel asks why she didn’t leave. Maria says her packing is done, but her mother has gone to Sukkar for a wedding. Adeel was shocked and asks if she is staying here for some more days. Maria says sometimes she doesn’t feel him to be the same Adeel. Maria tells Adeel that she has to buy some gifts for her mother and brother. Adeel asks if she needs money? She says not only money but his company too.
Rana tells her ammi that she has pressed her clothes. Her mother says that since Rana came here neither Adeel called Adeel nor Adeel did. She had said that she is going to Murree and won’t come again. Her mother scolds her not to lie to them, Rana was silent. Ammi asks if Rana has an idea who Adeel is, they owe Adeel so much to them. Adeel wasn’t short of proposal, still he married her. She had no idea Rana can be so thankless, and says no matter what but Rana must apologize in the matter and keep Adeel and his family happy.
Asher cried thinking about his father.
In murree, Akbar takes Kamaal’s bags inside. Kamal asks Akbar and Gul Bibi that he has never considered them servants, they are part of the family; he wants to ask them. Bibi says they will answer them honestly. Kamal says everything happened in front of their eyes, be it Maria’s arrival or Rana’s leaving; he asks them to tell honestly what happened in the house. Bibi tells Kamaal all the reality. Kamal asks where Maria lives. Akbar was silent. Bibi tells Kamal Rana is a really good girl.
Asher comes and watches Rana reading intently. He asks which digest is she reading. She says she is reading her book. Asher tells her that he has paid her university fee. She thanks him for which he complains. He asks how is her book. She says she has opened the book after a long time. Asher asks if Adeel called? Rana says no, but she has stopped thinking and caring about him, the path is difficult but the destiny appears to be beautiful. Asher was lost. Rana asks him to come to ammi, and calls Ghulam who says he has already kept the tea on stove.
Maria and Adeel come home. Maria tells Akbar to get the shopping bags from the car. Akbar tells Adeel that his father is waiting inside. Adeel says to Maria that he had told her to leave, Maria asks why is he afraid to face him, she isn’t. She tells him she will explain Kamal everthing. Adeel goes inside. Maria smiles that now Adeel can’t run away from her, he is trapped now. She thinks that Rana made her way easy by going to Karachi.
Adeel says salam to Kamal. Maria also comes to wish him. Akbar asks where to keep the bags. Adeel says he must ask the one who bought this all. Maria says he spent for her shopping. Adeel tells Akbar to keep this in Maria’s room. Kamaal doesn’t say a word and leaves. Adeel says to Maria that this all happened because of her. Maria says she came here on his insistence. Adeel asks when he had told her to leave when Rana left why she didn’t. Maria asks if he thinks Rana would have told him all good about Adeel. She assures him not to worry as they haven’t done anything wrong.
Adeel comes outside to Kamal and asks if he is angry. Kamal asks if he is worth being happy with. Adeel says there isn’t Maria’s mistake in this. Rana left without telling him, and Maria was already there then. Kamal says Rana had gone to Karachi two days ago. Adeel says he had told Maria to leave but she doesn’t listen to him. Maria asks if he is accusing her now? Adeel says he told her to leave but she didn’t. Maria asks if he is considering her a lose charactered girl and she doesn’t care about her character. Maria tells Kamal that he called her here, he then sent Rana out of his room and was asking Maria to marry him. Adeel shouts at her to shut up. Kamal asks him to stop it. Maria says he swear of his love, she joins her hands and says he had promised to marry her. Now she has already got defamed, else she will do suicide. Adeel says she won’t do suicide, he will kill her by himself. Kamal stops Adeel and slaps him. Adeel was shocked.
Everyone, Rana, Aunty and Kamal were upset. He recalls Rana’s father tells him that he can’t ruin his self respect again and again. He can never prepare himself for going in that house again.
Maria comes to Adeel in the lounge. She sits there and says Kamal is his father, if he hit him there is nothing to be so angry of. Adeel asks Maria why she came here. Maria says he seems to be upset, she had to come. Adeel says she doesn’t have to see her face. Maria says she cleared his way, he never wanted to marry Rana and loved Maria. Now Kamal will think about them. Adeel says she didn’t do anything right. Maria asks if he was flirting or was doing time pass with him. Adeel says he doesn’t want to speak to her, she must leave. Maria says she wants to see how honest he is with her, she left her mother angry and came here to him taking all the insult on herself and he is asking what was the need to do this. Maria says he must fulfil all the promised, she won’t back up. Adeel warns her to keep her voice low, he is bearing her only because his father is here. Maria tells Adeel that Rana has no place for him in her life, it is time that he throws Rana out of his life. Adeel asks if he asked for her advice, and tells her to leave. Maria says she is going but he must consider each and every word she said to him.
The next morning, Maria tells Kamal that she is destroyed, how will she face her mother now. She cries that she can’t go back home as well. She fells on the floor. Kamal asks Bibi to bring water and asks Akbar to take the car out. Adeel comes out, Kamal asks him to take her home. Adeel throws the water over Maria’s face with a splash. Maria wakes up at once complaining. Adeel says he told him this is drama and goes inside. Kamal also goes inside.
Adeel tells Rana he is coming to Karachi and will tell her there; what problem she has put him into.
Maria tells Zaffri to be ready and tell Amma to be ready as well. Bibi heard this conversation and was leaving inside. Maria asks if she was spying. Bibi says she is honest person and dislikes what is happening here. Maria tells her that she will buy Bibi clothes and jewelry for keeping her mouth shut. Bibi says she doesn’t need the clothes nor jewelry.
Humna tells ammi that Adeel is coming to Karachi. Ammi says she told Asher to drop her. They were both worried about Asher’s mother. She asks Humna to call Rana and ask about the plan. Rana tells ammi that Khala is better. Ammi tells her that Adeel is coming today, she must return. Rana asks her to let him come, and tell him she is at Khala’s place. Rana asks Ammi to let Adeel come, if he asks about Rana she will return.
There, Maria’s mother cried along with Adeel. She complaint what they will do now, and asks Adeel what enemity he has done to them. Adeel asks them to stop their black mailing. Maria’s mother asks Kamal how he will compensate with what Adeel has done, if she should give poison to her daughter. He kept a false eye on her daughter. Adeel deters Maria that he will return all her drama onto her. Maria says she knows Adeel also has her photos for which he will blackmail her. She says she went to meet her cousins, she didn’t know he will do this to her. Kamal tells Maria he is with her. Maria’s mother says she will not stay in the house or step in this house until Kamal decided in favor of her daughter. Adeel tells Kamal they are lying but Kamal tells him to stop it.
Adeel comes to Asher’s house where Rana was in the garden. He tells Rana that he has come to pick her up. Rana says she isn’t coming anywhere. Adeel says he will see how she doesn’t come, he says his life has become a drama here because of her. Had she not come to Karachi this would happen. Rana says all his desires are being fulfilled, she thinks he is just posing and is happy from inside. She says their matter has ended now, she told Kamal about it. Adeel says nothing has ended between them and she isn’t Kamal’s wife but his. Rana says he can marry Maria if he wants to, but she won’t go with him. Adeel says he will take her in any case, and it is his matter if he marries Maria or not. Asher comes outside, Rana tells Adeel she won’t go. Asher says no one can forcefully take her from here. Adeel pushes him and says this is really important for her to go with her. Asher tells Adeel not to push him, he tells Rana if she talked to Kamal, no one can take her from here. Asher and Rana go inside.

Next Episode: Kamal asks Laila who told her that they are in Karachi. Laila says Maria told her that they are in Karachi and are getting married. Rana’s mother says to Humna that Kamal will change his decision if Rana stands with Adeel now. Kamal tells Adeel he will disown him if he doesn’t marry Maria.

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