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Maria was excited in the car if he waited for her. He says no, he just came here. Maria says her plane was one hour late. Adeel says so was he. Maria asks what if she should have to wait there. Adeel says she waits for buses in Karachi for long hours. Maria asks what is the plan for now on. Adeel says they are going home. Maria says no, she wants to have lunch at a good place. Adeel says he is really tired and wanted to have a sleep. Maria says no sleep till she is here, after that he won’t have anything to do than to sleep in his married life. She says his wife must not be happy listening about her arrival. Adeel says she will see it. Maria complains that he isn’t replying her well, and has turned like his wife. Adeel strictly tells her not to compare him with her, else he will hit the car. Maria laughs. While passing the wooden bridge, Maria tells her to hold his hand. She says she has heard that there are many animals wandering around this place. Adeel says he doesn’t know about the animals, but there is a monkey with him. They take pictures there.
Bibi comes to Rana that Adeel called her in the afternoon that Adeel is coming with some guest, but it is 8 at night now. Rana says that the guest he is with, he can be late as well. She tells her to serve food for her.
Aaliya was at the wedding, Abba calls her from behind.
Adeel and Maria come home, Maria says this house doesn’t seem to be a Murree home, it seems just to be in Karachi. Adeel asks if he should book Bakingham Palace for her? Bibi comes and asks Adeel why he got really late. Adeel says they were stuck in the way. Maria comments that his servants are outspoken. Adeel says Rana has made her an aunt. Maria murmurs she can make them an aunt. Adeel asks if the food is ready. Bibi says just as he says. Adeel says half an hour, he would get fresh. Bibi asks Maria for water and tea. Maria says both. Rana comes and asks Bibi if she didn’t serve food. Maria neglects her presence and asks Bibi to get her tea first, and also show her her room. Bibi takes her, Maria ordered her to get her luggage from the car.
Aaliya was happy to see Abba, and says he looks good today. Abba smiles and says it is his only son’s wedding, he thought about getting ready.
Adeel comes in room calling Rana. He knocks at the washroom door, then opens it up. He looks into the wardrobe that was empty. He goes out calling Rana.
Asher comes to call Aaliya, Abba stops him and says MashaAllah, he looks really good. Asher and Aaliya exchange looks. Abba says he must tell him if something needed. Asher says only prayers are needed. Abba says they are always with him, he tells Asher not to worry about anything as he will get his room prepared in front of his eyes. Asher only looked at Abba. Abba asks to hug him atleast today. Aaliya wipes tears, Asher hugs Abba tightly. Abba hugs him back, both gets teary. Abba says alright, he got him into emotional drama. Aaliya and Asher both cry in shock, Asher says Abba hugged him today. It was his childhood wish, but today he had love for him in his eyes. He leaves elated.
There, Adeel comes shouting where Rana has gone. There is no luggage of her. Rana says she is just here, she hasn’t gone anyone but has vacated his room, he can give a place to Maria in his own room. Maria was enraged at well. Adeel tells her not to spoil her mood, and sits on the table. He asks her to have some food, he will eat in a while.
Rana stood with the gallery. Bibi comes and asks who the lady is. Rana says he is Adeel’s cousin. Bibi asks why she came here, she should stay there. Rana says it was all never hers. Bibi urges Rana to fight for her rights, not let anyone interfere between them. She says Adeel didn’t ask Rana for food, Maria was having food with him. Rana says she isn’t dying to eat with him. Bibi leaves, Rana keeps on standing there. She thinks this is my husband who is always suspecting about her character and what is his character, who is laughing and having time spent with his cousin. She thinks there, everyone must be enjoying marriage. Had she known Maria is coming, she should have gone to Asher’s wedding. She says Maria would cost a lot coming here.
Adeel asks where she had gone, and who the people who came to drop her were. Maria comes and hears this. Rana only heard, Adeel asks her to reply. Rana says whoever they were, they were more humane than her. Adeel says he had to bear a lot of insult in front of his friends, but the mistake is his. Rana leaves, Maria take her seat and ask Adeel to leave her. Adeel says if he leaves her, her wish would be fulfilled. Maria says if she demanded a separation, how is he even living with her. Adeel says she is right.
Bibi comes to Rana and says it is really cold, she will get tea for her. Adeel comes there and says Rana took a right decision to vacate the room. His room won’t stay vacant for a long time, he is remarrying with Maria. Rana says he should have taken this decision a long time ago. They are made for each other. Adeel says he is just telling her, not asking an opinion. Rana says she is happy for him. He says he won’t leave her, she will always have to live with him. Rana says if freedom is in her fate, he won’t be able to stop her. Her fate only lies with Allah. Adeel says a wife who is disobedient to his husband’s orders is hopeful from Allah. Rana asks the man who is so careless towards other’s rights is sensitive to his owns? Adeel stares her then says he doesn’t want to talk any further. He leaves curtly. Rana was disheartened when he leaves, she thinks there is point of her staying here, she must leave. Bibi brings tea for her and watches her crying. She was upset too.
Bibi asks Rana not to leave her house, she must not give this house to another woman as she isn’t a good one. Rana says her husband has decided to give this house to another woman. Bibi asks Rana that though she hasn’t done anything wrong still she must apologize. Rana says she can’t apologize someone who doesn’t care about Allah’s laws. She tells her that her mother and sister are there for her, and asks her to get taxi for her. She goes out with her luggage bag. Maria comes out and asks if she is leaving? She seems worried, she pities her as it isn’t easy to leave one’s home. She says she didn’t know she will run away from the war ground so easily. Maria asks if Rana needs any help. Rana says she has left her Uttran, used clothes inside. Husband and wife are clothes for each other, Maria may wear it if she wants to. Maria was irked. Rana comes out and thinks she has taken a sad decision for herself, Adeel has left her life. Will the new life be like she has expected to. She thinks her memories with this beautiful city are not beautiful.
Maria calls her ammi and tells her that Rana has left the house for ever. Amma was excited and asks how this happened. Maria says it had to happen.
Asher’s father walks down the foot path as doctor’s words echoed in his mind about Asher’s blood cancer.
The servant brings Rana’s luggage inside, he calls aunty to see who has arrived. Aunty was happy to meet Rana and says she longed to see Rana. Rana asks where Ammi and Humna are. Aunty says they have gone to Asher’s wedding, functions were consecutive so they stayed there. Aunty asks Rana why she is worried. Rana cries, Aunty is worried and asks what happened to her. Rana hugs her, then leaves for her room. The phone bell rings, Aunty asks Adeel what happened. Adeel asks if Rana is in Karachi? Aunty asks if he doesn’t know where she is. Adeel says he wanted to confirm if she reached Karachi. Adeel hangs up saying thank you.
Asher’s abba crossed the road in his thoughts when a car hits him.
Rana comes to Kamal who awaited her in the room. Kamal asks if Adeel sent her here. Rana says the situation was such that she thought she has no place in that house. Kamal asks if she didn’t try to make a space for herself. Rana says it wasn’t possible. Kamal says he told her he is doing this all for her betterment. Rana apologizes him saying she can’t live with Adeel. Kamal says if she has grown up so much, but he won’t let her take this decision. Rana says it isn’t like this, she is requesting him. She leaves crying.
Adeel was angry at Maria and asks why she didn’t tell him she had left. Maria says she didn’t know she didn’t tell him before leaving. Maria asks Adeel why is he so worried. Adeel shouts at her to shut up, he hates watching this illiterate face. He tells Maria to get up and pack her bags. Maria asks where they are going? Adeel says she is going to Karachi. Maria says she isn’t going anywhere. Adeel says it can be a problem for their character, and his abba would kill him if he knows they are living alone. Maria says this is good, she is ready to face this all. In return to this, they will pressurize them to do Nikah. Adeel curtly hits the chair and says he won’t stay with Maria and is going to live in a hotel. Maria sits on the chair back, saying alright people in Karachi would still think they are staying together.
There, Maria’s amma asks Zaffri to get vegetable from the market. Kamal comes there, amma asks Zaffro to get a chair for him. She sends Zaffri to market, and asks Kamal how is he. Kamal says he is fine, just want so talk to her. He asks what Maria is doing in Murree. Amma says it is her nephew’s house there, she has gone to meet him. Kamal says at a time when Gul e Rana has returned. Amma was shocked to hear that Rana has returned, Rana doesn’t even talk to them. Kamal says that Maria must return now. Amma says that Adeel must have stopped Maria, he called Maria there even on insistence. She says he ruined his only son’s life in the love of his step brother’s daughter. Kamal says this isn’t good for Maria’s character as well. Amma says he must not talk to Adeel, she will speak to them.
There Maria scolds Bibi for getting late in bringing tea. She now wants food. She throws the chair away as well that it is broken.
There, Asher receives the phone call about his abba’s accident. He tells his mother and Munira about it who cry, as he leaves for hospital.
Maria was asleep when her amma’s phone bell rings. Her ammi says Rana has returned back to Karachi and she is still there, she wants to break her legs when she comes back. Maria tells ammi that she isn’t a child, nor is she so easy to take up. Adeel is in hotel with some delegation, she is at home. She tells her ammi to prepare for her marriage with Adeel and let her sleep.
Kamal takes the call and reads Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. Rana asks what happened. Kamal says Asher’s father, Mr Kareem died. Rana was taken aback as well. Asher sat thinking about his father’s last words of love, his question of hug from him.

NEXT EPISODE: Rana says that she knows that the path she has chosen is difficult, but the life ahead seems to be beautiful. There, Maria cries in front of Kamal that he called her here and then stole her of her respect. She cries saying she didn’t know he would do this all to her, she warns them of suiciding. Adeel says he will kill her with his own hands when Kamal slaps him hard. In Karachi, Maria tells everyone that she had gone on Adeel’s invitation and didn’t know he would do this all to her. Kamal says justice will be done to her. Adeel was shocked.

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