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Gul e Rana 7th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gul e Rana was in the garden having tea. Adeel comes there and thinks she must have complaint about him to his father. He crosses her and goes inside where Rana’s phone was ringing. He watches Ashar’s call and curtly comes out. Rana was asking Bibi for some help, Adeel sends Bibi inside and asks Rana where she has been, she has never any time to listen to him. Rana says she went for a walk in valley with Taya Abbu. Adeel asks if she made complaints against him. Taya abbu comes there and asks them about the matter. Adeel angrily asks him why he shouldn’t complain to Rana, he shows him Asher’s call. Taya abbu says he is her cousin, Adeel says even before marriage when they were engaged, Rana never sat with him in his car but used to roam the city with Asher on bike. Rana accuses Adeel of talking to Meera and Layla, Taya abbu scolds her this time for dragging family girls in between. Adeel goes away complaining.
Rana tells Taya abbu that Asher was calling her to invite her to his wedding. She says she promised him to come there with Taya abbu. Taya abbu says he will not take her anywhere without her husband’s permission. She gets weepy saying everyone would wait for her there. He says that one needs to give little sacrifices to save marriages. She agrees, he tells her to learn value Adeel’s opinions as well. Rana cries silently.
…. Tells Kamal that he must talk to Rana, she is a very sensitive girl and he did unjust by scolding her. Kamal says right now he is going to sleep.
Rana brings tea in the garden. Adeel says wow, she is working like a good wife today. He likes her like this around him, working and serving him. She heads inside, he asks why isn’t she replying. If Taya abbhu scolded her badly? She heads inside without replying, and says she is going to get Taya abbu.
Inside, Kamal asked the servant whose shirt it was in his room, who stayed there. Rana comes inside asking what happened. She watches Adeel coming inside, and says this shirt belongs to Mona. Adeel says Mona is his friend’s wife who had stayed in this house a while ago. Kamal leaves inside agreed on explanation. Adeel was relieved and laughs mockingly at Rana.
Rana comes to Bibi and asks why is worried. Bibi says that her daughter Nori had to go to her in laws house, was crying as well. She says they are poor and couldn’t stop her. Rana says that those who appear free from outside are so liable and dependent sometimes. Bibi prays for good fates of daughters and leaves for kitchen chores.
Adeel and Kamal comes out together. Adeel asks the buttler for keeping the luggage in the car. Rana comes with a bag for Asher’s wife and tells him to give it to her mother. Kamal asks them to live happily now, without any fights. He blesses Rana before leaving.
Rana calls her mother; ammi was happy to hear her voice and says she was looking forward to her way. Rana asks why she loves her so much, daughters aren’t to be loved this much. She says she isn’t coming. Ammi asks if Rana has been crying and is concerned. Rana ji says isn’t crying, was just missing her. Ammi asks her to come to Karachi. Rana says she is going to Lahore with Adeel, he isn’t well and has some office work. Ammi is concerned about Adeel, and asks to speak to him. Rana says Adeel isn’t home, he has gone to drop Kamal to airport. She tells her to give her gifts to Asher and tell her not to complain her. Ammi tells her not to worry about them and live happily with her husband. Rana asks about Humna, Ammi says Humna is busy with Aaliya in shopping these days.
Ammi was dishearted and thinks she awaited her daughter so badly. There, Rana thinks that she wanted to sleep soundly for a while in her mother’s lap but she will once gain this right of her for sure, to meet her mother. Adeel comes from behind and whispers in her ear that Kamaal has left, she must feel free now. He laughs while Rana only stares at her. Adeel says she must now accept he is ahead of her, he says she will be left alone to get away from him. He won’t divorce her, not because he loves her but because when he is fed up of something he will rather throw it in store room but won’t give it to anyone. He says he just saw a bag in washroom, did she intend to go to Karachi with Kamaal. He says she will always be unsuccessful whatever she does.
Maria tells her ammi that she told Adeel on call that she is coming there. Her mother says that her wife won’t let her in. Maria says he doesn’t pay much heed to her, and had her uncle not gone she would have gone before.
Adeel comes to the garden where Rana sat on the table. Adeel asks her not to waste the whole day and clean his wardrobe, with some changes in bedroom. He asks if she is listening to him? She says she is, what changes he needs in bedroom. Adeel complains that the tea is cold and he needs hot tea, she sat stubborn. He tells her to get up. Rana leaves. Adeel wonders what her attitude is for. He gets a call from friend and asks if he is in Murree.
There, Maria sat on stairs when her mother keeps on calling her. She slips from stairs, and complains that she fell down and had foot strain. She cries that she has a lot of pain, how will she meet Adeel now.
Rana comes to the backyard, she asks Chacha to get her some flowers. Bibi says this place has become more beautiful with her arrival. Rana was in kitchen, Bibi comes there and asks who is coming. Rana says some guests of Adeel. Bibi says it must be some lady, she used to come to meet him when she wasn’t here. Rana was upset.
Humna complains to Rana that she has forgotten them all, had she cared about them she would have come for Asher’s wedding atleast instead of going to Lahore. She tells Rana that her mother also cries a lot for her. Humna asks Rana to come back soon, and ask Adeel not to take her to Lahore. They had to be each others strength, but Rana has gone away from them. Rana hangs on, and thinks her mother cries to meet her, she is doing this all for a man who doesn’t care for her.
Gul e Rana walks down the streets. Adeel comes home, taps Chacha’s back and says he has told him a lot to avoid phone. Chacha says he was calling Rana, she said she didn’t feel right and is going out. Adeel asks if she isn’t home. He shouts whom she asked before leaving, it is dark already. They all knew he is going to have guests; they must go and find her. He dials her number and was curt that she won’t pick his call. He throws his cell phone on the couch.
Rana walked down the paths, panting. She comes at a cliff, makes a sound that echo back. She feels happy and turns around. There Chacha called Rana around. In the way, Rana called a lady who was taking photographs. She tells the lady that she has lost the way of her home, she is making a call but there are no signals. The lady says there is always a signal problem, she must go to her home and she would ask her brother to drop her home.
There, Adeel continuosly tried her number in the dark. Rana was worried and says the time is passing by speedily. The lady says they will drop her only when Umar comes, it is difficult for her to find home for her. Umar comes home, Rana says Salam to him. His sister introduces her, Umang asks any identity of the home in Donga Gali, it belongs to Mr. Kamal. Umar recognizes the house, the three goes to drop Gul e Rana.
Adeel stood outside trying Rana’s number, a car stops by and Rana comes out with Umar. Umar says Hi to Adeel and forwards his hand to shake with Adeel. Adeel only stares at Gul e Rana. Umar qualifies that she had lost her way. Adeel goes inside, Rana follows her. He shouts who he was, he was so worried for her. Rana says she had been trying his number. Adeel says she must leave this house and do what she had been, there is no place for her in this house. Rana goes to stand by the stairs, crying. The next morning, Bibi and Chacha find Gul e Rana out in stairs, Bibi is concerned and asks why she is sitting here, she will get cold and fever. They take her inside.
Adeel tells Chacha that he is leaving to Islamabad for two days for some official work. Chacha says that Rana isn’t well. Adeel asks if he is a doctor, they must tell him and get her to doctor. He leaves.
Adeel asks Maria how she is. Maria says she has good news for him. Adeel asks her to tell him she isn’t coming. Maria asks what? He says he was kidding. She asks him to pick her up in time from airport. He tells her he is in Islamabad, will reach in time. He asks if her mother objected her coming to him. Maria says she wouldn’t have stopped in anyway. He says her love’s strength is appreciable.
Rana sat on the bed, thinking about Adeel’s words last night. Her phone rings, she throws it away after watching the number. Adeel was curt that she doesn’t receive his phone. He tries again and tells Bibi to inform Rana that Maria is coming, she must prepare the room. Bibi asks when is she coming. Adeel says she will come with him tomorrow.
Rana tells Chacha to keep her room in guest room. Chacha says Adeel has gone to Islamabad for two days, she can stay in the room. Rana asks him to do what she has asked him to. He agrees.
There, Dr. Ejaz calls Asher’s father and tells him that Asher’s medical reports have come. He got blood cancer. His father recalls all the hard times he had with Asher, stood lost and silent.

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