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The show begins when Nabeel gets a call from his buddy Salman. Salman excitedly tells Nabeel that he got married. Nabeel says it was better he had done a suicide. Salman tells Nabeel that he is going to America after two weeks with Shehzadi. Nabeel asks who is the princess? Salman says his wife’s father has businesses in America. Nabeel invites him to Karachi. Salman says his wife only buys every house she goes to live in. Nabeel insists on him to come to Karachi. Salman says he will come in a day or so. Nabeel cheers that there will be a chance to go out of country.
Nabeel tells Khubsoorat that his friend is coming for a honeymoon to Karachi. Khubsurat says that her father doesn’t pay the rent of this house for his useless friends to come and live here. Nabeel says he isn’t useless but a tame one, he will take him to America. Khubsurat says what he will do in America. Nabeel says had her father sent him to America, he would get wasted here. Khubsurat says alright, then he must go to America and she will go to her papa with Chandni. Nabeel says he wasn’t about to take a local wife to America, he will marry some ma’am there. Khubsurat says he is such a cheap man. She is leaving. Nabeel tells her to leave.
Mehmood Sahib says to Momo that Khubsurat was really angry. Nabeel comes there. Momo asks Nabeel as Karim asking where her wife went early in the morning. Nabeel corrects Momo that he is Nabeel. Momo asks who is Nabeel, she already suspected Khubsurat is having an affair. Nabeel says he came with a good news, his friend Salman is coming to Karachi. He is a rich man, may be he takes them along as well. Momo says she always wanted to go to America. Nabeel says he will get expensive gifts for them as well. Momo says she will prepare to go to America. Mr. Mehmood says not so soon.
In the evening, they three waited for Salman. Mr. Mehmood asks Nabeel to send a good phone from America for him. Momo says nothing can be better than her mobile. Nabeel asks what is so special. Momo tells about its specifications. Mr. Mehmood asks her to take a selfie which they does with a pout.
The bell rings, Momo dances towards the door. Salman and his wife stood outside. Shehzadi tells her to pick her bag, she thinks her as maid. Momo says she isn’t the maid, she is the owner. Salman and Shehzadi gets inside the house. Momo calls Mr. Mehmood and Nabeel. Nabeel hugs Salman. Salman says he is sorry to hear about his mother’s demise. Nabeel says his mother is alive, and she is here. Shehzadi says they thought she was a maid. Salman asks who had died then? Nabeel says it was his father. Salman asks who is he, towards Mr. Mehmood. Mr. Mehmood says he is his father. Nabeel explains he is his mother’s husband. Nabeel asks Salman what he has got for him. Salman says he has got really expensive gifts for them. Salman gives Nabeel glasses, and says they are worth fifty thousands. For Mr. Mehmood there was a watch, they boasts worth two lacks. Momo asks for her gift, but Shehzadi says she didn’t know Momo was alive. Nabeel takes them to rest in the room. Momo was curt at Shehzadi.
Salman and Shehzadi were in the room, Salman asks if she likes the room. Momo comes inside, she says she had been hearing to them. Salman says he wants to rest. Momo says Shehzadi must be tired, and offers to give her a head massage. Momo then spoils their privacy everyone at home. At night, Salman says to Shehzadi that thanks Momo isn’t here at this time. Momo comes out from under the bed, she says she is used to walk in sleep. Mr. Mehmood comes and tells Momo to go to her room. He offers Salman and Shehzadi to call him if they need something at night. He drags Momo along.
The next morning, Salman and Shehzadi played with bites as Salman feed bites to Shehzadi. Momo complains Mr. Mehmood why he doesn’t feed her like this. Nabeel asks Salman if this is possible he takes him to American with him. Salman says there are a lot of stores in America belonging to his father in law, he says to Shehzadi that they will give one to him. Nabeel says he will soon be the richest man in America.
Momo comes to Shehzadi who was smiling to her self in the living room. She asks Shehzadi why she is happy, upon getting a husband who seems to be a cheater. Shehzadi says that Momo is mistaken as her husband is a good man, he takes care of her. Momo says if he takes his care this means he still has an affair.
Salman took selfies in the garden, Momo comes to him and says for her he is like her Nabeel. She suspects Farkhanda. Salman asks what he must do then. Momo says it is about his wife, she suspects her to e having an affair with Kabir. Salman asks Nabeel? Momo says yes.Salman says Shehzadi isn’t like that.
Nabeel appreciated Shehzadi asking how she married a person like Salman. Mr. Mehmood says like him. Nabeel insults Mehmood. Shehzadi says they both are really cute. Salman comes and says this is what he has been doing behind his back. He says from today their friendship has ended. Shehzadi asks what he is saying. Salman tells her to shut up. Momo comes saying she said he isn’t a good person. Mr. Mehmood asks Momo to stay out of their matter.
Salman comes out of the room, angrily leaving the house. Nabeel stops him saying he has to go to America as well. Salman says there is no such business of her father in America but a shop only. Shehzadi says that Salman told her to lie about America so that they can live here for free and spend their honeymoon. She further tells them that he bought their gifts for only hundred rupees from Landa. Nabeel and Mr. Mehmood beat Salman together.

Next Week: Nabeel cries that who will take care of house budget now. Khubsurat says that her father is yet alive. Nabeel calls Khubsurat’s papa and says she is ill, he must send them five lac rupees. He then asks her papa for further three lacs.

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